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10 Best Exercises To Do At Home

Sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day to get to the gym. Do your workout at home with these top-rated at-home exercises.


Working out from home is convenient and lets you spend more time working out and less time driving to the gym.

Whether you want to build muscle or lose weight, these exercises can help and can be added to your daily routine without leaving the comfort of your home.

Stay home and get started on building a stronger, healthier, and leaner body with these home workout exercises.

The benefits of working out at home are numerous. At home, you won't have to worry about anyone seeing you, so you won't have to deal with the vanity of your face, hair, makeup, or workout clothes.

You won't be judged for your exercise level, and you can take a break whenever your body needs rest. You can go at your own pace and play your favorite music. You won't need to spend extra time driving to the gym or trying to find a spot in a class. 

Exercising at home is convenient and comfortable while still providing a challenging workout. We have also found that people who exercise at home have an easier time sticking to a workout program because they can simply roll out of bed and get started.

They can also challenge themselves more without worrying about whether or not they will be able to finish the workout session. Too tired? Easy to take a break.

Best Strength Exercises to Do At Home

Bodyweight Squat

The best bodyweight leg exercises include the bodyweight squat. To begin, stand up straight with legs shoulder-width apart. From here, move your butt backwards until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Then, move back to a standing position. Bodyweight squats are gentle on the body and work multiple muscle groups.


The best chest exercise at home is the push-up. The standard push-up begins with your body in a modified plank position with hands on the ground and arms directly under your shoulders. Move down until your body is flat and parallel to the ground.

Sit-Ups/Crunches/ Front & Side Planks

best exercise for abs at home — The sit-up and crunch is the best exercise for abs at home as well as the front and side planks. Nuffield Health has this great video on performing sit-ups.


Lunges are the best exercise to tone legs and can help you create toned, slim thighs. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and then move your right foot forward, bending your knee and moving downward until your thigh is parallel with the ground. Now, move back to a standing position and then lunge forward with your left side.

More of our favorite leg exercises can be found here.

Farmer’s Walk on Toes

The best calf exercise at home is the farmer’s walk on toes. To perform this exercise, pick up two large dumbbells. Then step up on to your tiptoes and walk forward slowly. Then, stand normally and rest by placing the dumbbells on the floor.


The Superman is the best back exercise at home. Start by lying on your stomach with your arms outward in a V position. Now raise your arms slightly off the ground as well as your upper chest and your legs. This is known as the Superman. Hold here for thirty seconds and then rest again on the floor.

Glute Bridge

Is the best exercise for glutes at home. This exercise works your glutes, your thighs, and your abdominals all at once. This video by Scott Herman Fitness shows you how to perform this exercise with proper form.

Tricep dip

This is the best exercise for triceps at home. Hold on to a chair or bench with both hands. Then lift your butt off of the chair and bend your legs. Allow your arms to straighten and then slowly dip your body downwards until your tricep is parallel to the ground. Lift back up and start again.

Overhead dumbbell presses

Overhead dumbbell presses focus on your arms, shoulders, and back. This exercise requires two dumbbells. David Jack’s video shows how to use proper form to master this exercise.

Bent Over Rows

A bent-over row uses one dumbbell that creates strong shoulders, arms, and a healthy back. This illustration from Muscle and Fitness shows you how to properly perform this exercise at home.

Dumbbell Raises

A dumbbell raise is the best exercise for bat wings at home. If you want to get rid of the excess fat around your shoulders and under your arms. This video from MyTraining App walks you through the exercise. Go gently with this exercise.

Best Cardio Exercises At Home


Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and your hands up in the air. Then, bend your knees and place your hands on the ground. From here, kick your feet back to create a modified plank position. Now, jump your feet forward and kick off with your hands up in the air again. This is a great burpee workout by Renown Health

Jump Rope

Hold the handles in both hands and then, using your hands, whip the jump rope in a circle around your body. As the rope passes under your feet, jump! This is a fantastic cardio exercise that requires little space.

Jumping Jacks

Are a basic cardio exercise that begins by standing and then moving both your legs and your arms outward at the same time. Your arms are pointed upwards and make a V shape, and your legs are outstretched and make an upside-down V shape.

Squat Jumps

These are similar to burpees, but differ because you stay upright. For this cardio exercise, you perform a simple squat, and then as you come back up to a standing position, you jump upward. The jump is an explosive plyometric move and helps burn additional calories as well as get your heart rate up.

Running the Stairs

If you have stairs in your home, this is an easy exercise that does not require additional equipment. You can start at the bottom, run to the top, and then run back down. Be careful running down the stairs, however, if you have balance issues. If you find it difficult to balance, we recommend running up the stairs and walking back down, then repeating. This also makes for a great circuit workout.

Jogging in One Place

Working out by jogging in place is one of the most simple exercises that you can perform. It does not require additional workout equipment, and all you need are running shoes and a place to stand. As you jog in place, make sure that you lift your knees and swing your arms for the best form.

Best Home Exercise Equipment


Treadmills are great workout machines, but require a significant amount of space. These machines are perfect for homeowners who want to be able to vary their workout while getting in a strong cardiovascular workout. With a treadmill, you can walk, jog, or run. You can vary the speed as well as the incline of the track.

