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Salomon vs North Face Hiking Shoe Comparison

Trek in comfort by selecting one of these top branded products that best suit your hiking needs!

by Josh Mitchell

With so many sports and outdoors brands to choose from, it can be impossible to decide which is best for you.

Salomon is a French brand that started out making bindings and ski boots, while North Face is the gateway to outdoor wear for many casual hikers.  

We decided to put Salomon and North Face to the test to determine which is best for a variety of outdoor activities.

Started in Annecy in 1947, Salomon was initially a binding and metalwork company before they expanded into ski boots and other skiing equipment. From there, Salomon began making snowboarding, climbing, hiking, and trail running items and accessories.

Almost needing no introduction, North Face was established in the sixties in San Francisco. With humble beginnings as a climbing equipment retail store, North Face has become the international go-to brand for those looking to get into outdoors activities while looking stylish.

How We Compared These 2 Brands

Design Features

When out hiking for hours or days on end, it is vital that your shoes and clothes protect and support you properly. Are the shoes waterproof? Are they breathable and moisture-wicking? Do they support your ankles properly? Which brand uses its design features to the fullest? Do the shoes look and feel good?  All of these are essential questions that people ask when looking for a new pair of shoes, and we want to answer them as best we can.

Shoe Materials

Shoes are an investment that, if made correctly and with the right materials, can last you for years to come. A shoe's material impacts not only its durability but also its comfort level over time; this is crucial for those trekking in the wilderness or hitting the pavement regularly.

Waterproofing Ability

No-one likes getting soaked socks while out and about; it can lead to discomfort and blistering or chafing on the skin. Whether it rains or snows, a properly waterproof boot should keep the weather away while still being breathable and warm.

Foot & Toe Protection

Mountains, the wilderness, and rivers all have rocks, fallen trees, and other debris, which can be dangerous. Getting shoes with a toe cap and other protective features can make your trip both safe and comfortable.

Fit and Comfort

Getting out and about always begins with your shoes, which is why finding the right pair is so crucial. Does the shoe have comfort or thermal padding? Are the shoes flexible? How do the shoes fit, and will you need to go up or down a size? Will you wear thick socks? What activities will you be doing? All of these impact what type and design of shoe you will need.


No matter your budget or ability, the outdoor lifestyle should be accessible to anyone. Set yourself a budget and consider what features you like in a good boot or shoe and look from there. Both Salomon and North Face are often on similar price points, so look carefully as the extra features and design if stuck.

Number of Styles Available

We all like to look good, even in the middle of a forest or mountain range. Once you have a boot or jacket you like, some people want to pick it up in other colors for convenience. The number of colors and designs for one model can set you up no matter what outfit or activity you have in mind.

Salomon Vs. North Face for Men’s Hiking Boots

Two popular hiking boots for men, Salomon’s X Ultra 3 Mid GTX model and North Face’s Hedgehog Fastpack Mid GTX, are both viable options for trekking in the great outdoors. Salomon's Ultra has four design options to choose from that all come with features such as descent control technology, high traction contra grips, gusseted tongues, heel cap, waterproof synthetic materials, and a rubber sole.

Many user reviews state that these shoes are lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and need little to no break-in period. North Face has three designs to choose from, all of which are made from leather and have synthetic soles. These lightweight and comfortable boots have a stiff ankle, Goretex technology, and Vibram soles to keep you safe while out and about. In terms of price, Salomon's Ultra is generally a little bit pricier ($20 to $40 on average) than the North Face models. 

Which shoe is the best?

Salomon vs. North Face hiking shoes – which is better? While both models are great choices, we would recommend Salomon's X Ultra 3 Mid GTX over the Hedgehog Fastpack Mid GTX due to its extra features, extended warranty, and customer reviews.  

Salomon Vs. North Face for Women’s Hiking Boots

Amazon’s choice for women’s hiking boots, Salomon’s Women’s X Ultra 3 Mid GTX are available in three different designs that are synthetic and have soles made of two types of rubber for added control. Their anti-slip design and excellent traction will help keep you secure with every step. Comfortable and durable, the X Ultra's are waterproof on ordinary terrain, and most users found that they fit as expected.

