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iRobot Roomba 675 Reviewed

We test, review, compare and critic the features of this popular robotic vacuum.


Robotic vacuums aren’t like loaves of bread. You can’t decide one day you want one and head out to pick it up. First, you need to do research, find the brand and models that fit your specific needs, and then dwindle the list until you have found the perfect model. This can take some time as there are hundreds of robot vacuums to choose.

This article will focus on the iRobot Roomba 675. We will review the robot, and it’s features and capabilities to help you decide if this model deserves to be in your home. We also compare it to other popular models to see where it stands. Everything you need to decide on the Roomba 675 is right here.

The Roomba 675 uses a lot of technology to maneuver around your home and clean your floors. Unlike a manual upright vacuum, the robot vacuum relies on sensors and computer algorithms to function.

Aside from the Roomba 690, the 675 is the most advanced 600 series robot there is. You can control and program the robot using the iRobot Home app or voice commands through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

The 675 uses iAdapt navigation technology that has three different sensor types. There are sensors to detect objects and obstacles such as furniture and wall, as well as sensors to catch dirt and ledges. As the robot moves around the floor in your home, these sensors keep the robot moving in the right direction, avoiding falls (such as stairs), and focused on the dirty areas it finds.

The actual cleaning method is a 3-stage cleaning system called AeroVac. The side brush and combination brush rollers sweep and collect debris from hardwood floors and carpeted floors, lifting the dirt into the air chamber. The motor provides the suction to collect the dirt and deposit it into the dust bin, before finally pushing the exhaust air through a filter.

Everything working together produces a well-maintained floor. You are keeping your home presentable between regular cleaning days with your upright model.

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iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity,...
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iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity,...
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Benefits of Robotic Vacuums

roomba 690 under furniture

There are many benefits to using a robot vacuum, lead by convenience. Having a robot maintain your floors regularly means you don’t have to care for your floors every day. You will still be required to do a thorough deep clean regularly. However, having a robot in your employ makes those deep cleans easier and further apart.

If there is a random mess created, you also don’t need to pull the upright model out of the closet and go through that entire process. Instead, a robot like the Roomba 675 will be able to clean a small, specific area in the time it would take you to get the big vacuum from hiding.

The Roomba 675 helps by being able to use wireless communications. Through the use of WiFi, you can start an unscheduled cleaning session from anywhere. So when the mother-in-law decides to pop over for dinner, you can have the floors cleaned while you are still at work.

Features of Roomba 675

Cleaning Time/Runtime

60 mins up to 90 minutes

Charging Time

2-3 hours

Robot Weight


Robot Dimensions

13.7L X 13.7W X 3.6H inches

Coverage Area

Up to 1100 square feet


12-month limited warranty for the robot and 6 months on the battery

Self-Docking and Recharging Station

The self-docking and recharging station, known as the Home Base, is where the Roomba 675 goes when the cleaning session is complete, or it needs to recharge the battery. The Home Base comes with your purchase as the only means to recharge your robot. The Roomba will monitor its battery and head to the charging station to recharge when the battery level gets low.

The robot will do this automatically, so there is little to no assistance needed on your part. You also have the option to use the various control methods to stop a cleaning session in progress and return the machine to the Home Base.

Auto Clean, Spot Cleaning

With the 675 you have cleaning mode options. When you press the Clean button or program a scheduled cleaning session, the robot will go out in Automatic mode. This is the standard cleaning mode that uses all the sensors and navigation system to maneuver through your home.

Spot Clean is the other mode you can choose. This is the mode used for smaller messes and quick clean-ups. Placing the robot in the middle of the dirty area and choose Spot Clean will make the robot clean in a spiral area of about 3-feet in diameter from the center where it started. Once the robot finishes in this area, it will shut down and await further input from you.

Scheduled Cleaning

You can create a cleaning schedule by using the Home app. Since the app and robot are connected to the internet, you won’t need to set the time. However, you can set a daily cleaning schedule for any time on any day you wish.

Unlike the models without wireless communications, you can set the schedule to rest automatically. You no longer have to reprogram every 7th day, unless you wish to change the current plan.

Edge Cleaning/Sweeping Brush

The side brush or edge cleaning brush has two primary functions. First, it is designed to sweep along edges and in corners to remove dirt and debris from these areas. Because of the robot’s round shape, getting along edges and into corners is tricky. The edges brush helps clean these areas.

