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Swurfer Swing Brand Review

Have fun with the kids in your backyard with this original stand up surfing swing!


The Swurfer swing is the perfect outdoor recreational toy for kids and adults who want something different and fun. This innovative design features adjustable handles that allow children and adults of all sizes to play together. An excellent option for solo play as well as group play, the Swurfer improves balance, coordination, muscle strength, and is simply fun!

The Swurfer swing comes with 1 Swurfer board, 60 feet of durable rope, and a single pair of adjustable handles. You can purchase additional handles if you would like to have two height options without making constant adjustments. The long rope is strong, durable, UV-resistant, and mildew-resistant.

The swing board is made out of 100% hardrock maple wood that is also UV-resistant and water-resistant. The Swurfer board is a great way to play outdoors for adults and children. When you purchase a Swurfer swing, you get everything you need for hours and hours of fun.

Who is The Swurfer Swing Made For?


Adults can use the Swurfer swing to relax and unwind or to energize and engage after a long day at work. However, we’ve heard that many of our adult users love how the Swurfer can improve core balance, strengthen arms and legs, and develop better hand-eye coordination. It is also a great activity to enjoy with your kids where the whole family can get involved.


Kids love the Swurfer because it’s a great way to play with friends and have fun outdoors. Kids enjoy that the Swurfer is a unique swing and love the challenges that come with moving the swing back-and-forth. The special surfboard swing also is relaxing when kids want to unwind after a stressful day at school.

Swurfer Swing Review

The Original Stand Up Surfing Swing

Weight Capacity

200 lbs.

Board Dimensions

33″ long x 10″ wide

User Age Group

6 +

Rope Length

60 Feet

Max Hanging Height

15 feet


Maple Wood

The Swurfer is the original stand up surfing swing designed for children and adults who want an exciting recreational outdoor toy. The Swurfer was intended as a way for children to "surf" outdoors via a swing. The curved flat wood piece is in the shape of a surfboard and allows kids to climb on board and begin to "surf" through the air. Unlike surfing, however, kids are able to grab on to adjustable wooden handlebars to stay balanced.

This wooden surfboard swing is handmade from 100% handcrafted maple wood with mildew resistant rope. The rope is also UV-resistant, strong, and durable. The Swurfer can hold up to 200 lbs. This swing also allows users to sit down or stand up. It’s versatile and fun for all ages. It’s also a great way for kids and adults to build core strength, arm strength, and leg strength. Balance and coordination will also improve for avid users of the Swurfer swing. Stay healthy while having fun with this unique outdoor swing!

Comparison with Similar Products

Swurfer Swing vs. Sorbus Saucer Surf Swing

On Sale Today
Sorbus 66" Saucer Swing for Kids- 330lbs Big Oval...
  • ⭐ FOR INDOOR/OUTDOOR FUN — Great for...
  • ⭐ COMFY HANGING SEAT — Mat seat provides super...
  • ⭐ QUICK & EASY ASSEMBLY — Hangs from 2 points...
  • ⭐ STURDY DESIGN & PADDED FRAME — Seat made of...

The Sorbus Saucer Surf swing is designed for multiple kids to swing at once. This swing can handle up to 330 lbs and is the most fun when used with other kids. It has a nest swing chair that mimics a hammock. It is safer to sit on this design or kneel rather than swing while standing because of the soft mesh base. This swing model is colorful and perfect for playdates. The swing is in the shape of an oval and is affordable. If you want two different kinds of fun swings in your backyard, we recommend purchasing the Swurfer Swing and the Sorbus Saucer Surf Swing.

Swurfer Swing vs. Sk8Swing Skateboard Swing

No products found.

The Sk8Swing skateboard swing is similar to the Swurfer swing but is made out of lower-quality materials. The weight limit is 250 lbs. on this model, and both adults and children can use it as a result. However, the rope attaches in a triangle compared to the straight parallel attachment of the Swurfer swing. The Swurfer swing is more durable and safer with its attachment method. If you want a more affordable option and don’t mind a decrease in overall build quality, then we recommend this swing.

Original Swurfer vs. Swurfer Kick

On Sale Today
Swurfer Kick Stand Up Tree Swing, Outdoor Swing...
  • DURABLE PLASTIC BOARD: The Swurfer Kick Stand Up...
  • SURF THE AIR: The Swurfer Kick is engineered to...
  • LETS HANG OUT!: Hang out in your backyard or...
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Sets up in minutes; Each...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: The Swurfer Kick is made of...

The Swurfer Kick is similar to the original Swurfer in terms of the swinging mechanism; however, this product is geared towards younger kids. This model can hold kids up to 150 lbs rather than the 200 lbs the Swurfer can handle. It also is a more inexpensive product with a plastic board rather than the Swurfer swing’s 100% maple wood board. The rope and handles are both smaller and thinner as well l. The Swurfer Kick is also backed by Swurfer’s standard one-year warranty.

Setting Up a Swurfer Safely

When setting up your Swurfer swing, you want to first decide on a safe branch. Choose a branch that is strong and robust. Swurfer offers a video that features an arborist explaining how to choose a safe branch.

Then, make sure that you hang your Swurfer swing at least 8 feet off the ground, but aim for ten to fifteen feet. Make sure that you wrap each rope twice around the branch. Then tie off the rope once it moves through both the handles and the wooden Swurfer board. The Swurfer instruction manual with full instructions is available here.

How to Use a Swurfer Swing Safely

To use a Swurfer swing safely, make sure that you have a clear distance between your swing and the tree or swing set frame. You want to make sure that you can swing back and forth without running into any obstacles. Always make sure that you are holding on to the handles before you start swinging to ensure that you will be balanced and will not fall off the swing as you start moving.

People also ask (FAQs)

Do Swurfer swings come with a warranty?

The Swurfer swing comes with a one-year warranty. This warranty protects the product from material or quality defects. It does not protect from improper installation and regular wear and tear usage.

How high off the ground should this be hung?

The Swurfer swing needs to be hung more than 8 feet off of the ground. You can hang it higher, but not lower. We also recommend making sure that the swing will not run into any nearby objects. Choose an open space.

Does it need to hang a certain distance from the tree?

Yes! We recommend hanging your Swurfer swing 8 feet away from the base of the tree. If you place it too close, then you may accidentally run into the tree. You can also hang your Swurfer swing using a standard swing set frame if you do not have a sturdy tree with a long, strong branch.

What if the tree branch is higher than 15 feet? Can you buy more rope?

Yes! The Swurfer swing company offers an additional rope kit that you can use to extend your swing’s range. These rope kit options allow you to add additional length to your Swurfer swing.

Why would I need an extra set of handles?

You might want an extra set of handles for your Swurfer swing to provide sitting and standing heights. You can adjust the handles that come with your swing, but it is more convenient to have two sets of handles that are already in the perfect position for standing or sitting.

Do I need to do anything to maintain it for safe use?

No! Your Swurfer swing is ready to go and built from durable, long-lasting materials. Swurfer swings do not require ongoing maintenance. Simply make sure that the swing is not twisted up and keep the ropes free from tangles.


The Swurfer swing is a versatile outdoor recreational toy that is both invigorating and relaxing. Fly through the air with this cool swing where you can “surf” while standing or swing more traditionally while sitting down. Hang from your tree, porch, or swing set and enjoy a fun outdoor activity by yourself or with your family.

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