Stationary Exercise Bikes

A stationary exercise bike is also a great workout machine. These machines take up a more limited amount of space and are perfect for homeowners who do not have a lot of space. Bikes can offer varied resistance and speed. Bikes are best for homeowners who want a cardiovascular workout but want to focus primarily on their lower half.

Elliptical Machines

The elliptical machine requires almost as much space as a treadmill, but is much friendlier on the joints. If you want to simulate jogging or running but with a low-impact workout, then we recommend the elliptical machine for an at-home workout.


Using step platforms to workout at home is an excellent solution for people who have little space and want a simple workout. Step platforms are easy to hide away in between uses and are a great cardiovascular workout.

Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are an efficient way to raise your heart rate and strengthen your arms. Using battle ropes can help develop strength while working your arms, chest, back, and core abdominals.


Working out with weights at home typically involves using a series of dumbbells; however, you can also purchase a barbell to take your weight training up a notch. Barbells are perfect for improving your chest and arm muscles with exercises such as the bench press.

Resistance Bands

Maintaining a flexible body while improving strength is possible with resistance bands. These exercise tools require very little space and can conveniently be stored in a drawer. The resistance band is also perfect for those who need to increase mobility and work through physical therapy exercises.


You can purchase a single set of dumbbells or an entire group of dumbbells for your at home weight exercises. Dumbbells are one of the best ways to strengthen your body from home and can help you build significant muscle. Muscle building is critical for people who want a toned and defined body.

Exercise Limitations & Considerations

Before beginning any workout program, you should always check with your doctor to make sure that you do not have any existing exercise limitations.

One of the benefits of working out at home is that you can customize your workouts to fit your physical limitations. For example, if you injure your rotator cuff and cannot lift heavy weights until it has healed, you can focus on a leg workout by walking on the treadmill or biking on a stationary bike.

You can focus on resistance band training to slowly increase your flexibility in the shoulder. Always consider any pain that you feel while working out and allow yourself to rest when necessary. Focus on your goal of losing weight, building muscle, or increasing cardiovascular health while being mindful of your body’s response.

Tips on Food & Nutrition for Home Workouts

There are many different diets that you can follow to help you lose weight, build muscle, and look as well as feel your best. As a part of every diet and nutritional plan, however, should be hydration. Water helps increase calorie burning, remove waste, help you feel full and snack less, and takes care of your skin.

Adding in nutrient-dense food can also help with weight loss and increase the effectiveness of your home workouts. Start by choosing lean meats and fish, eating two servings of fruit per day, and eating three servings of vegetables per day. Limit your bread and alcohol intake.

People also Ask (FAQs)

How long should these home workouts be?

We recommend working out approximately twenty to fifty minutes at a time. The length of your workout will depend on your overall fitness goals as well as your current fitness level and the type of exercise you choose. We recommend choosing longer workouts when the intensity is lower (yoga or walking) and shorter workouts when the intensity is higher (running, battle ropes).

How often should you do these home exercises?

We recommend working out approximately four to six times per week. The more you workout, the leaner and fitter you will get. However, it is important to remember that you should always give your body a rest day once per week to see the best results.

How long does it take to see results from these workout routines?

Most people will notice results — weight loss and muscle building — within three to four weeks, but it will take several months to see significant results. If you plan to add 10lbs. of muscle, for example, or lose 20lbs., then you will need to be patient with your body.

How many pieces of home gym equipment should I purchase from working out at home?

This is up to you! We recommend purchasing 1-2 full-body workout machines and 1-2 additional tools such as an exercise ball or a step aerobic platform. You can work out from home without any workout machines or workout tools. However, these machines and tools will make it easier to work out as well as add variety to your workouts. We also recommend purchasing two sets of dumbbells at various weights (5 and 10lbs, 8 and 15 lbs, 10 lbs, and 20 lbs, etc.).

What exercises burn the most belly fat?

You cannot spot reduce fat, so you cannot focus specifically on belly fat. However, losing fat all over will help you lose belly fat. We recommend high-intensity cardio workouts to focus on burning the most fat, such as a high-intensity interval training workout. 

What is the best flooring for home exercise room?

We recommend choosing a rubber flooring for a home exercise room because it is a shock-absorbent floor, and it is easy to install. It also can withstand lots of running, jumping, and other workout activities. You can purchase rubber exercise room flooring tiles and transform your spare room into an exercise room.

What are some of the best stretches to do at home?

At home, you can perform all of the same stretches that you can at the gym. One of our favorite stretches to do at home is the legs up the wall stretch. This stretch involves placing your buttocks as close as you can to a wall, then lifting your feet straight up in the air, and then resting them against the wall. This stretch helps drain the lactic acid from your legs after a hard workout and can help combat soreness the next day. 


Working out at home is a great way to jumpstart your exercise program or power through a more demanding workout without worrying about other people. At home, you can focus on yourself and your workout routine.

You won’t need to waste time driving or worry about bringing water and changing clothes. If you want to workout effectively, efficiently, and feel comfortable, then working out from home is a great option.

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