Secondly, it is designed to push dirt and debris into the path of the robot so that it can be collected. In this capacity, the side brush works in conjunction with the dual brush rollers to clean a wider area during each pass.

Dual Brush Roll

roomba 690 brushes

The 675 uses a dual brush roll set up designed to minimize tangles and pick up all sorts of debris.

The larger brush roll uses soft bristles to sweep the hardwood floor and agitate carpet fibers. 

The smaller roller is designed to help separate larger debris like hair and strings to prevent tangles and clogs.

With the two rollers working in tandem, the Roomba 675 can clean any hardwood floor, tile, or laminate.

It is also effective on pet hair on low and medium-pile carpeting. Tangles around the larger roller will still happen. 

Hair and carpet fibers will get wrapped and tangled. iRobot includes a brush roller cleaning tool that helps remove these wraps and tangles quickly and easily.

WiFi Connectivity & Smart Phone App

The Roomba 675 comes with a wireless chip installed. Via the Home Base, the robot will connect to your home’s wireless connection allowing you to use the iRobot Home App. Through the app, you can take full control of your robot. Start, stop, and resume cleaning sessions from anywhere and program cleaning sessions in advance by creating a scheduled clean.

The app also gives you status updates on the current or last cleaning session as well as battery charge level information. The app is the go-to form of programming and control, even with other options available.

Alexa Support & Google Assistant

One of the alternative control methods mentioned above is the use of voice controls. Using a connected Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device, you can use your voice to control the robot.

There are a growing number of commands available to use. While more of the most recent ones are designed for the i and s-series robots, you can still use your voice to start and stop a cleaning cycle, get updates, and find the robot.

Cliff & Dirt Detect Sensors

roomba 675 dirt detect

There are sensors located on the bottom of the robot using infrared lights known as cliff detection sensors. Their primary duty is to determine how far the robot is off the ground, or if there is a drop upcoming.

Anything over an inch and a half will trigger these sensors. When triggered, the robot will change direction until the threat is gone. The keep the 675 on solid ground and prevent it from falling off stairs.

The sensors also have a secondary function iRobot calls Dirt Detect. The sensors can determine if an area passed over still has remaining debris to be collected. If so, they will alert the robot. When informed, the robot will make a loop-style turn and go over the area marked as still dirty one more time.

AeroVac 3-Stage Cleaning & Filtration System

The AeroVac system is the cleaning and filtration used by the 600 series that all other Roomba models are compared. Now called AeroForce, the AeroVac system uses a single-speed motor to produce up to 900pa of airflow. The side brush and dual brush rolls work to collect, loosen, and lift debris.

Stage two is the suction of the dirt and debris into the air chamber through to the dust bin. The exhaust air is then filtered through a standard AeroVac filter which keeps the dust from reentering the home and from collecting around the motor.

iAdapt Technology

iAdapt technology is used for navigation. The original version used in the 600 series robots is now under its third update (iAdapt 3.0) used by the i7 and s9 robots. The iAdapt technology uses a series of touch, acoustic, and infrared sensors to monitor the location, hazards, and obstacles of the robot.

These sensors are how the robot maneuvers through the home, going under furniture and finding walls, doorways, and edges without causing harm to itself or your belongings. iAdapt 2.0 added the camera for vSLAM localization and mapping, which wasn’t available until the 900 series Roomba robots. You won’t find a camera or any mapping on the 675.

Pet Hair Vacuum

The Roomba 675 was one of the first Roomba’s qualified for pet hair. The dual rotating brush rollers are used to pick up all hair, separate the strands to prevent clogs and suction them into the dust bin.

Improvements have been made to the extractor rollers since the 675 was released, but the technology for pet hair collection started in the 600 series robots.

Performance of the iRobot Roomba 675

Depending on the type of flooring present in your home, the Roomba 675 may or may not be the best option for you. Let’s take a look at how it does on various floor types and situations.


The Roomba 675 fairs well on low pile carpeting and can perform to standards on medium-pile carpets. However, the brush rollers won’t work well on high-pile, and the motor doesn’t produce enough constant power to get deep into the carpet fibers.

A two-speed motor and Carpet Boost technology, such as that found on the Roomba 980, is ideal for carpeting. The 675 will do “good enough,” but if your home is primarily carpeting, there are better options for a deeper, more thorough clean.

Hardwood Floors

On hardwood flooring, the Roomba 675 will perform well. Most hard surfaces will be swept and vacuums without any issue at all. These floor types include hardwood, tile, laminate, marble, and granite.

