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Treadmill vs. Elliptical: Ratings & Comparison Guide

We have compared the benefits and disadvantages of both treadmills and ellipticals. Find which one is best for your requirements with this comprehensive guide.

by PITeam

Guides & Tips

Treadmill vs. Elliptical: Ratings & Comparison Guide

We have compared the benefits and disadvantages of both treadmills and ellipticals. Find which one is best for your requirements with this comprehensive guide.

by PITeam

by PITeam

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While you go to the gym the two most common machines that are being used to do cardio are treadmill and elliptical. Both the machines have the capacity and efficiency to provide the best cardiovascular workout and helps the people to burn maximum number of calories.

It also helps in improving the overall aerobic capacity of the people who go to the gym. Even though these machines are used for similar purpose, but individually they have their benefits and drawbacks as well.

There are various questions that trigger the mind of people who come to gym for an effective cardio workout and to burn out their calories. These questions are solved in this article, by providing you the detailed examination of all the pros and cons of both the instruments.

The Treadmill


Benefits Of A Treadmill

1. High intensity workout

To maintain your body efficiency while working out, it requires great effort, this effort helps to burn the maximum number of calories at a Higher rate. Treadmill helps to provide a high intensity workout which will give the maximum benefit to the body and muscles. This will help to increase the strength and stamina of the body.

2. Versatile

A treadmill allows you to do brisk walking, uphill sprint, slow walking and various other activities. This also offers a wide range of different kind of options that can be done by the user on the treadmill. This equipment allows the user to manage different speed and its inclination as well.

3. Movement

Treadmill has the method to change its movement as and when required. With the change in technology and development of various equipment, treadmill still stand unique as it allows free movement of the body workout.

Disadvantages of a treadmill

1. Tough on joints

While you run on the treadmill it could cause major stress on hips, knees and other joints. If you forget to warm up before you start working out on a treadmill this would lead to major cramps and stiffness in the joints.

There are some treadmills that are better shock absorption than any other treadmills, but still there can be times when it can get stressful for the joints.

2. Safety

Treadmill is the gym equipment that is related to high intensity training, but if you don’t possess the skills then it could be a little dangerous for the body to adapt. Sprints that requires inclination could also be not safe for the people who have been not working out regularly.

From the overall safety point of view of treadmill there would be times when too much walking on the treadmill could also cause extreme pain and pressure on your heart and body.

3. High impact

Excessive of working out on treadmill could be leading to a High-pressure impact on the heart and other parts of the body. It becomes a little difficult to manage the overall Handling of this equipment. If you hold onto the handles of a treadmill, that could also be challenging enough to maintain the momentum of the body.

The Elliptical


Benefits of Elliptical

1. Cross training workout

This equipment helps to move hands and legs together, which ensures a complete in working out of both upper and lower body together. This is beneficial as it gives a complete workout to the body without causing any kind of difficulties.

2. Non-impact conditioning

Elliptical allows your body to cause no stressful impact on any kind of joint that might occur on a treadmill. This helps for easy and safe working out at gym. This helps to eliminate any kind of future joint injury or pain. It has very limited impact.

3. Lower Exertion

Studies have shown that people are actually working out on this equipment more than any other equipment, as it gives your body lower Exertion. This will help you to sustain longer than any other equipment, as it allows you to finish of all the activities and exercises in a much better manner and helps you to complete the whole session.

Disadvantages of Elliptical

1. Less versatile

This equipment is considered to be less versatile than any other equipment in the gym, doesn't have the capacity to adjust the inclination and speed of the equipment, which causes lesser variation in terms of intensity and dynamics.

2. Momentum

While you’re working out on this equipment especially on the level which is the least, you can allow the user to use the machine in the momentum provide power to the machine.

3. Weight bearing

As the pedal of this equipment are suspended away from the ground, which has the least weight bearing capacity to cause a negative impact on the body. This weight bearing capacity is important for the body as it gives strength to the muscle and bones, especially in the old age.

treadmill or elliptical for weight loss

The Comparison

The major comparison that can be drawn between the two machines are very unique. 

Treadmill is considered to be more versatile than elliptical, but elliptical has the ability to make both upper as well lower body to work out together.

Treadmill allows more calories burn than elliptical but elliptical has the power to avoid any kind of joint pain or injury.

Both the machines have the effect of reducing the over all weight from your body.

Below are few more differences between the two machines



This has a great and high impact.

This has much lesser impact.

It has the versatility to change the speed and inclination of the equipment.

It has movement of the upper and lower body together.

It is very hard on the auto- pilot mode.

It seems to be easier on the auto- pilot mode.


There are a plenty of differences in both the equipment’s, as they are unique in their own ways. People working out should understand the actual requirement of their working out sessions and the machines that they should use in the gym.

Make sure you take enough breaks while doing any kind of activity, People must know the need and body type that they have and then work towards a proper working out.

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