10 Best Upright Stationary Exercise Bikes 2018


In today's busy lifestyles there is no time to go the gym and workout. Most of the times we take a gym membership but are unable to go there due to our fast-paced uncertain work schedules. So it is prudent to have a few of our own personal equipment like treadmills or stationary bikes So that you can continue to work out in our own cozy home. We can maintain our consistency without worrying about a bad weather or a busy day. Depending upon your storage space, height, gender, budget, and ergonomic conditions you need to make your decision of investment.

These days there are too many of such stationary bikes on sale with different prices and features. Now the question arises which one to choose and how to decide a suitable bike worth buying. In order to solve this problem, here come to your rescue our stationary bicycle reviews. Here you can take the benefit of our detail-oriented research, on Top 10 most sold exercise bikes to buy.












2. Marcy





3. L Now





4. Ancheer

Black and Red Combination




5. Pleny

Black and Red Combination




6. Cyclecizer





7. FitLeader

White and Orange Combination




8. Xspec




Body Rider

9. Body Rider





10. Goplus

Black and Purple combination



What is an upright exercise bike?

An upright exercise bicycle is a stationary exercise bike or stationary cycling equipment which you can use at one place without going out of your living space. These bikes are designed in such a way that, you can use them in two different kinds of positions. This means you can sit and pedal slow also you can stand and pedal for a sprint. This rotation of motion can help in burning more calories in less time. You can stand and pedal fast and then sit for some time and pedal slow to cool down but do not stop the metabolic rate completely. Then you can breathe and pace up again. It usually has a tracking mechanism to track your scores. This also helps in keeping a check on goals of exercising. You can experience just as live bike ride by adjusting speed and resistance intensity. They come in portable sizes and with varied features and prices.

upright exercise bike

What are the benefits of an upright bike?

  • Time-saving - Having a stationary bike at home saves your travel time which you might require to go to a gym and come back, having this equipment at the convenience of your home, can save you a lot of time.
  • Workout regularity - Often when you are overloaded with work or you just feel lazy to get dressed you happen to skip your exercise routine keeping it down on the priority list. This can also happen on a very cold day or if it is raining out there. But with your own upright bike, you won't have to skip your workout again.
  • Safety of Home: Whether the kids want to pedal or the elders it is safe for both as they are at home. When you don’t want to send them out alone for their health and safety reasons these bikes become bliss as they can be busy biking with this in front of your eyes safe and secure. Especially in the case of chronic severe diseases like oldies who have asthma or other issues. They can just sit back home and keep themselves active using such wonderful stationary bikes.
  • Tracking and storing information - By using these devices you can keep a track of your daily work out goals. Later, you can also utilize this information to analyze your improvement in strength and stamina over a period of time.

How to use them efficiently?

There are few tips for using this bikes which you must follow diligently to get better results.

For beginners Level

1. Try to set initial goals, and next level goals of minimum time. Also, set your minimum calorie burning target.

2. Don't eat any meals at least one hour before cycling.

3. Keep increasing your intensity workout intervals in every 3 days.

4. Take care of your diet and do not eat very oily, fatty or sugary stuff.

5. For better results try biking early in the morning.

6. Cycling at least 20 minutes per interval. You can do it for one hour in beginning after that you may increase timing from 90 minutes to hours in a day depending on your caliber.

7. Read the safety instruction manual carefully.

8. Always do stretching post riding the bike. You can easily learn it from YouTube videos.

9. Apart from this, you can do some weight training or yoga exercises for extra results and these things can also be done easily at your home.

For Athletes

1. They should select a Higher weighing bike that has more weight bearing capacity.

2. Check the seat and length adjustment options for their posture and height.

3. Select a bike with high-intensity resistance levels.

4. They should prefer a strong steel frame constructed bike for durable and tough use.

For Old Age People

1. Don't put too much resistance or speed.

2. Keep a track of your pulse.

3. Take doctor's advice especially if you have any special medical condition like cardiac, arthritis, diabetes etc.

4. Stretching before and after exercising is very important to avoid any sprain in muscle or joint pain.

5. Tie the foot pedals straps and wear firm shoes before starting to do the workout on your upright bike.

6. Select a bike with extra-large seat and cushions. This will not hurt your bones and spine.

On many requests, we have given an elaborative review of all the features with pros and cons. Mentioned below is a table for broad demarcation between some of the top brands in the segment. We will try our best to help you pick your perfect upright exercise bike.