The brush rollers may scratch other surfaces such as softwood flooring or those flooring types that require a sealant (natural stone, wide grout plank, etc.). It is advised that you test a small area for a while before allowing the Roomba 675 free to roam all over the softer flooring.

Pet Hair Removal

As we stated above, the Roomba 675 was one of the first to be rated for pet hair pick up. This doesn’t mean it is ideal for the job, though. Homes with a single shedding pet, or that have multiples pets not known for their shedding will benefit the most.

If you have a lot of shed hair regularly, though, the Roomba 675 will struggle. Keeping the collection bin empty and the brush roll free from tangles becomes more of a chore than it should be.

Area Size

Since the 675 can’t map your home, it will not be able to resume cleaning after a battery charge. You will need to manually restart the cleaning session if you want more floor space covered. However, for a single run, the robot will go for up to 90 minutes and can cover up to 1100 square feet on a single charge.

The lack of mapping prevents an ideal cleaning run, and the cleaning pattern isn’t very efficient. You will find that some areas of your floor are missed on some runs. However, if you run the Roomba 675 daily, all areas of your floor will be covered in time.

iRobot Roomba 675

On Sale Today
iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity,...
49,101 Reviews
iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity,...
  • Capacity volume - .6 liter. Works with Alexa for...
  • Clean and schedule from anywhere with the iRobot...
  • Patented 3-Stage Cleaning System and Dual...
  • Full suite of intelligent sensors guide the robot...

Comparison with Other Roomba Models

If you are still on the fence about the Roomba 675 or want to see how it compares to other popular Roomba models, look no further. This brief comparison section will tell you everything you need to know to make an educated decision.

Roomba 675 vs. 690

roomba 690

When searching the iRobot website, you will only find two remaining 600 series models for sale. The Roomba 690 and Roomba 675 can still be purchased new-in-box directly from the iRobot shop; any other 600 series models will need to be purchased through Amazon.

There are only three differences in the 675 and 690 models: color, containment, and cost. The 690 is black on silver while the 675 is solid black. If you have a color preference, those are your choices. The cost of the Roomba 675 is less than that of the 690, and that is because of the inclusions.

When you open the box for either model, you will find the robot and Home Base charging station, the power cord, a cleaning tool, two filters (one installed), the battery (installed), a side brush and the owner’s manual. However, included with the Roomba 690 is a dual-mode virtual wall barrier. This containment option is not included with the 675.

Both the 675 and 690 are compatible with the containment device, but when you pay more for the Roomba 690, one virtual wall barrier comes with it. If you were to purchase a dual-mode virtual wall barrier separately for the 675, the total cost would then be more than the price of the 690.

If you need the containment, the better option is the Roomba 690. However, if saving money is crucial, the Roomba 675 is the choice for you.

Check out these two models in our side-by-side comparison, found here.

iRobot Roomba 675 vs. 650 Review

When searching the iRobot website, you will only find two remaining 600 series models for sale. The Roomba 650 and Roomba 675 can still be purchased new-in-box directly from the iRobot shop; any other 600 series models will need to be purchased through Amazon.

The Roomba 650 is the model that the 690 and 675 were modeled after. Both the Roomba 650 and 675 models are almost identical. The main difference here is that the Roomba 675 has the wireless receiver. There are no WiFi capabilities with the Roomba 650.

However, the 650 does come with an automatic virtual wall for those looking for a model with a containment option included.

Roomba 676 vs. 670

If the Roomba 675 and 690 were similar, the Roomba 670 and 675 are identical. There are only two differences in the models, cost, and original purchase location. Initially, new Roomba models are sold at exclusive stores, such as Sam’s Club or Costco. To avoid these companies having to honor competitors coupons, they receive a different model number.

In this case, the Roomba 670 was initially sold exclusively at Sam's Club and Walmart stores. This is also the reason for the lowered cost, which is the other difference. However, you can now find both models for sale on Amazon. Depending on when you check one may be less expensive than the other. Especially during a Black Friday Roomba sale or a Cyber Monday Roomba special.

Roomba 675 vs. 890

Roomba’s 800 series is lead by the 890. This model was the top of the line until the debut of the Roomba 960. The 890 has everything you could need with the sole exception of camera-based navigation. Like the 675, you will get iAdapt technology, WiFi capabilities, and the use of the smartphone app and voice commands.

