Brand Comparison

Best Keiser Spin Bikes Reviewed

We have thoroughly reviewed the M3, M3i, M3iX from the Keiser spin bike range

by PITeam

Brand Comparison

Best Keiser Spin Bikes Reviewed

We have thoroughly reviewed the M3, M3i, M3iX from the Keiser spin bike range

by PITeam

by PITeam

Keiser spin bikes have become a popular choice for gym classes and people who prefer to workout at home. This guide will help you decide if the M3, M3i, or the M3iX is best for you.

Keiser has been in the spin bike industry for over 40 years. Brothers Dennis and Randy Keiser started the company when they patented a totally new concept for variable resistance using compressed air. This pneumatic patent in spin bikes was revolutionary at the time. After that, Keiser introduced the first air resistance spin bikes to the market.

Keiser spin bikes are geared towards serious spin cyclists. Their machines are used around the world for professional and Olympic athletes. More than 80% of the top professional sports teams use Keiser spin bikes in their training.

There is a reason that so many professional sports teams use these machines for their workouts. The innovative design includes the first eddy current magnetic resistance system. It also features an aluminum flywheel. The electrical currents on the M series Keiser bikes use two opposing magnets to create resistance.

Another feature of the Keiser M series is the unique pedal design. The harness design encapsulates your feet and fits most standard size cycling shoes. The Keiser bike will surely give you a full-body workout, but it targets your hamstrings and calves.

Benefits of Using a Keiser Spin Bike

  • Workout Programs
    Every one of these machines comes with a unique set of programs that will challenge your body. As opposed to outdoor cycling, you can pick an exercise program that will engage certain body parts using different levels of resistance.
  • Indoor Use
    Cycling outdoors can be exciting, but what about during the winter months? Keiser spin bikes allow you to take your workouts indoors. You can cycle at any time without worrying about what the weather has in store. It is also safer for most road cyclists since you don’t have to worry about passing cars or other hazards.
  • Full Body Exercise
    The beauty of indoor cycling is that you have the versatility to choose your workout. Keiser indoor bikes allow for greater flexibility to stand or sit during exercise. This will enable you to engage your full core, and you will burn more calories as you cycle.

How to Choose a Quality Indoor Cycle

Power Accuracy Acclaim

Among the many awards that the Keiser spin bikes have received, is the EN ISO 20957-1 certification. The Keiser M3i is the very first spin bike to receive this certification. The approval is given by the TUV Product Services organization; a European organization whose sole focus is on safety.

To achieve recognition, TUV requires that a group fitness cycle must perform within plus or minus 10% accuracy. It is designed to ensure consistency within the industry, and the Keiser M3i is the first awarded. TUV requires that any exercise bike pulled from the assembly line must reach these parameters for power accuracy.

Flywheel Considerations

When you are indoor cycling, you want to ensure that you can get the best workout possible. The weight of the flywheel on your spin bike is one of the biggest factors to consider. The flywheel is weighted to give it more momentum while you are pedaling. When choosing a new spin bike, you need to consider how much weight you want your flywheel to have.

The heavier the flywheel, the harder it is to pedal. It will also take much longer to slow down. Without the weight of the flywheel, the exercise bike will be too easy to pedal. The weight of the flywheel on a Keiser M3 series machine is 8 lbs. The Keiser engineers found that this will give you the most natural road feeling.

Resistance Mechanism

In order to get a full workout, you need to be able to adjust the difficulty of your indoor cycling experience. The bike's resistance system provides this. The four main types of resistance systems are brake-based, direct contact, magnetic, and fan-based.

All of the Keiser M3 series exercise bikes come with an eddy current magnetic resistance system. This system was developed by Keiser and includes the newest technology on the market. This system allows you to have a smooth riding experience.

User Weight Limitation

Spin bikes are a great way to stay in shape for people of all heights and weights. The most important factor is that you are comfortable on your bike. All spin machines have a maximum weight capacity. Make sure that you check the spec sheet and see how much weight your bike can hold. They also have a maximum height, so keep in mind the size that you will need.

The M3 series is designed for people up to 7 feet tall, so they are great for taller riders. They can also support around 300 lbs of weight.


This factor is critical for ergonomic comfort while riding. Some bikes are designed with multiple handlebar positions, so whether you are sitting or standing, you will still be comfortable. The M series comes equipped with durable rubberized handlebars.

Keiser has designed these to be used in four general positions. Since the handlebars are rubberized throughout, you can place your hands in any number of positions. If you prefer to ride while standing, you can ensure that you will have maximum comfort and grip.

Seat Comfort

While you are using your indoor cycle, you will most likely spend a lot of time sitting and pedaling. Your seat should be comfortable enough for you to get in a full workout. Many exercise bikes include adjustable seats, so you can avoid knee pain while riding.

Keiser M3 bikes include ergonomic seats designed with comfort in mind. They also include variable positions. The seat comes with a soft and padded cushion as well as curvatures to keep riders comfortable.