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Do we really need one of these Bikes?

Health is a most important aspect of life. Wealth can be earned but health ones harmed is very difficult to gain back. Today we all are so occupied with our jobs and families that we have just forgotten to take time for exercise. Even if we are consuming the healthiest of foods, if we are not exercising, we will not absorb the nutrients in those foods. Exercise is essential not only for getting a toned body but also its key to good health.

It is seen in a research study that when your heart beats fast by doing cardio exercises, the blood flow in our veins increases its pace which in turn boosts our stamina, metabolism, immunity and brain power. Any stress or negative energy is channelized into positive by little cardio exercise.

So when it is so important why not include it in our family as a gift of good health. Is it only because taking time and going out is a challenge? That’s unfair. Therefore indoor bikes are the perfect solution to this issue.

Who should all use it?

1. Families: There are people of all ages in families and every one requires some level of physical activity. When you see the equipment, you tend to use it. These bikes can be useful for every family and one must have it as a household essential.

2. Office spaces: All smart and employee-centric companies have an indoor gym and sports room for their employees. They also promote their employees to do some physical activity rather than going to the cafe for a work break and indulge in gulping for more calories. It is found in a research those 15 minutes of exercise can reboot a fatigued person for another 4 hours. So you are a progressive organization, these bikes are meant for your workplace.

3. Gymnasiums: All gyms keep different types of in-house pieces of equipment for their clients, an upright bike is essential for any gym as people tend to get bored by just one type of motion. So a rotation of cardio workout on different types of equipment helps in making the workout interesting and makes the gym look fully equipped. It is one of the best stationary bikes for sale.

4. Schools/colleges: Youth is the future of a country, and it’s our duty to make them healthy, fit, smart and future ready. These days most of the educational institutes maintain a good exercising area for their staff and students. These bikes are just one basic thing to start with.

5. Physiotherapy centers: Some physiotherapy centers also use an upright bike for the patients so that they can give them motion therapies under the surveillance of doctors and fix any muscular pains. It also helps to check if there is any Complication in movement. Doctors also check the endurance level of a patient to see if he/she is completely cured.

Things that you should keep in Mind while choosing the perfect stationary exercise bike for you?

1. Comfortable seat: A very important aspect that you should keep in mind while selecting an upright bike is that the seat should be large, soft and comfortable. Otherwise, you will run away from it, which will demean the whole purpose of buying the bike and it will become just a piece of unnecessary furniture. It's the most basic but very important feature in an indoor bike.

2. Weight and storage space: You should also check the weight of the bike you are planning to buy. Both heavy and lightweight bikes have their pros and cons. Wherein Heavyweight bike ensures more firmness and durability at the same time it is difficult to move it from one place to other. Heavy bikes are often not foldable. These kinds of bikes are good for gyms or professional places where the number of users is high.

Similarly, lightweight machines are easy to move and store but they are delicate to handle. Also, they can't be as firm on the surface as the heavy ones.

3. Magnetic Resistance level: This is the main functionality of the bike. Most of the indoor bikes come with 8 levels of resistance; few also come with 16 levels also. Your intensity on workout can be increased and decrease through resistance levels.

4. Screen Size and Vitals: The screen size which displays your vitals like pulse, distance, speed, resistance etc. is very important. This not only helps you keep a track but also increases your motivation and help set workout targets and beat them. A bigger size gives you an altogether view of your vitals. It gives ease to your eyesight and also you don't have to manually press any button to check the stats.

