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Yuneec Mantis Foldable Drone Product Review

Find out if the YUNMQUS is the right product for your drone camera needs!


The new Yuneec Mantis Q is a much-appreciated product which has an amazing design. It is one of the best portable designs that are being made by the company.

This product surely has a 4K camera which is mandatory to be there in every Drone nowadays.

This product is made up of sturdy plastic and good metal with a perfect fit and finish. It is considered to be the most trusted quadcopter in the market. This brand actually knows how to build a quality Drone which gives maximum benefits to the user and has acquired the best features.

This product has a special feature where the propellers fold themselves and its blade can independently connect to the motor for a distinctive replacement


Yuneec Mantis Q Drone Reviewed

Yuneec Mantis Q YUNMQUS Foldable Camera Drone with...
  • Small yet powerful, Mantis Q features cutting...
  • Using an integrated camera, the Mantis Q records...
  • Vision based tracking and face detection. Simply...
  • "Mantis, take a selfie!" - With the all new Voice...

Few important features:

1. The Design

The design of this product is amazingly portable, this is considered to be one of the best features of this product as it becomes very easy to carry it wherever you want. There are other products which need to be carried in large bags or cases, but this drone can be put in a small case.

All you have to do is simply grip the motor and press down the propeller and turn. The easy mobility of this product is what catches the maximum attention of the users, as it becomes extremely easy for people to carry it and even to keep it safe.

2. Camera Preference

The camera quality of this product is extremely good. It has a 4k UHD which means it is the new HD product among various other drones, this feature is been leading the curve. This product has more than just to offer you 4K as it also gives the user an ultimate cinematic 4k videos.

The resolution of this feature is about 4160 x 3120 resolution. This camera can further be titled a little upward about 20 degrees and 90 degrees downwards. This camera has one of the best images capturing ability. It also captures great aerial images and videos. It also has high flying quadcopters that capture a view of the world, which we may not have seen ever before.

3. Face detection

The user just has to smile to activate its face detection and as soon this drone recognizes the face it captures the user’s pictures from 13 feet away as well. It has a vision-based tracking which means it will click a picture even if you are waving at the drone.

It has an ability to understand and recognise gestures. This feature is considered to be a unique feature.

4. Voice control

This device has an amazing feature of detecting your voice. Mantis Q has the ability to recognise its owner's voice. There is no need for manual adjustment of the camera. All you have to do is to say, “take a photo” and it will automatically click your image.

This product makes the usability much easier and allows the user to understand this product quickly. It also recognises the terms like “wake up”, this will power on the drone.

5. Easy to fly

The brand has made a lot of changes in this product, to make it look more real and easy to use. This product provides the user and altogether different experience and invites them for easy flying. This product is much more accurate and has an upgraded feature that helps the user to claim maximum benefits.

6. Multiple uses

This product is considered to be best used inside and outside as well. It has the ability to work superbly in the locations which are indoor. This product comes with an advanced indoor stabilizing technology, which makes the whole movement of the drone easy to handle.

The down-facing sensor and infrared detection help to make this drone very safe to fly in the places where the area is covered.

7. Transmitter Range

This Drone has the ability to be kept in a range which is about one mile without letting the signal loose. The control transmitter is made in such a way that it works at this range in any kind of conditions.

The video transmission of this product is made to handle about the same intensity of range as the control transmitter. The users may move within this range without losing the direct contact with this drone.

8. GPS

While your Drone is flying, it constantly sends its live position to the user's map which helps the user to track its actual location. This helps the user to see in which direction is the Drone flying and what further instruction should be given to the drone.

This product has an ability to understand and calculate how much further it can continue to fly and therefore send a signal to the user if the battery is going to run low and automatically flies back to the base location if needed.

9. Battery Life

The battery life of this product under any kind of conditions is that it can fly for about 30 minutes without requiring the battery to be recharged again.

This flying time can vary a little according to the speed of the wind and charged level of the battery. The battery of this product is highly dependable and has enough power to retain. Users can surely use this product for about 30 minutes.



This product has everything that you need, starting from the great camera quality to the way you carry it. This product can give you a lifelong remarkable experience of capturing the best moments. It is the easiest product to use, from taking off to its landing you will not face any difficulty of handling this product.

It has an ability to respond to your commands and the control is completely in the hands of the user. It is very stable and safe. It has various unique features which make it user-friendly product. People often purchase this product because of its easy mobility and great features.

It is also an extremely good product for the beginners and people who are trying to use it for the first time. As mentioned it suits your pockets as well.

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