You should keep in mind what type of shoes you will be wearing while riding. Some serious indoor cyclists wear shoes that are specifically designed to clip into the pedals of their cycle. Keiser takes care of everyone’s needs with their uniquely designed pedals.

On one side, the pedal features a clip-in mechanism to allow cycling shoes to fit perfectly. On the other side, there is a toe cage and strap. This will enable you to slip your feet in even if you are just wearing sneakers.

Safety and Ease of Use

When you purchase a new indoor spin bike, you want to ensure that you can operate it smoothly and efficiently. Safety is one of the biggest concerns while cycling. Most bikes are generally safe to use. One top safety feature included in some bikes is a well-designed toe cage and strap. This will keep your feet in place while riding.

The M3 series includes a fantastic toe cage for safe pedaling. It also includes a display to provide you with all of the information that you need during your workout.

Convenience Features

This factor is an added bonus when it comes to choosing a new exercise bike. You should take a look at the different features that are included for your convenience. Some of these features may include a water bottle holder, media tray, or an easy to read display with workout programs.

Keiser has included several well thought out convenient features on their M3 series of cycles. They include water bottle holders to keep your hydration within easy reach. They also come with media holders to hold your devices.

Display Console and Workout Programs

When you are using your indoor cycle, you want to be able to keep track of different factors. These may include distance, heart rate, and speed. This is where a top-notch display console comes in. You should consider the type of information that you want to see on your display.

Keiser has developed its displays to provide you with the most accurate information. The M3 series includes time, distance, current gear level, speed, heart rate, calories, and RPMs.


Most exercise bikes are relatively low maintenance and durable. Manufacturers will generally include some type of warranty. The warranties offered on most bikes are for the frame and the wearable parts. The wearable parts warranty will include items such as the pedal and straps. The frame warranties are generally for more years than the wearable parts.

Keiser offers a generous warranty package with its cycles. The frame warranty is for 10 years while the wearable parts warranty is for 3 years. The rubber and plastic parts are under warranty for 90 days.

3 Best Keiser Spin Bikes Reviewed

1. Keiser M3

Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle
102 Reviews
Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle
  • Incredibly durable, no wearing parts, nearly...
  • Whisper quiet in operation.
  • Smooth magnetic resistance system.

This model is the first of the M3 series. It is perfect for riders who want the best cycle option but on a budget. The M3 comes with 24 levels of resistance to ensure that you can adjust your bike according to the intensity of your workout. It also features the completely redesigned Keiser pedal. It is compatible with cycling shoes and sneakers. It also features a rear-drive flywheel that is near silent. Many customers loved the fact that this bike was so easy to clean and maintain.

The M3 computer display comes with multiple readouts to keep track of your exercise routine. It displays time, speed, distance, heart rate, and RPMs. This model does not include Bluetooth capabilities like the M3i and M3iX. If Bluetooth is essential for you, then you should look into the models below. The M3 also does not include app connectivity like the other models.


  • Lowest cost out of all three machines
  • Remarkably smooth riding experience that imitates flat road biking
  • Fully adjustable seat


  • No Bluetooth included

2. Keiser M3i

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle
662 Reviews
Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle
  • Bundle includes: Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle, Media...
  • Industry’s First V-Shape Frame: Enables M3i to...
  • Bluetooth-enabled Interactive Cycling: Riders can...

This model is touted as the best spin bike on the market. It even won awards from the TUV organization. This model is a step up from the previous M3 model. It includes the patented V-shape frame design. It also includes Bluetooth capabilities, unlike the M3. You can connect to the Keiser series of apps. Customers loved that this bike was very stable even while standing up to ride. They also loved the redesigned pedals.

It comes with fully adjustable seats and handlebars like the M3iX. This model also includes the ability to change the distance calculator from kilometers to miles, which the M3 did not have. The M3i also has different handlebars than the M3. They feature a media tray for holding your device.


  • Includes a media tray
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • EN ISO 20957-1 certification


  • Does not have pivoting handlebars

3. Keiser M3iX

Keiser M3iX Indoor Cycle
5 Reviews
Keiser M3iX Indoor Cycle
  • Incredibly durable, made in the U.S.A. and nearly...
  • Smooth, whisper-quiet magnetic resistance!
  • Unique "X-Bar" system engages your core and burns...
  • We are on YouTube! Search for the Keiser M3X on...

This model is the top of the line in the M series. It is the latest and greatest bike from Keiser. It features redesigned handlebars that pivot. The earlier models did not have this feature. The pivoting handlebars turn this bike into more than just a flat road cycle. You can now take turns and feel as if you are riding on different terrain. Customers enjoyed that this cycle was able to connect to many different apps. They also enjoyed the pivoting handlebars to increase your workout.

The M3iX includes many similar features to the M3i. The pivoting handlebars are the main difference between the two models. The handlebars also feature seven levels of resistance to increase your upper body workout. This model does not include a media tray like the M3i does.