The Roomba 890, however, uses an upgraded algorithm system, so the iAdapt technology, while technically the same (1.0 version) works better and is more accurate. The Roomba 890 also uses the AeroForce system instead of the older AeroVac, providing you with HEPA style filtration and a larger dust bin.

You also get a dual-mode virtual wall barrier with the purchase. However, the largest difference is the extractor bars. Instead of a bristled roller, the 890 comes with dual rubber extractors. These are superior are picking up pet hair, general everyday messes, and even work well on high-pile carpeting. The 890 is more expensive than the 675, but with the upgrades and inclusions, it is hardly a factor in the final decision.

Roomba 675 Accessories

The Roomba 675 comes with a Home Base charging station and a few extra pieces to get you started. Eventually, you will need to replace the filter, side brush, and the brush roll. As these pieces wear out, you can purchase new ones direct from iRobot or through Amazon.

The dual-mode virtual wall barrier and automatic virtual wall are both compatible with the Roomba 675, but are a separate purchase should you choose to use them. The battery will also need to be replaced about every two years. iRobot provides an 1800mAh lithium-ion replacement battery when the need arises.

Setting Up the WiFi Connection

roomba 690 app

Since the Roomba 675 can use a wireless connection, you will need to set up the WiFi network. This is done with the use of your smartphone and the Home Base charging station.

You will need to download, install, and log into the iRobot Home App. From there, the app will walk you step by step of the initial set up.

You will first connect the Home Base through the app (it will search) and then selecting the Roomba model you are connecting (675).

From there, the App will locate, sync, and connect to the robot. After the initial WiFi set up is complete, and the robot is charged, you can use the app or voice commands to control the vacuum.

How to Charge this Roomba Model

Charging the Roomba 675 is like most other robot vacuums. The robot will arrive without a charge, and you must properly set up the Home Base charging station (see below). You will manually place the robot on the Home Base for the initial charge.

Once the initial charge is complete, the robot will begin monitoring its battery level. When the level drops (usually between 10 and 15% remaining), the Roomba 675 will make its way back to the Home Base and charge itself.

In some cases, the robot will not be able to find the Home Base, and you will need to carry the robot to the charging dock and place it on manually, as you did for the initial charge.

Positioning the Roomba Home Base

Full instructions for properly mounting the Home Base can be found in the owner’s manual. It is a relatively straight forward process, which has a few guidelines to ensure the Roomba 675 can detect the station and dock easily.

Make sure there are at least two feet of clearance on either side and four feet in the front of the Home Base. You should also keep the Home Base and robot out of direct sunlight, such as through a window. Avoid placing it too near other appliances such as dryers or refrigerators as they give off heat, which can cause battery issues.

How to Extend the Battery Life

The 1800mAh lithium-ion battery should offer you between 18 and 24 months of reliable charges and service. Eventually, the battery will stop holding a charge and must be replaced. If this happens within the first six months, you can claim the battery under the limited warranty for a free replacement. After six months you will be out-of-pocket for the expense.

To prolong the life of the battery, you should follow a few tips to keep the battery charging completely and holding a charge longer.

  • Use the robot every day to keep the recharge cycles going. If you cannot run the robot daily, you should run it three times a week at a minimum.
  • If you will be away for a week or more, place the robot in idle mode to preserve the battery.
  • Once a month, prevent the 675 from docking and force the battery to die out completely. This will erase the charge memory, allowing the battery to refill to maximum capacity.
  • Don’t let the robot overheat while in use or charging. Keeping pets and items off of the robot or Home Base will help prevent overheating.
  • Keep the robot in good repair, changing filters, and emptying the dust bin so the robot doesn’t have to work harder than it should.

Cleaning, Care & Maintenance

A weekly cleaning routine is a good habit to get into. A simple checklist is all you need to keep your robot performing at its best.

  • Empty the dust bin after every cleaning session, wiping it clean with a dry cloth.
  • Wipe off the robot body and sensors.
  • Clean the brush rollers to keep hair, string, and carpet fibers from building up.
  • Check the wheels for tangles that may prevent them from spinning.
  • Remove any build-up in the air chamber or collection tubes.
  • Replace worn parts as needed. Filters should be replaced every four months, side brushes every nine months and brush roll every 12 to 18 months.

Common Roomba 675 Issues & Fixes

The most common issues with the Roomba 675, such as full bin, robot not charging or a clog or blocked wheel, are easily fixed. However, they are not always easily identified. The robot will sound a series of beeping tones to alert you that there is a problem. The number of beeps indicates the issue so you can fix it.

