4 Best Subwoofer under $500


4 Best Subwoofer under $500

by PITeam

by PITeam



When it comes to buying a subwoofer, people often think that it is an audio unit that gives an extra bass and bloomy sound. It is something that increases the sound of the music system to a different level, well this is true!! However, when a user is shelling out money worth $500, it is important that you get the best quality subwoofer that has the best features and is latest in the market. In this article, we will read about various subwoofers which are incredibly awesome and are the best-selling in the market in the range of $500.  Make sure you find the best subwoofer out the others that are presently available in the market. The difference between a regular speaker and a subwoofer is immense. It brings in the overall richness in the sound quality. It has an amazing boost system. There is a plenty of subwoofers that you might see around, but most important thing is to understand your budget and needs. There is no point buying something that is extremely expensive and way out of your budget. People often look for the products that are most showcased in the shops, but you must know the details of the subwoofer that you are going to purchase.

Look for the best quality product which has almost all features. If you buy a good quality subwoofer, it will last longer. The quality of such speakers makes a lot of difference in the sound system and music quality. The volume also depends on the type of bass and features that are available in it.


Durability : The most important aspect of buying a product is to get maximum durability and stability. A product should give the user comfort and durability of lasting for a maximum period of time. Before buying this speaker, you must understand your usage. This product has a lot of models in the market, have a look at each of them and then decide on the one which gives you maximum durability.

Features you need : As you have read about the variety of features these subwoofers contain, you must look for the features that you need for yourself. There can be the time that the purpose of buying this product is different for you than others, therefore making the right choice and chose the model which has a maximum number of features that you require.

Sound quality : A good subwoofer is known for its better sound quality. One must always buy a product which offers great sound performance. If the speaker is not of good quality, it will lack the capabilities to produce good sound. There are plenty of factors that need to be thought before you buy a speaker which includes the size, its volume and sound insulation of the speaker. You must be aware of the latest model that is available in the market, which helps to understand the better working of such speakers.

Various types of subwoofers are given below

1. Pioneer SW-10 200W Powered Subwoofer

This speaker is considered to be one of the cheapest subwoofers that are available in the market. It is a subwoofer which has a great bass that allows working the best in a large crowd. The price of this product is approximately $400, which is definitely a reasonable cost to buy this product. The design of this product is good and has a sound performance which is quite unbeatable. This product has a quality fill up the room with deep sound and has 400W power output, this much power is good enough to fill up a big room. This product has the power to fire your room and maintain the sound quality big enough to shake the whole place. This product is way better than its previous products, as it has better and improved specifications. It has one step better technology and a quality which gives a great durability. This product has various features which makes it a very good subwoofer that can be bought by the user. It has an amplifier of 200W, which helps to control the high volume of the bass without letting the sound gets distorted.

This product also has a feature to pair it with other Pioneer bookshelf speaker to enjoy the booming and thumping sound. This product weighs about 30 lbs, this helps to let the speaker stay in one place while it vibrates on playing the music. Its heavy weight allows the speaker to handle its own vibration.  This product will be a great fit for the people who enjoy movies, as this product gives a home theater sort of experience. If you require a subwoofer which produces high-performance sound at an affordable price, which also adds support to your speaker, then this is the best one to buy. This product has the ability to maintain a good sound throughout. It also has a good battery life and can last long if maintained well.


    • It is a perfect product to act as home-theater and has a great frequency range.
    • It allows for minimal distortion and clean sound.
    • The design is quite sturdy.

    2. Cerwin-Vega XLS-12S 12-Inch Powered Subwoofer

    This product is designed in a way that it looks quite funky and attractive. It is also quite reasonable when it comes to its cost and can be a good match to your budget. This speaker is extremely good and gives high-performance output. This product is certainly one of the best products in the market and you won’t have any issue using it. It has the latest features that attract maximum people and the sound quality is beyond the superb limit in the market currently. The cost of this product is about $500, it has an attractive red-colored ring around the woofer. The weight is 48 lbs with a mind-blowing 12-inch cast frame high excursion woofer that is inbuilt in this product. This product has the ability to pump out a sound output of about 250W.