  • Pivoting handlebar system
  • Connect to many different apps
  • Change the pivot angle with a small knob


  • No media tray

All 3 Keiser Models Compared

Keiser vs Peloton

Two of the leading brands in the spin bike industry have been battling it out for many years. They have some similarities and differences that we think are critical to your next purchase.

The Peloton bike features a touchscreen that is not found on the Keiser M series. One area where we noticed Keiser pulls ahead is the pedals. Peloton requires special cycling shoes, or you will risk being uncomfortable. Keiser pedals will accept any footwear.

Keiser Indoor Cycle Assembly

While these models come partially pre-assembled, you will need some tools and the instruction manual. It takes approximately two hours to assemble the bike completely. Keiser has included a complete instruction manual.

They also offer their team to come out and set it up for you for a fee. You will need a torque and Allen wrench. Ensure that you follow the instructions carefully because the warranty will not cover any damages due to improper assembly.

Adjusting Keiser Spin Bikes

Before you begin riding, you will need to have your bike set up properly. You need to adjust the seat height, handlebar height, and toe straps. The first step is to stand next to your bike and lift your knee up. Ensure that your seat is level with the top of your thigh.

The next step is to adjust the handlebars by making sure that they are slightly higher than your seat. Then, place your feet into the toe cages. Pull on the straps to tighten them around your shoes.

Care, Maintenance, and Support

Keiser is well known for their customer service, so if you experience any issues with your spin bike, you can reach out to them. Keiser spin bikes are durable and should last a long time. If you follow these easy tips for maintenance, you should not have any problems.

Every time after your ride, you should wipe the seat down with a cloth. Check the pedals and crank arms every week for the first month of use. You should also check all of the bolts on the frame monthly. You can also lubricate the adjustment threads once a month as well.

Who Are Keiser Spin Bikes Best For?

Indoor cycling is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone. Keiser exercise bikes are known for being suitable for serious indoor cyclists. They are used by the top professional athletes in the world. While they are best suited for avid riders, beginners can use them as well. 

Since these machines work out your cardiovascular system if you are experiencing any heart issues consult with your doctor before use. If you are allowed to cycle, then ensure the resistance is turned down. The light flywheel also makes the M series suitable for beginners and people who may be recovering from an injury.

Keiser Spin Bike Workouts

Now that you have your bike, it is time to venture into the world of indoor cycling. The Keiser model bikes do not have any preset programs. Keiser's website offers many options for classes and workout programs.

They even offer online courses to get you started with your training. Another great source for workout programs is Keiser’s video series.

Keiser Bike Accessories

If there is anything else that you need to add to your exercise bike, Keiser has thought of it already. They offer many add ons and accessories that you can use to enhance your riding experience.

The M3i is the only model that includes the media tray to stash your device. The M3 does not feature a water bottle holder, while the other models do. All of the models in the M series can be fitted with optional stretch pads and dumbbell holders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many calories can you burn on a Keiser spin bike?

A vigorous spinning session can burn up to 741 calories per hour. Keiser spin bikes include a calories burned counter on their computer displays.

Will you lose weight when using these exercise bikes?

Since spin bikes target your cardiovascular system, you will be able to lose weight if you are spinning every day. Losing weight is also determined by dietary factors as well.

Can seniors benefit from Keiser indoor bikes?

Yes. Most seniors will need to start their cycling sessions on a low resistance to avoid injury. Cycling is an excellent way for seniors to get their muscles moving and their blood flowing. It is easier on joints than other types of cardio.

Can I use these machines while sitting and standing?

Yes. Keiser machines were designed so you can ride in either position comfortably. The pedals ensure that your feet stay locked in.

Do these devices come assembled, or can I put them together easily?

They come partially pre-assembled. You will need to attach the frame, seat, and handlebars yourself. It should only take about two hours. Keiser’s customer service line is always willing to help.

Where can I buy replacement parts for a Keiser spin bike?Where can I buy replacement parts for a Keiser spin bike?

You can buy replacement parts on Keiser’s ordering page. For interchangeable parts like bike seats and straps, Amazon has the top selection.

How long do Keiser bikes last?

Keiser bikes will last at least five years before needing any type of replacement part. If you continue to replace the parts and maintain the cycle, it should last a lifetime.

How do Keiser bikes calculate distance?

Keiser is known for the extreme accuracy of their machines. The M series calculates the distance by multiplying the tire’s circumference by the number of revolutions.

How do you reset a Keiser bike?

The computer display on the Keiser bikes will reset if you stop pedaling for a bit. This will allow you to keep track of your workouts and start over if need be.


We have compared and contrasted the three different models in the M series collection. The M3, M3i, and M3iX are all superb models in indoor cycling. In our opinion, the best overall option out of this roundup is the M3i. 

It is the first and only spin bike to receive the EN ISO 20957-1 certification. This makes it the best choice for all riders. It comes complete with everything that you need to start your fitness journey.

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