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Simpson Pressure Washer Brand Review

We have thoroughly reviewed the Simpson pressure washer range including 2300-4200 PSI models.


Pressure washers are the ultimate machines for washing difficult, large surfaces including your garage floor, your driveway, your vehicle, and the exterior of your home. Pressure washers are also great tools for businesses that want to keep their buildings and walkways clean as well as free from debris.

Wash away dirt, grime, snow, sleet, and dust with a powerful Simpson pressure washer. Simpson power washers have been manufacturing power washers for more than fifty years across North America. This company understands quality and builds pressure washers that are powerful, performance-driven, and reliable.

Why Choose Simpson?

PSI Range

This brand provides professional-grade pressure washers in the 3000 to 4000 PSI range as well as affordable lower PSI options, including 2600 PSI pressure washers.

OEM Technologies Axial

OEM technologies axial pumps are some of the best pumps on the market. These pressure washer pumps are efficient and offer top performance with stainless steel pistons to prevent leaks. A stainless steel unloader is also present and requires little maintenance.

MorFlex Hose

The MorFlex hose is specific to Simpson pressure washers. This hose has dual o-ring options so that you can use both 14mm/15mm connections. It also is made of durable polyurethane material for maximum durability.

Pneumatic Tires

Most Simpson pressure washers have pneumatic tires. Pneumatic tires are broader and longer than typical cushioned tires. Pneumatic tires are best for outdoor settings and are more durable.

Quick Connect Nozzles

Simpson offers quick connect nozzles on all of their pressure washers. These quick connect nozzles are easy to attach, install, and disconnect, making washing sessions easier for users. 

Multiple Engine Types Available

Pressure washers come in two different engine types: gas and electric. Gas-powered engines are able to produce more power and therefore have higher PSI ranges. Electric-powered engines are more affordable and compact but provide significantly less power.  Electric power washers can be used indoors. Simpson sells both types of pressure washers.

6 Best Simpson Pressure Washers Reviewed

1. Simpson Cleaning PS3228

best 3300 PSI Simpson Model


3300 psi


2.5 GPM

Cleaning Power

8250 (psi x GPM)


138 lbs

Engine Size

GX200 Honda engine


Yes, 3-year commercial engine warranty, 5-year limited pump warranty, 10-year limited frame warranty

The Simpson Cleaning PS3228 is the best 3300 PSI Simpson model on our list. It is easy to install with an easy installation booklet, so you won't need to hire a professional handyman. This pressure washer model uses a commercial triplex plunger pump and has a 2.5 GPM flow rate. The powerful Honda GX200 engine has an oil alert feature to tell users when the oil levels are too low to operate.

A MorFlex hose is corrosion resistant and built with tough polyurethane material. Five quick connect nozzle tips are included with the pressure washer (0, 15, 25, 40, and soap options). Thick 10" pneumatic wheels are durable and help move the 138 lb pressure washer around outdoors. This model is made with high-quality build parts, including a black steel frame and brass connector parts.

One customer wrote on Simpson Cleaning, 

“Pulled it out of the box, followed the easy instructions and was using it in just a short time. What a “beast!” I started with the hardest thing I have to clean which is my driveway, located below several oak trees. There was 14 years of grime and tree sap on the concrete and my new Simpson cleared it away easily. Used it this past weekend with the broadest tip to clean the screens on my sun porch, and again, did an excellent job."

Users have reported that the included hose is not durable and may need to be replaced within a few months. Customers have also noted that the spray trips from various nozzles do not stay in the assigned holder and often fall. If you want a high-quality pressure washer with 3300 PSI, then this Simpson model is perfect for you. 


  • Strong 3300 PSI
  • Easy installation
  • Commercial triplex plunger pump


  • Spray tips do not stay in the assigned holder
  • Included hose is not durable

2. Simpson MSH3125 MegaShot

best 3200 PSI Simpson Model


3200 psi


2.5 GPM

Cleaning Power

8000 (psi x GPM)


55 lbs

Engine Size

GC190 Honda engine


Yes, 3-year commercial engine warranty, 5-year limited pump warranty, 10-year limited frame warranty

The Simpson MSH3125 MegaShot is the best 3200 PSI Simpson model on our list. This pressure washer not only has an active 3200 PSI, but it also has a 2.5 GPM flow rate and a premiere GC190 Honda engine. This is an excellent option for homeowners because this model is lightweight compared to other models at 55 lbs. This model also has high-quality build materials, including a black steel frame and brass connectors.