5. Add on Features: You can also look for add-on features like back support, back handles, stretching bands. If it has extra holding space for gadgets and a holder for your water bottle or protein shakes it is better.

6. Ergonomics: Last but not the least ergonomics is the most crucial feature that should be appropriate because that's what will define your workout procedure. This includes height and length of the handles. Your seat and legs should be at good enough distance. This ensures to give you an appropriate posture so that you don't end up any strain in any of your muscles like back, calf, wrist, shoulder, and spine.

7. Overall appearance color and finishing: Apart from the technical features, you should also consider the color, finishing, and material of the bike. It should match your age, gender, and overall personality. For example, a pink bike will look awesome for a female user but will not be a fit for a muscular athlete.

8. Prices: Last but not the least you should consider the price before making any investments. Normally upright bike range from 90 $ to 230$. There are expensive versions also available. But average price should be somewhere around 160$.

Best Upright Stationary Exercise Bikes

1. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse



Weight Bearing Capacity: This bike has a weight bearing capacity of 300 lbs. It is suggested to use the bike on a flat and hard surface keeping it stiff and stable.

Seat Cushion: Seat is cushioned and large enough so that person of all age groups can do the work out easily with utmost comfort.

Large LCD Display: It has a Large LCD display which shows all the essentials like distance speed, and cardiac rate.

8 level magnetic Tension System: It has 8 different levels of resistance management for easy to hard work out.

Ergonomics - Easily adjustable for people who have the height between 5'3 to 6'1. It has handles with a soft grip. It has large pedals that support rigorous training and prevent any tripping of the foot.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 31*19*46 inches

Product weight: 42.8 lbs.

Batteries 2AA batteries required (inclusive in the product)

Exerpeutic indoor training bike is foldable and can get folded into half of its original size easily. It weighs around 42.8 pounds so not too heavy to move here and there. It also has additional transportation wheels included in the machine which helps in easy relocation as and when required. It has advanced features like hand pulse sensors for tracking cardiac rate and 3 pieces crank system which makes pedaling smoother and quiet. So it does not interrupt your music and videos while doing your indoor training.

  • Pros
  • Cons

1-year warranty

Extra Large and soft Seat than any other bike

High weight capacity

Firm balancing design with extra feet

2. Marcy Upright Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-708



Steel Body: The equipment is made up of premium steel thus giving the product a long life and great functionality.

Ergonomically Tested: The handles are designed to comfort your arms and shoulders especially while you are doing a standing biking making the experience of cycling very convenient. Also, the pedals are designed in such a counterbalanced way that gives you ultimate control for an efficient workout.

Magnetic Tension Control System: Marcy has 8 level of the resistance mechanism. This mechanism helps to adjust the intensity of exercise in a wide range. This helps in getting the most out of a stationary bike.

Easily foldable: This bike is very lightweight and occupies very less space, so you can easily relocate it anywhere in your house after the workout. It can be reduced to half of its size when folded.

LCD Display: This machine has a Large LCD Display which displays all your vitals in a large size. The screen has holders on which you can place a gadget or a book and use it.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 35*17.5*47.5 inches

Product weight: 41 lbs.

This bike is designed by highly renowned brand. Marcy Gymnasium Equipment Company was established by famous gym enthusiast Walter Marcyan. Marcyan has proved his championships in Heavyweight Lifting and owns many strength training gyms in the states. He had a vision that everybody should get the knowledge and opportunity for the workout. They are pioneers and have launched many patented products and are still very innovative in their technology.

  • Pros
  • Cons

2 years warranty

Comfortable seat with high-density foam

Handle Bars are foam covered

Durable powder coating frame finish

3. L NOW Upright Bike Magnetic Resistance Exercise Bike Indoor Stationary Bike D808



Visual display: It has a display monitor and big screen view to display all the essential information which helps you set targets and plan your daily workout targets. It provides more information about your vitals like cardiac rate, RPM, body fat, distance and calories and has a wider screen display.

Magnetic Resistance: It has 8 levels of magnetic resistance which you can use to change the intensity of your workout from easy to difficult depending on your stamina.