    This power is clear enough to move your legs in a big room or a small dormitory. This woofer is a little bulky, that’s why make sure you have enough space in your room. It has a depth of 20 inches and a height of 18 inches with a width of about 14 inches. This woofer will clearly require more space to adjust well. The design looks like a rockers taste, but this product has toned down its heavy metal styling. It is good for home and outdoors too. The speaker has the ability to produce distortion free sound which has the deepest Bass that you could ever hear from any of the speakers. It has a deep bass and an inbuilt woofer is extremely good, which produces a great sound performance. The volume and bass of this speaker are highly commendable. It is considered to have richest and loud sound, which can easily cover the area of a large crowd.


    • Unique design and size.
    • No distortion of sound when played at a loud volume.
    • An economic option with excellent bass.

    3. Yamaha NS-SW100BL 10" 100W Powered Subwoofer

    This product has the best Powered Subwoofer from this brand, which is considered to one of the most stylish and great looking subwoofers that are available in the market. It cost around $500 in the open market and is also available on the Amazon website as well. The design of this product is extremely classy, as it has curved ends and a black finish. This product will surely make your interiors look better and match with the decor. The weight od this product is 40 lbs, which makes it one of the lightest subwoofers having a 10-inch front firing woofer inbuilt in it. It attracts a lot of people as it is easy to use and control, the modern design helps to make it look better and unique. There is a power button on top of this subwoofer with a volume button inclined at 45 degrees for easy use. It has a dimension of 13x 14x 16 inches and has a low frequency of 20 Hz for a deep and low bass.

    This product will be a great fit for the people who enjoy movies, as this product gives a home theater sort of experience. If you require a subwoofer which produces high-performance sound at an affordable price this would be the best choice. It has power out of 250W.This product is incredibly lightweight and has an amazing bass response, which makes the music joyful. This product offers a distortion-free sound even at loud music. It is made with an idea to provide a good performance sound system for the user. It is an update from its previous models and provides the best of the features that are important in a subwoofer, the emphasis is put on the superior sound quality and durability.


    • It has a smooth transition of sounds. 
    • Good technology and high performance.
    • An economic option with excellent bass.

    4. Klipsch Reference R-10SW Powered Subwoofer

    This product is certainly a better version of the previous model that was launched. It is notably better and has good sound quality. This speaker is processed with a high quality faux analog sound and has a very powerful bass. It is considered to have a loud sound, which can easily cover the area of a large crowd. It has a good battery and is quite portable in design. The cost of this product is under $500. It has a design which looks young and very attractive, it has copper color with injection molded graphite. Technically this product has the best budget for home use and is capable of producing a power output of 400W. The dimension of this product is 16x14x18 inches, which quite portable for such a big woofer and also considered to be the lightest subwoofer having 33 pounds as weight. 

    Its amplifier acts like a beast and offer deep and thumping bass. It has a low frequency of 29 Hz- 120Hz. This brand offers 5 years warranty on the woofer and 2 years on the amplifier.  It is an amazing subwoofer to listen to any kind of music, be it rock, pop, hard rock, classic, etc. this product is also considered to be very durable and long lasting. It has an ability to provide a good sound performance.


    • It has a great frequency range.
    • It allows for minimal distortion and clean sound.
    • The design is quite sturdy.


    Each one of them is considered to be highly durable and have the capabilities to produce the best music and sound. As there is a growth in the field of technology, each day a new product is launched. This gives the freedom to the users to provide a free and comfortable choice to the user to select the best one. It completely depends on the demand of the product. Sometimes people prefer loud sound speakers and other ones prefer something neutral. There are plenty of features that each one has and are capable to produce the best sound. There is a fine and close competition between each of them. All you as a user have to do is to know what exactly you want. It completely depends on your preference and nature. The market provides the product for both the type of people. These subwoofers have new features that are extremely useful for the user. These products can give the user a massive power with a high-performance acoustic driver. You can also modulate the sound performance by adjusting bass and its frequency to equalize the sound settings which suits your preference in each of these products. The speaker has the ability to produce distortion-free sound and has the deepest Bass that you could ever hear from any of the subwoofers. The design and the quality of these subwoofers are good and unique. These products will last longer and won’t require much change. They are highly durable and efficient. Therefore, choose the one you like and enjoy the music.

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