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How Does A Vacuum Cleaner Work?

This guide gives you an overview of how the ins and outs of a vacuum cleaner actually work.

by Josh Mitchell

theory of vacuum clearer

As we all agree that the vacuum cleaner is one of the most comfortable products that is used for household cleaning. ​

It is a tool that can be used in for making household cleaning an easy procedure in today's world.

It is indeed a simple way to keep the house clean and to catch those tiny little dust particles which cause various infections and dust in the house.

It is considered to be a simple yet very effective tool which offers the user a convenient way to minimize extra work that is done while cleaning up the house. The vacuum cleaner is turned out to be the machine which is has the ability to clear up the mess easily and quickly.

It is of course considered to be a very efficient way of removing unwanted air and dust from the house. There are various vacuum cleaners that are produced in the market for the user. We use this product to its maximum level, but have you ever wondered that how does this household product works?

This product has an ability to do anything and everything, it can find your missing jewelry to cleaning up your mattress. The only thing the user needs to know is its proper and optimum utilization. There are so many uses that you will discover while using this product, that you will be left surprised.

Therefore, let's have quick look on how this vacuum cleaner work?

What is required for a vacuum cleaner to work?

1. Pressure

The most simplest way to explain how vacuum cleaner can pull out all the dust particles through a straw-like structure is when you imagine sitting in coffee shop and sipping a drink or a coffee, the action of sucking create a negative air pressure inside the straw, this is created because the air pressure outside the straw is higher than the pressure inside.

Similarly, the design technique of a vacuum cleaner works, where the air pressure is created through the pipe like structure in the vacuum cleaner and it pulls out all the dust particles in the air and captures it.

2. Motor work

The vacuum cleaner has an inbuilt electronic motor that helps to spin a fan, which in turn helps to pull out the dust particles in the air. This motor is so powerful that it allows the vacuum cleaner to catch hold of small particles and pushing it out from the other side of the Vacuum Cleaner into a bag, to create a negative pressure.

General thinking of people is that with such a pressure it might stop working in few seconds, but since you can only force so much air into a confined space, that’s why it keeps on working without letting it stop.

The vacuum cleaner has an exhaust port which helps to went out the air from the other side and allowing the motor to function accurately and continuously all throughout.

3. Filter

While you use electric motor to go out in the air on from the other side, this, however, does not pass through or get ejected out from the other side, it would be very harmful to the people using the vacuum cleaner if they happen to inhale the dust, it might cause harmful disease and damage the lungs.

Since all the particles are not captured in the bag, the vacuum cleaner has the ability to pass this air through one filter which is known as High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filter. This filter has the capacity to remove almost all the dust and let out only the air which is safe to breathe.

4. Attachments

If you noticed the power of any vacuum cleaner, it is actually determined not just by the power of its motor but also by the amount of intake port and the part that sucks the dirt and dust. If the size of intake is lesser than the power of suction, then the vacuum cleaner is working well, which means as squeezing the small amount of air through a passage making the air move faster.

The vacuum cleaner works on the principle of the smallest size intake of dust, the more is the suction power. There are various types of vacuum cleaners that are available in the market these days with each one of them works on the same principle of creating a negative pressure using the fan of the vacuum cleaner, sucking out the dust, cleaning the exhaust air, filter the air and then releasing it, not causing any kind of damage to the human body.


There is always a need to understand the proper working of any product that you are using. This product is used in almost every house for basic and intense cleaning.  The working of this product is not very technical, yet it something that should be known to the user.  If you don’t understand the working of this product then you might make a wrong choice while selecting the product.  

A good vacuum cleaner should offer you peace of mind and ease of working; they should be built to be highly stable. Make the best purchase and enjoy an amazing experience. This product is a blessing when it comes to clean the stuff toys since they attain most of the dust in them.

This will help to keep away the unhealthy particles from the children, which will ensure a healthy environment for your tiny tots. This product involves a good technique of making it work. The quality of the product matters while you buy this product. It should have a well-designed and powerful motor.

None of the harmful air should be leaked in the environment, this can only be done if the quality is great. The uses of a vacuum cleaner are not just limited to cleaning, but it is also used for various other things. Therefore, it very important for the user to know the proper working of this product, to have safe working.

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