Quiet and Smooth: In spite of its heavy body it has a quite functioning. So, you can easily watch your videos or listen to music without any noise disturbing you or your family.

Wheels: This exercise bike can be easily assembled and moved with the help of included wheels.

Flywheel: It has a hollow design flywheel, which helps quiet and smooth RPM and quick cooling.

Extra Space on Screen to hold gadgets: Its monitor is spacious and has an inbuilt holder on the monitor itself, which you can use to keep your tab or a book to read while cycling. You can always pick up that article or gadget to see the monitor whenever you want to.

Product Specifications

Product dimensions: 50.4*57.3*21.6 inches

Product weight: 66.2 lbs.

This is one of the most beautiful looking and eye catchy bikes on the list. It is heavy in weight and its overall look and design can add decors to the interiors of your house. It has a beautiful exterior in white color. This bike is any day better than a Treadmill. Rather I would say it is something you will not want to come down off. Once you bring it to your home fitness will not just be a part of your regime, you will get fitness addicted. This is my personal favorite and one of the most adorable among home exercise bikes for sale.

This bike is also suitable for a gym because of its heavy and durable structure. Also, it has advanced features like quick cool own feature. Even if used by a lot of people in a gym rigorously and continuously, it will easily standby.

  • Pros
  • Cons

An extra heavy person can use

Fashionable color and design

Quick cooling

Bi-directional seat adjustment

4. ANCHEER Indoor Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike



Weight bearing capacity: This Upright bike has a capacity of 220 lbs.

Magnetic Resistance: It has 5 levels of resistance that varies from easy to hard. It will make you lose more calories and take a break when you want to slow down.

Compact Design: It is a foldable bike with a ride and hides comfort, ride it in the free time and hide it in a closet or any temporary space in the day.

Flexible height: The height of the bike can be easily adjusted as per your height. It is super comfortable to adjust and handle on your own.

Super comforting seat: It has thick seat that gives you comfortable cycling experience and allows you to use the bike for a long time. You can also use extra soft seat covers accessories to make it even better.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 44.1*30.4*16 inches

Product weight: 42.8 lbs

Seat height: 28.7-33.9 inch

Package: 1 upright bike* 1 Instruction manual

Ancheer is a leading brand among exercise bikes upright. It's very easy to fold the bike and it has a magnetic flywheel for smooth rpm. It has the very comfortable screen and a display tracker which shows all your work out details like speed, distance, time, calorie burnt, pulse rate etc. It has a magnetic flywheel which gives you a silent and calm pedaling experience without any screeching noises which is sometimes heard in bikes when they get old and is very irritating. This bike can easily become a part and parcel of your life as you can easily do other tasks like reading, watching videos or make phone calls simultaneously with pedaling.

  • Pros
  • Cons

Super easy to fold

Red Color flashy and sporty look

Magnetic flywheel

Flexible height

5. PLENY Upright Stationary Exercise Bike with Arm Exercise Resistance Bands



Comfy Seat: It has a high-density foam-padded seat, which gives a very comfortable sedentary experience. So that the user will not want to step out of it.

Upper Body Workout: This bike comes with two additional resistance bands for upper body training. With the help of these bands, one can do stretching of arms, triceps and pulley squats. Basically, it has a full body workout mechanism.

16 level magnetic tensions: Advanced 16 level resistance experience gives you diversified options of resistance easy to hard as per your stamina and comfort.

Back handle: For the extra comfort of your back and excellent ergonomics, especially if you have back pain issues, this bike can be a blessing for your muscles.

Back Rest: Due to this backrest feature this bike has become popular among upright exercise bikes for seniors.

LCD Display: It has a stylish large display screen which shows all your vitals at the same time. On the monitor itself, there are side holders so that you can place an iPad or magazine above the monitor and read it.

Product Specifications

Product dimensions: 16*37.8*43.7 inches

Seat length: start from 29 inches.

