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Hiking Shoe Overview: What Is Inside?

This guide provides an overview of what features make up the inside of a high-quality hiking shoe.

by PITeam

Guide & Tips

Hiking Shoe Overview: What Is Inside?

This guide provides an overview of what features make up the inside of a high-quality hiking shoe.

by PITeam

by PITeam


Hiking is treated as an activity, which is adventurous and is recreational. It normally doesn't require any type of special equipment’s. Hiking can be done on the mountains and rough trails as well. This includes mountain climbing, Cross Country walking and other activities. All you should do is to head out for a whole day in the woods or countryside with a pair of durable shoes and with the mindset of intense trekking and walking.

The most important thing that you will need to have is a great quality footwear. This footwear needs to be comfortable and most durable. It must be firm and sturdy, which could hold in any kind of terrain.

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There could be a difference in the comfort and durability of various footwear for hiking, hence you must be aware before buying a pair of hiking shoes or boots, the user must know the exact type of footwear, that they would require while hiking.

For this the user must always look at the guidelines, that are given by a professional person. Hiking is considered to be a physical activity which is experience based, there the user must gather all the information beforehand only.

As the insole is not visible to the user, there is a great need to understand how the hiking shoe is from inside. There are various brands that provide you with utmost stability and comfort that is most required by the user. Further, you must know that the stiffer sole helps to provide a great stability, while carrying heavy stuff through a rough terrain. The insole must have a great flex, so that it fits right to the general user.

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How Hiking Boots are made

Features for a perfect insole Hiking Shoe:

Height of the Boot:

There are two types of insole, one which is low cut and the other which is considered to be a mid-cut one. Low cut insole is very versatile and has a great comfort while you travel and long day trips. They are very lightweight and easy to move, without causing any discomfort to the user.

On the other hand, mid cut height insole good for the people who are planning a trip of long hours. These shoes will offer you an insole which has a great ankle protection and eliminates all the dirt from it


The upper part of the hiking shoe could be made of leather or synthetic material. Leather is generally preferred by people as it brings in durability, strength and protection to the inner foot. It also has a better waterproof membrane.

Leather could also be of four types, which are Full Grain leather, Nubuck leather, Reserve Full Grain leather and Split leather. Each one has specific feature, which depends on the comfort and type of people. For example, Full Grain leather will have a smooth and shiny touch to it. Also, has greater durability. Reverse Full Grain leather is a strong leather because of its great thickness.

Nubuck leather has a special quality that reacts very well to the embossing and pressing. The split leather improves the appearance of the shoe and has a great water resistance. Synthetic material is used in the areas which are warm and dry. It gives great durability and stability to the shoe.

Waterproof Insole:

The shoes that you are going to buy to have a great hiking experience, you should always have insole that are waterproof. There could be times when the water enters your footwear it and causing the user a great discomfort and will also cause odour build up in the shoe. Therefore, a need of waterproof insole is a must, especially in the weather which is muddy and moisty.

Inner Lining:

The footwear which has an extra Inner lining would be a great choice for the people who enjoy hiking. This lining of the shoe will provide the user with some better space and comfort while doing any kind of activities that are related to hiking. These shoes have lining which helps the user to eliminate unnecessary moisture and provides and water resistance.

The Midsole:

The mid sole of the shoe must be highly comfortable and must have stability as the priority. This is where the most critical and crucial part of the shoes comes into picture. This is exactly where support to your foot comes into existence. This area is above the outsole and requires the most durability and comfort to the user.

This area is considered to be the most effective part of the shoe. The air cushion of the mid sole has an ability to absorb the major shock that can cause injury to the foot. It also adds onto the stability and proper structure.

The outsole:

Most of the outsoles are made up of rubber and has a bit of stiffness. The Lug pattern outsole has a depth on it, which helps the foot to move flexibly and remove the dirt from it easily. The deeper the lugs, the shoe has better traction. The heel brake is also one of the features of an outsole, it is basically the raised heel zone that allows to reduce the chance of sliding and falling. This is the best for slippery trails.


The intent to buy a good quality footwear has been a lot these days. People are becoming cautious and vigilant regarding various aspects and features of a good shoe or boots. To make sure that the user is satisfied the needs of the user are given utmost importance. There are plenty of brands and companies, that are putting in a lot of efforts to make best possible product for the people.

Hiking shoes and boots are also in a major demand. The footwear that you wear for hiking is considered to be something that is crucial, and it could make or break the whole experience of hiking. Therefore, make sure you select the best footwear, with great features. Have a great Hiking experience.

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