The MorFlex hose also prevents kinks and is corrosion resistant. Five spray nozzles are included (0, 15, 25, 40, and soap) to tackle any home cleaning project. This model includes a threaded M22 connection for the pump and hose. An OEM Technologies axial cam pump keeps this pressure washer working.

Nick wrote on Simpson Cleaning

“First of all, I did enough research to cause my brain to ooze from my skull, and when I finally decided to go for this guy, I still had my doubts. But I have to say it’s surpassed any expectation I had of it to get the job done. It’s already been worth the money and it’s super easy to operate. The Honda motor was a big selling point for me, and it does not disappoint. One pull and the motor gets to work right away. It cleaned my deck, sidewalk, and garage floor with ease."

Users have reported that this unit vibrates because it is lightweight, though this doesn't affect the efficacy of the machine. The wand is also made out of plastic parts and is less durable compared to the rest of the device. If you want a high-quality pressure washer that is powerful but lightweight, then this is the best model for you.


  • Strong 3200 PSI
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality build materials


  • Vibrates
  • Plastic wand

3. Simpson Cleaning CM60912

best 2400 PSI Simpson Model


2400 psi


2.0 GPM

Cleaning Power

4800 (psi x GPM)


39.7 lbs

Engine Size

Simpson OHV 149cc engine


Yes, 2-year limited engine warranty, 1-year limited pump and frame warranty

The Simpson Cleaning CM60912 is the best 2400 PSI Simpson model. We like that this model has a robust 2400 PSI with a 2.0 GPM flow rate. This model is affordable and comes with its own start-up kit. The start-up kit includes a hose, gun, wand, detergent siphon tube, filter, engine oil, and 3 quick connect nozzle tips. The steel frame is durable and reliable. A fold-down handle makes it easy to move this model from location to location.

A pair of 6" pneumatic tires won't go flat and will keep your Simpson pressure washer portable. The ergonomic spray gun has a comfortable handle and can easily be pin-pointed for powerful targeted washing. The OEM Technologies axial cam pump on this model produces a powerful scrubbing action.

Dimitri wrote on Lowe’s

“This is the perfect little pressure washer. It was all but assembled already in the box. Operation is simple — connect the water supply and pull the line. The engine starts on the first pull every time. The first time I used the washer, it turned a 15-year old mildewed gray fence into brand new. Each and every cleaning project has gone off without a hitch."

This model does have a shorter warranty compared to other more expensive Simpson pressure washer models with a 2-year limited engine warranty and 1-year limited pump and frame warranty.


  • Affordable
  • Steel frame
  • Start-up kit included


  • Lower PSI
  • Shorter warranty

4. Simpson Cleaning MS60763-S

best 3100 PSI Simpson Model


3100 psi


2.4 GPM

Cleaning Power

7440 (psi x GPM)


61 lbs

Engine Size

196 cc


Yes, two-year limited engine warranty and five-year limited frame warranty

The Simpson Cleaning MS6073-S is the best 3100 PSI Simpson model on our list. This 3100 PSI model has a 2.4 GPM flow rate and is highly portable at 61lbs. This model also comes with a steel spray wand, which adds durability and precision washing. The maintenance-free pump on this model is pre-lubricated for easy use.

Five different nozzle tips are included with this model, including 0, 15, 25, 40, and a detergent nozzle. A downstream detergent injector allows users to use a variety of detergents. A strong, flexible M22 threaded hose with 25ft length is included with this model.

Maven wrote on Simpson Cleaning

“I purchased this unit about a month ago to replace a 1700psi electric unit which gave up the ghost. The Simpson exceeded my expectations, and made short work of cleaning moss and mold from the face of a white ABS fence in my backyard. Cleaning the 35ft x 6ft fence took about 30 minutes, and removed the grime easily using the 20 degree tip held about 6 inches from the surface. The washer, although gasoline powered, is quieter than I expected."

Users have reported that the brass connectors on this model are not as durable as other models and may need to be replaced if a leak appears. It is also said that the wheel guards may need to be realigned. If you want a quality gas-powered pressure washer that is affordable and portable, then this is a great option.


  • Highly Portable
  • Maintenance Free Pump
  • Steel spray wand


  • Brass connectors not as durable
  • Wheel guards may need to be realigned

5. Simpson Cleaning 61016

best 2300 PSI Simpson Model


2300 psi


1.2 GPM

Cleaning Power

2760 (psi x GPM)


55 lbs

Engine Size

149 cc


Yes, one-year limited warranty

The Simpson Cleaning 61016 is the best 2300 PSI Simpson model. Most Simpson pressure washer models are gas-powered. Gas-powered pressure washers have several advantages over electric models, including higher power and added durability. However, electric-powered models are lighter and more convenient.