Batteries 2AA batteries required (inclusive in the product)

Pleny is a high quality, comfy and safe bike which you are going to love if you are a fitness addict. You bring it home and you never miss your workout again despite a bad weather day or a busy day. This device can be used by a person weighing up to 260 lbs. It has increased padded seat and more cushions. It's a low weight easily foldable less space occupying machine with the intense comfort level and advanced options for exercise. It's a low maintenance foldable cardiovascular aerobic exercise device with add-on features for different sort of exercise. In my opinion, this is one of the best exercise bikes to buy.

  • Pros
  • Cons

Extra resistance levels

Backrest and backhandle

Bi-directional pedaling cycling

Build in transportation wheels

2AA batteries included

6. Exercise Bike Upright Stationary For Home Fitness Equipment Aerobic Pedal Exerciser



Versatile: Cyclecizer allows you to set different degrees of resistance to accommodate your requirements for incline and stride settings. Also, it has seat adjustment possibility, as per your height.

Ergonomics: This exercise bike is well designed ergonomically in order to give you a correct posture with the adjustable seat, great grip in handles and paddles, along with a backrest for extra support. Giving a back pain-free workout.

Portable: It is lightweight portable stationary exercise equipment which you can easily fold and pack away post workout. Whenever you need you can take it out on your own because of its wheels.

Weight bearing capacity: This upright exercise bike can easily be used for a person with a max weight of 220 lbs.

This bike is versatile, portable, gives you 8 different degrees of resistance. It’s easy to store and you can track your vitals on this machine. It is ergonomically well designed and a complete package for workout enthusiasts. Broadly it has not missed on any of the requisite features in the category. Now you can bring this bike home and reduce inches by pedaling and watching your favorite TV show at the same time.

  • Pros
  • Cons

100% money back guarantee

Easy to assemble alone

Backrest and back handle

Large LCD screen

Choose your incline setting up to 21 inches

7. Fitleader Indoor Exercise Bike Folding Upright Bike Compact Stable Cycling Stationary Cardio Cycle



LCD Display: Easy to monitor LCD display that indicates vitals like speed, time, calories and Heart Rate.

Heavy Frame construction: It has a heavy steel body that ensures firmness while riding and durability of the metal body is always higher.

Crank system: It has an effective crank system that makes cycling smooth and without making any friction sounds and gives you a calm cycling experience.

Easy storage mechanism: With the help of easy transportation tools, it can be smoothly and quickly moved and as it is foldable it can be stored anywhere in the house when not in use, hence not occupying much space.

Ergonomics: It has a very efficient ergonomic structure that fit the posture of different height people. Additionally, it has a dual action anti-skid handlebar for extra smoothness and is very soft to your palms.

Product Specifications

Product dimensions: "18.3 W* 31.5" D in inches

Due to its heavy strength and noiseless operations, this bike is leading among upright exercise bikes. It comprises of all the efficient features like the crank system that helps in smooth Rotation of flywheel, resistance flexibility, pulse monitoring sensors and Vitals tracking on screen. It requires minimum maintenance and comes at a very affordable price. It is inclusive of instruction manuals and toolkit for assembling the machine. The height of the handles of the bike is 48 inches from the ground. There are 4 variations in seat height adjustment.

Fit Leader FX1 is capable of supporting a weight up to 250 lbs. In short, we can say it has a complete solution for a home-based cardio workout for the entire family. Everybody can use it whether young, old or juniors.

  • Pros
  • Cons

Quiet wheels

1-year warranty

Seat adjustable from 5'2 to 6'2

Smooth magnetic resistance

Easy to assemble

8. Xspec Pro Stationary Upright Exercise Bike Indoor Cycling Bicycle



Weighing capacity: It can easily handle a user weight max till 250 lbs.

Ergonomically: Advanced ergonomics adjustment features like two-way seat adjustment and has 4 adjustable feet for a long stiff ride and extra safety.

