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The Innovation of Electric Wheelchair

by PITeam

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The Innovation of Electric Wheelchair

by PITeam

by PITeam

History Of This Innovation

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When we look back to the late 19th century, famous inventor John Dawson of Bath invented a wheelchair which was designed like a chair with two large wheels on either side of the chair and two small wheels on respective sides.

This wheelchair was known as “two of bath”. It was also outsold through the year 1783. This concept of the wheelchair was widely accepted by the people around the Globe. 

In the Late 1800s, as people noticed that the Bath wheelchair is not giving enough comfort to the people using it, a much-required improvement was needed.

In the year 1869, the copyright for wheelchair showed the premium original model which had rear push wheels and tiny front casters. Then moving ahead during the years 1867 to 1875 innovators added other new empty rubber wheels related to those who used bicycles on metal rims.

Coming to 1900, the very first wheelchair with a motorized wheelchair was launched in London.

The Innovation Of Folding Wheelchair

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As we go back to 1932 one of the very famous engineers Harry Jennings built the first ever folding and tubular wheelchair it was made up of steel.

This was one of the earliest wheelchairs which were similar to what it is in modern used today.

With the help of a co-owner, this inventor founded a company named Everest and jeggings which aimed at making wheelchairs which are monopolized in the market for years.

This wheelchair contained motor which would help in easy mobility and movement. People could easily move the wheelchair according to their own convenience and help them to be more independent.

This wheelchair could be moved and folded easily. Not much space required to keep this wheelchair and it was widely accepted by people across the world.

Formation Electric Wheelchair

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The very first wheelchair was made with the aim of self-powered and self-independence of the people who are handicapped.

It was a self-powered and self-reliant way by which patients would move the wheels of the chair with their own efficiency and strength.

Earlier when the manual wheelchairs were introduced the patients used to move it through the help of their own core strength or if the patient was unable to do this, then another person would have to push the wheelchair to meet the requirement.

This was highly inconvenient for the patients as it restricted the mobility. A number of attempts were made to invent motorized wheelchair, but there was no successful commercial production that happened during that time.

An organization named Canada’s National Research Council took an effort to design a technology that could help the veterans of Armed forces. About 50 years ago to provide aid to the injured war veteran’s formation of wheelchair took place.

This was made with an aim to provide help to thousands of people around the world to recover the sense of movement and mobility. The National Research Council made an invention which broke the prototype. They designed the world’s first electric wheelchair, which immediately drew the attention of millions across the globe.

This innovation was considered to be the most significant launches in the Canadian innovation history. The wheelchair created is now put on a show for the people at Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

Everest & Jennings, the same company whose founders produced the folding wheelchair were the first to assemble the motorized wheelchair on a mass scale beginning in the year 1956.

Electric Wheelchair

The electric wheelchair became the most sold product after its invention, the model created by the National Research Council was considered to be more dependable, versatile and maneuverable than any other preceding electric wheelchairs.

It featured independent mobility on each of the main wheels, so the wheelchair could spin around easily. The council also formed a stylish managing switch with 8 other dissimilar positions that looks like a modern joystick. This is a universal characteristic of any electric wheelchairs today.

Movement of the wheelchair is at a speed of approximately 3 kilometers per hour; the wheelchair created by the NRC could function in the close station and had a reasonably steep ramp. This electric wheelchair had a working range of about 32 kilometers that completed the practical use indoors and outdoors.

Motorized wheelchairs are a development of the customary manual pushed the wheelchair. They work in much the similar way as manual wheelchairs. It grants mobility to patients more than a wide variety, of terrains.

Electric wheelchairs are definitely one of the most beneficial equipment to older citizens since it indeed provides the person with superior comfort, independence, and mobility. It also allows the person to be free and carry out their daily work on their own.

It helps the people to experience the kind of life they've always wished for. initially, the wheelchairs was bulky and heavy in weight but later as the improvements were made to wheelchairs, it has reduced in weight and became the lightweight wheelchairs.

An electric wheelchair is certainly different from a manual wheelchair. They have different features and system to work. The electric wheelchair has a platform which is typically inbuilt in a plastic seal. This will help to support the motor as well as increases the power of the battery.

In an electric wheelchair, the power pack is connected via the wiring system to the motor, which helps in the movement of the chair. This panel is considered to be the most important control system of the electric wheelchair.

These controls are located mostly on the armrest as it is the easiest to operate from there. This enables the user to operate the chair comfortably and efficiently. This control panel includes the seat position which helps the seat to elevate and tilt. It also includes motor power and the speed alteration of the wheelchair.

It also has directional movement control that allows easy mobility of the chair according to the convenience of the user. Drive wheels of an electrical wheelchair are unlike manual models they are fixed on a single plane with an additional set of front and back system to take care of the movement.

These are fitted with variable suspension with the ground even on an uneven surface. Therefore many modern electrical reaches are made to cope up with rough terrain and large tract wheels. Helps in easier movement of the wheelchair in any kind of terrain and allows and easy mobility.

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