Instead of purchasing gas and maintaining an oil tank, users simply plug in the electric pressure washer to an available outdoor outlet. This electric ease can be a strong selling point for homeowners who want practicality and convenience. This model is also highly portable and affordable. An OEM Technologies axial camp pump offers a 1.2 GPM flow rate for this 2300 PSI model.

The high-pressure gun wand has an ergonomic handle for all-day use, and the steel frame on this model arrives fully assembled. An onboard soap tank is easy to use and can hold one full gallon of detergent. Sturdy 10" flat wheels are easy to roll over grass and gravel. This model does have plastic parts and lower PSI power compared to other Simpson pressure washer models. The lower PSI power on this model, however, is the tradeoff for a portable, affordable, and electronic convenience model.


  • Affordable
  • Highly Portable
  • Electric ease


  • Lower PSI power
  • Plastic parts

6. Simpson Cleaning ALH4240

top of the range


4200 psi


4.0 GPM

Cleaning Power

16800 (psi x GPM)


128 lbs

Engine Size

389 cc


Yes, 3-year limited engine warranty, 2-year limited pump warranty, 10-year limited frame warranty

The Simpson Cleaning ALH4240 is the top of the range Simpson pressure washer model for homeowners who want the absolute best. A powerful 4200 PSI is paired with a 4.0 GPM flow rate and a 389cc Honda engine. A CAT industrial triplex pump is durable and reliable. A fully assembled aircraft aluminum frame protects machine parts and includes an ergonomic steel spray wand.

Aluminum tubing is an added layer of durability. Two large 13” pneumatic wheels can handle rough terrain and easily transport the pressure washer from location to location. Five nozzle tips come with this model and include 0, 15, 25, 40, and a soap option.

Joey wrote on Simpson Cleaning

“I purchased this unit about two weeks ago and have used it about four times. Starts on the first pull every time and has lots of power. I use a BE orbiter to do driveways and patios. With the Honda engine and CAT pump this is serious."

This unit is heavier than other models at 128lbs and certainly more expensive, but you can’t find a more powerful pressure washer model. This model is perfect for homeowners and commercial owners who want a powerful and effective pressure washer with high-quality build parts.


  • Powerful 4200 PSI
  • Fast 4.0 GPM flow rate
  • CAT Pump industrial-strength triplex pump


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Comparison to Other Pressure Washer Brands

Simpson pressure washers are considered the premiere pressure washer brand along with DeWalt, Briggs & Stratton, CAT, and Generac. Simpson, however, actually makes DeWalt and Briggs & Stratton pressure washers on their Simpson pressure washer assembly line.

These three brands are, therefore, comparable pressure washer options. DeWalt tends to be a better choice for homeowners, while Briggs & Stratton offer professional-grade pressure washers. Simpson has been manufacturing high-quality pressure washers and other outdoor equipment for more than fifty years.

Simpson creates both affordable homeowner models and expensive professional models (top-of-the-line for businesses and homeowners). If you want the best pressure washer that money can buy, then choosing a Simpson pressure washer is a smart move. If you want to save money and purchase the cheapest model, we recommend looking at Sun Joe, Greenworks, or AR pressure washers.

Operating a Pressure Washer

To operate a pressure washer, begin by choosing the best spray nozzle for your cleaning task and screwing that nozzle on to your pressure washer wand. Then, connect other accessories such as a chemical injector and add your detergent.

Run water through your pressure washer for one to two minutes to ensure that you do not have air in your hose. Then, start pressing the wand trigger to mix detergent and water. Now you can start your pressure washer’s engine and start washing. This video from Dale shows the process more in-depth.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Taking care of your pressure washer with regular maintenance will help your pressure washer last. When you have finished using your machine, make sure that you rinse all of the cleaning solution or detergent from the machine. Then, disconnect the hose and spray gun as well as wand extension. From here, drain all of the water from the pump. Then add a pump lube, also referred to as a "pump saver," and place that in the pump inlet.

To avoid leak problems, we recommend purchasing silicone plumber's grease to use on your hose connectors to prevent cracking and tears. Connectors are often one of the first parts to break down, and keeping them lubricated can help to avoid this problem.