Two-way adjustable seat: This bike's seat can be moved up and down as well as front and back giving your legs perfect height to ride, therefore useful for tall and short both kind of people.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 36.5*20*44 inches

Product weight: 59.5 lbs

Batteries 2AA batteries required (inclusive in the product)

This bike comes with heavy duty frame, slip-free pedals and foamed hand bars. It has a tracking mechanism to monitor your calorie burnt, Pulse Rate, speed, distance and time. It has a sturdy aluminum frame and stylish looks which makes it look best in class. It comes in a sporty style. It has four adjustable feet which makes it firm and still in functioning. It is advised to use it on flat surfaces. It is one of the best exercise bikes.

  • Pros
  • Cons

Sporty stylish design

Slip-free handle cuffs and slip-free pedals

Assembling kit and manual included

Emergency Brake

9. Body Rider XRG5300 Pro X Bike Folding Upright Exercise Bike

Body Rider


Better, stronger and quiet: 1.5T steel flywheel and large crankshaft rotation make your right smooth and nice just like an expensive gym bike.

Comfortable and flexible: It is flexible in context of seat adjustment, resistance adjustment and it has a cushioned seat with extra secure pedals keeping your ride safe and avoids any slipping of the foot. Handcuffs are also soft to hold.

Folding: It is foldable and can easily be stored out of the living area post work out.

Seat: Seat is comfortable and can be adjusted in 5 different heights.

Vitals tracking system: Easy to monitor vitals like speed, distance, time, pulse and calories on the display screen.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 41.7*26*52 inches

Product Weight: 51 lbs

Batteries 2AA batteries required (inclusive in the product)

This bike is said to be the one ringing revolution in the industry of upright bikes. It's a simple indoor folding bike. Its flying wheel technology promises you a 3x blast workout with more fun and enthusiasm. It is ergonomically at a very suitable position for average people and has options for adjusting height. It has a comfortable seat that can be further accessorized with seat covers for extra cushioning and great looks. It comes with the combination of bright red black color that looks very sporty. It is easy to keep, port, clean and use. It has a fit technology screen showing all the statistics for your workout goals.

  • Pros
  • Cons


Stylish and quiet

Large crankshaft for noiseless functioning

Heavy frame looks elegant and powerful

Good for gym, athletes and heavy weight training

10. Goplus Magnetic Resistance Upright Bike Flywheel Bike Cardio Fitness Bicycle Equipment



Weight bearing capacity: It is capable of being used by a person weighing 220 lbs.

Price: In this bike, the price is very minimal. This bike is only costing you half the price of standard market rates. It has all the features which the other bikes are having and is pocket-friendly too.

Built-in wheels: This bike is equipped with build in wheels, which means you can easily drag and drop it to your balcony to get fresh air while riding and move it back after using.

Adjustable features: It gives 7 types of seat adjustment, giving the rider a comfortable posture to ride.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: 32*16*47 inches

Product Weight: 32 lbs.

Batteries 2AA batteries required (inclusive in the product).

GoPlus is an affordable bike. This bike can be termed as best among the segment with all the requisite features of comfort, ergonomics, style, space occupancy and vital display monitor. All of these features are available at a reasonable price. It’s lightweight, easy to move & store capability and stylish look makes it more desirable. It makes no noise while using. It is equipped with high gripping pedals and comfortable handles. The unique purple color adds a style statement to its appearance.

  • Pros
  • Cons

Easily affordable pricing

It pedals smooth and easy and is quiet

Lightweight and easy to move

Stylish and unique purple color

Final Verdict:

Choose only that upright bike which suits you best, because these things last for years and you can't change them all the time. So make an intelligent choice by carefully reviewing, remember just by purchasing it will make no magic effects if you don't use it. Set Attainable targets and give yourself a gift of Healthy Future! Enjoy a comfortable, safe and consistent work out experience by bringing one today for your home. Look Good and Stay Healthy!!

Overall all of these stationary exercise bikes are convenient to use and occupy less space. All of them have a battery for the display screen. An upright Bike gives you more consistent exercises routine in the décor of your own space because you can do it at the time of your convenience.


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