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Tips To Maximize the Space in Small Bedroom

Learn to make the most of a small-sized bedroom.

by Josh Mitchell

A bedroom is a place where you unwind after a stressful day. As such, a spacious resting room is very crucial. After all, no one likes to relax in a cluttered space. Unfortunately, not everyone has a spacious bedroom, and this is especially true for individuals living in tiny flats or apartments. However, there are different small bedroom ideas to create the illusion of a bigger space.

 Below are tips on how to make the most of a small bedroom:

Mirrors are small bedroom ideas you can never go wrong with; place big mirrors around your room; they reflect light and images. When you have mirrors in your bedroom, they produce an illusion that your room is more spacious than it is. The use of big mirrors is probably the most popular solution for making rooms look more prominent.

Mirrors reflect the available light and images, making your space appear spacious. More so, you can use mirrors on your bedroom furniture like drawers and cabinets. Framed prints and wall arts  also work best but don't overdo them. A natural looking alfresco styling wall art can make your room more stunning

2. Light Up

By allowing more light into your room, you make it look bigger. If you can make light pass through the window panes, then flaunt it. Use sheers or tie curtains, for this ensures that more light gets in. Besides, it will be more relaxing to have a view of the outside.

small bedroom

3. Lighting fixtures

Although it's an excellent idea to maximize the natural light in your room, it might not be possible to have adequate lighting from the outside. Therefore, add other sources of lighting like lamps. Beautiful lighting fixtures are small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget. They ensure that your room not only gets adequate light but also feels airy. To light, it thoroughly, add more lamps as per your preferences.

4. Space-saving furniture

Invest in quality small bedroom furniture.  It is sensible to have a bed which can also be used as  storage for some extra pillow and sheets etc. A customized modern murphy bed can  transform your tiny bedroom into a comfortable sleeping area while creating the illusion of a bigger space

You can as well have bookshelf mounted on the wall. However, ensure that it doesn't reach the floor, and this saves on space.  For the chairs, opt for ones with exposed legs.  Also, multipurpose furniture works best; it would assist you to have a cohesive look in your room. 

5. Small bedroom layout

It's crucial to arrange your furniture well to allow you more space to move around. Avoid placing the bed in the middle, and this applies to tables, television sets, or any other bulky furniture or fitness equipment. Instead, place them beside walls or in the corners.

6. Pastel-colored paint

Painting your bedroom with light paint colors will make it appear more spacious and also create a brighter ambiance. Opt for pastel colors since they are excellent ways of reflecting more light into any room. By painting your bedroom with such colors, you make it appear spacious.

But, when you use dark colors, you end up making the room look smaller or constricted. However, you can use some dark colors for outlining the wall's borders or trims, and this will give more definition to your walls.

7. Declutter!

To maximize space, do away with any clutter in your small room. Giving out or throwing unused items are excellent ways of creating more space in your resting room.


Everyone wishes to have some space to move around in the bedroom. To make your bedroom look more prominent, use the many small bedroom ideas; for instance, paint the room in light colors, use big mirrors, choose your furniture wisely, arrange the bedroom rightly, and get rid of unwanted items.