Two of the most common troubleshooting problems that we see involve the air filter and the oil level in your pressure washer. If your pressure washer isn’t working or has low pressure, check your air filter. If it is damaged or dirty, try replacing it. Then check your oil level. Change out the oil if your oil is old or the oil level is low. If these two adjustments do not work, it’s time to call a professional handyman.

Essential Simpson Pressure Washer Parts & Accessories

Owner’s Manual

A Simpson owner’s manual comes with every Simpson pressure washer and offers instructions on how to use your pressure washer. This owner's manual will also provide a basic FAQ.

OEM Replacement Pumps

Simpson OEM replacement pumps are available and can be purchased when your pump malfunctions. Replacing your pump can save you money when your pressure washer is working normally, but your pump needs to be replaced. Most pressure washer pumps last anywhere from three to five years.

Pump Saver

Pump saver can help protect your pressure washer pump from damage when stored. If you plan to store your pressure washer for a month or longer, we recommend purchasing a pump saver and minimizing corrosion.

O-Ring Kits

Pressure washers use o-ring kits to replace couplers when seals begin to show signs of wear and tear. To avoid leaks, you can simply use an o-ring kit to change out couplers, and your pressure washer will be ready to use again. These couplers work with wands, pumps, trigger guns, and hoses.

Brass Couplers

Brass couplers connect your hose to your pressure washer. Brass is most commonly used because brass is not only durable but also because it is less likely to deteriorate compared to plastic couplers. 

Extension & Replacement Hose

You can buy a replacement hose if you find leaks with your existing hose. You can also buy an extension hose to elongate your current hose system.

Wand Extension

A wand extension for your pressure washer allows you to reach difficult areas that are higher up, such as the top of a building or vehicle.

Nozzles & Spray Tips

There are many different nozzles and spray tips that you can purchase to adjust the pressure on your pressure washer. Larger nozzles will have limited pressure, and smaller nozzles will have stronger pressure. You may want to adjust the nozzle or spray tip for different types of cleaning. 

Fuel Stabilizer

A fuel stabilizer for your pressure washer can prevent your interior tank from eroding. Fuel left in the pressure washer tank can create acid deposits and erode your tank. We recommend purchasing a fuel stabilizer to help maintain your pressure washer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cleaning agent or detergent should I use with my Simpson pressure washer?

Always choose a pressure washer detergent specific to the cleaning task at hand. For example, there are different detergent types available for different types of cleaning, such as aluminum siding vs. brick and stone siding. Sun Joe makes several detergent products for all pressure washers such as this Pineapple Premium Snow Foam Car Wash Soap Cleaner or this all-purpose, heavy-duty degreaser cleaner.

What are the steps for winterizing my Simpson pressure washer?

There are several steps required for winterizing your Simpson pressure washer. To start, protect your fuel engine by flushing out the water in your pressure washer pump. Then, lay down a tarp and place a pump saver oil in your inlet adapter. This is important to avoid damage from freezing temperatures and rust. Finally, make sure that you store your pressure washer in a safe place that is also dry.

Can I use hot or warm water with my Simpson pressure washer?

Yes, and no. Simpson pressure washers have thermal relief valves that allow them to handle higher water temperatures, but they do have a limit. Most Simpson pressure washers can handle up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit water temperatures. Still, anything above this limit could damage your pressure washer unless you have a hot water pressure washer (these are made differently than standard pressure washers).

Do Simpson pressure washers come with a warranty? What’s the return policy?

Simpson pressure washers typically come with a 1-year limited warranty. The return policy differs depending on retailer policy. Amazon allows most products to be returned within 30 days.

How can someone call Simpson customer service and repair?

You can call Simpson’s customer service and repair by dialing 1-877-362-4271. Simpson customer service can also be emailed at productsupport@simpsoncleaning.com. Hours of operation are from 7 AM to 7 PM CST Monday through Saturday and 9 AM to 5 PM CST on Sunday.

Where is the best place to buy Simpson pressure washers and parts?

The best place to buy Simpson pressure washers and parts is Amazon.com. Amazon has a variety of Simpson pressure washers on sale as well as parts. You can find steep discounts on Amazon.


Pressure washers can help you clean the grime, dirt, dust, and sludge off of your appliances, vehicles, driveways, and home. If you want the best pressure washer that money can buy from Simpson, we recommend the Simpson Cleaning ALH4240.

This pressure washer has a powerful 4200 PSI and is built with commercial-grade stainless steel parts. If you want a lightweight option without sacrificing high-quality parts, we recommend the Simpson MSH3125 MegaShot.