If the issue is with the battery, the battery icon on the LCD will blink to correspond to the issue it is having. Following the chart below, you can diagnose the issue based on the number of audible beeps or icon flashes.

Beep #


What to do


Collection bin is inserted improperly.

Remove and replace the collection bin, making sure it is inserted correctly.


Something is caught in the extractors

Remove the extractors and wipe them off, clearing out any tangles you find.


One (not both) of the wheels is stuck.

Inspect the wheels for anything wrapped around it preventing it from spinning.


Cliff sensors dirty/ robot is high-centered on a ledge

Clean the sensors or move the robot to a new location and press the Clean button to restart.


Bumper sensor is dirty, or the bumper cannot move.

Tap the bumper a few times to ensure it is working properly, or clean the bumper sensor.


Both wheels are stuck.

The Roomba is unable to move so you must move it to a new location or unclog the debris from both wheels.

Battery Indicator


What to do


Battery not inserted.

Ensure the battery is properly seated and that you have removed the plastic tabs.


Battery current is too high.

If in warranty, make a battery claim. Outside of warranty period, replace the battery.


Battery contacts not making connection

Return to manufacturer for service, or try cleaning the battery contacts.


Charging contacts not making connection

Clean the contacts on the bottom of the robot and the Home Base to ensure proper seating.


Battery overheating

Move the Roomba to a cooler spot, along with the Home Base. Make sure it isn’t in direct sunlight and that nothing is on the robot while charging.


Battery cannot cool.

The sensors regulating temperature detect the battery is hot longer than 4 hours after use or charging. Remove the robot from the charger for an hour and try again.


Cannot communicate with battery

The battery needs to be replaced.

People also Ask (FAQs)

Now we will cover some of the more common questions about the Roomba 675 and iRobot.

Does Roomba 675 remember a home’s layout?

No, the Roomba 675 does not remember the home’s layout. The algorithms in the iAdapt navigation technology do create a sort of memory map while the robot is cleaning the house. This lets it know, generally, where larger obstacles are in relation to the Home Base. However, once docked and charging this memory is wiped and the robot starts over the next time it runs a cleaning session.

How do I reset a Roomba 675 unit?

To reset the Roomba 675, remove it from the Home Base if it is docked. Press and hold the Clean button for about 10 seconds. When you release the button, the robot should beep to let you know the reset has completed.

How do I contact iRobot Roomba customer support?

Contacting customer support is achieved in three different ways. You can call a toll free number for either presales questions or technical support. You can send an email to the support team or specified departments as well. Your final option is to initiate a live chat session through your web browser. All of the links, addresses, and numbers (based on your location) can be found on the iRobot website.

Where are the best places to buy a Roomba 675?

Since the Roomba 675 is one of the two remaining 600 series robots being sold through iRobot, you can purchase directly from them. However, there is faster shipping, better deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well as better customer support if you purchase through Amazon.

How quiet is the Roomba 675 when cleaning?

The Roomba 675 isn’t the quietest robot on the market. When running on hard flooring, the robot will produce about 67dB of noise. This is the same as city traffic outside or a loud conversation in a small area. You may have to increase the volume on the television when the robot enters the room, for example, but it won’t be so loud that it becomes annoying.

Does Roomba 675 have mapping/path planning? (What is it and no it doesn’t)

Mapping and path planning is a feature of vSLAM technology. This is found in iAdapt version 2.0 and higher. Using cameras, the equipped robots will create 3-D maps of your home that they store and use to navigate during each cleaning session. The Roomba 675 doesn’t have vSLAM technology, nor does it have a camera, so it will not make a map or plot a cleaning path.

Is the Roomba 675 the best robot vacuum for pet hair?

Unfortunately, no. The Roomba 675 will pick up pet hair, but it is not the most efficient at doing so. The brush roll prevents the robot from being labeled as the best. That will belong to a model that utilizes the rubber extractors such as the Roomba 880 or 900 series robots.


The iRobot Roomba 675 WiFi-connected robot is still a viable purchase. Even with newer, more advanced robots being manufactured and released, the 675 has a place in many homes. If you have a smaller home, live in an apartment, or just need extra help with the floors, the Roomba 675 is an inexpensive option.

For larger homes, or those needing more features, the Roomba 675 may not be the best option for you. However, with wireless communications, a 90-minute runtime and the ability to control through the mobile app or voice commands, the budget-friendly Roomba 675 will find its way into many homes; maybe even yours.