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10 Best Leg Exercises For Mobile Strength

Increase muscle growth and definitional tone with these best-rated leg exercises!


Guides & Tips

10 Best Leg Exercises For Mobile Strength

Increase muscle growth and definitional tone with these best-rated leg exercises!

by PITeam

by PITeam

You may work out daily, but might need a proper technique to have a toned body. There are a lot of people who have a perfect upper body, but do not have toned legs. This could be because of a reason like not following correct set of exercises, eating habits, not giving proper focus on leg exercises, etc.

To solve this, we are going to mention a few important leg exercises which will give you the best results. These exercises can be done at a gym or even at home.

10 Best Exercises For Working Out Your Legs

Below is the list of exercises that will help you to get perfect beautiful legs:

1. Front squat

Front squat

This exercise is one of the most common exercises that is recommended to the people, who are looking for toned legs. To start with take a set of barbell on a power rack which should be about shoulder height.

You must grab the power with an overhand grip, which should be at shoulder width and slowly start raising your elbow till your arms are exactly parallel to the ground.

Hold the bar and let it rest on your finger tips. Take a step back and let your feet align with the shoulder width, make sure your toes are slightly outwards. Keep your elbows all the up, while doing all this. Now squat as low as you can, without bending your lower back. Make sure you squat to limit where is does not hurt you much.

2. Swiss ball leg curl

Swiss ball leg curl

Lie down straight with your hands flat on the ground, an inch away from your hips.

Put your feet on the stability ball and brace your abs and heels on it. Slowly raise your hips in the air, but let your knees be straight. 

Now, bend your knees and roll the ball towards you. Make sure you’re your hips are elevated all this while. You can also use a Multi-Workout bench instead of a ball.

Body weight calf raise

3. Body Weight Calf Raise

Keep your toes on a block or brick and stand straight straight on it. Hold onto the wall or anything sturdy for your support.

Now, slowly and steady raise your heels to come up on the toe of your feet, and then lower your heel steady, till your feet feel the stretch in your calves.

This is the best way to get better and stronger calves.

4. Walking lunge

Walking lunge

One of the most common exercises,that will help you to get stronger legs. In this exercise, stand straight with your hip width, holding some weight in each of your hands.

Step ahead, a little forward with one leg and lower your whole body till your knee touches the ground. While doing this make sure your front thigh is parallel to the ground. Now, step forward with your rear leg to perform the same.

5. Kneehip Flexor Stretch

Kneehip Flexor Stretch

This is a fun exercise, with your right leg in front, kneel down in a lunge position. Rest your left knee on the floor, you can use a Matt or a towel to rest your knee on it.

Stretch your left hand all the way above your head and make sure your right hand is left hanging at your side. Contract your left glute and push your hips ahead until you feel the stretch in front hip. You may hold for 30 seconds and repeat the same with your other leg.

6. Single leg Glute Bridge

Single leg Glute Bridge

To do this exercise, lie down straight on your back first. While you lay flat on the ground, bend both the knees so that your feet rest close to your butt.

Now, raise your one leg up and bring the knee closer to your chest, drive your heel of the other foot into the ground. Brace up till the time your body is one straight line.

This exercise helps you to build a strong leg muscle.

7. Kettlebell Press out

Kettlebell Press out

Hold some weight, how much ever you can hold in your hands. Hold it close to your chest at a level exactly at your shoulder. Hold the weight with both hands, palms facing each other.

Squat down as deeply as you can, while doing this, stretch out your arms right in front, straight out.

Bring it closer to your chest again and repeat the exercise, while staying in the squat position.

8. Single leg Romanian Deadlift

Single leg Romanian Deadlift

To start this, Hold a dumbbell or some weight in one hand, stand on the other leg.

Bend your hips back and lower torso, make sure you bend it till the time you feel your lower back is about to lose it’s arch.

Now, you must stick your glutes and raise your hips to come up.

9. Kettlebell Swing

Kettlebell Swing

Stand straight with the feet and hip width at a distance from each other. Grasp the weight with both hands, palms must face you.

Keep the lower back straight, stretch your hips to lift the weight off the ground.

Now, take a deep breath and bend your hips back, allowing the weight to swing back between your legs.

Now exhale and allow the momentum to swing the weight up to shoulder level. Continue the momentum to begin the next repetition of the exercise.

10. Reverse Table-up

Reverse Table-up

For this exercise, sit on the ground and place your hand on the ground right under your shoulder.

Fingers must point towards you. Now, place your feet and shoulder width, squeeze your glutes. Push it through your heels as you lift your hips upwards. 

The shape of your body should be like a table, with your torso and hips parallel to the ground and hold it for a few seconds.


The above exercises are not very difficult to follow. You must always look at your comfort while doing these exercises. You may also consult a few experienced people or an instructor. An instructor while you are doing any intense leg workout.

Exercise is a very important physical activity, that is required to be done each individual. The exercises given above can give you a good toned legs and make your legs look perfect and strong. Have a great workout and stay fit!

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