North Face women's hiking boots reviews love the Hedgehog Fastpack GTX for its six different designs, leather and suede materials, and waterproof exterior. The fit is mostly as expected, but some people preferred to go half a size up for added comfort. As for price, the Hedgehog model caps at $230 or so while the X Ultra can usually be found under $200.

Which shoe is the best?

While we love both models, we would recommend Salomon’s X Ultra 3 Mid GTX over the Hedgehog model due to its price, anti-slip waterproof features, and customer reviews.

Salomon Vs North Face for Men’s Running Shoes


No products found.

Available in three designs, Salomon’s XA Pro 3D men’s running shoe is made of synthetic textile materials and has a rubber sole. The protective toe cap, dynamic stability, and grip keep your feet safe while tearing up the trails. A 3d advanced chassis and decent lacing system keep your feet supported and comfortable while in use.

On the other hand, the North Face Ultra Endurance has great traction and a gusseted tongue along with an EVA midsole, Vibram metagrip, and added foot protection to keep your feet protected. A FlashDry collar lining ensures that your feet stay dry and comfortable come rain or shine. In terms of price, both brands top out at around $100.

Which shoe is the best?

We would like to recommend the Salomon XA Pro 3D over the Ultra Endurance due to its quality features, cool design, and customer reviews.

Salomon Vs North Face for Women’s Running Shoes

A highly popular model, Salomon’s Women’s Speedcross 4 running shoe, is Amazon's choice in the female running shoe department. With seven different designs to choose from with classic textile and synthetic materials and rubber sole, Salomon added many great features to make sure that you feel your best while out in the wilderness.

The Speedcross lug pattern keeps you tight and secure while the molded EVA footbed with ortholite features keeps you comfortable and supported. These lightweight cushioned shoes also have Sensifit and quick lace technology and great traction for added safety on the road and fit as expected for most users. North Face’s women’s Ultra Kilowatt running shoes are synthetic rubber-soled shoes with a rubber toe cap for added comfort and safety. The reflective webbing has a Flash Dry upper lining to keep your feet dry in any weather.

An EVA footbed and cradle bottom keep your feet supported while the roomy toebox makes sure that your toes never feel cramped. A comfortable and pretty design, the Ultra Kilowatt model fits as expected and is a popular choice for runners. As for price, the Salomon Speedcross 4 comes in at around $250 while the North Face Ultra Kilowatts cost about $120, so if budget is a factor at all, you may want to go with North Face on this one. 

Which shoe is the best?

We recommend Salomon’s Speedcross 4 model over the North Face Ultra Kilowatt due to its extra features, great design, and customer reviews.

Salomon Vs. North Face Men’s Winter Boots

An excellent choice for men’s winter boots, the Salomon Men’s Anka CS, are synthetic imported boots with rubber soles that have Climashield waterproof protection to keep you warm and dry when out in the snow. A gusseted tongue and thick lining keep your feet comfortable and warm when out and about while the aggressive grip makes sure that you stay safe with each step.

North Face Men’s Chilkat III comes in three different designs that are made of leather and have rubber soles. The Heatseeker warmth and waterproof shell features will keep your feet warm and dry while the compression-molded EVA midsole keeps your feet supported. The TNF winter grip and IcePick temperature-sensitive rubber lugs make sure that you stay rooted to the ground

Which shoe is the best?

While both the Salomon Men’s Anka CS and North Face Men’s Chilkat III are great options for your winter wardrobe, we would recommend the Chilkat III due to its extra features and comfortable fit.

Salomon Vs. North Face Women’s Winter Boots

Two great winter boots for women, both Salomon’s Toundra Pro CSWP and North Face’s Shellista II, are excellent choices for hitting the great outdoors. The Toundra Pro CSWP is made of synthetic textile materials and features a rubber sole alongside full waterproof protection, Contragrip ice and snow protection, a wide toe box, and fierce lugs. Flexible and comfortable, these shoes tend to fit as expected or need to be half a size down and will keep your feet warm even in -40 degree temperatures.

Amazon’s choice for women’s winter boots, the Shellista II, has a whopping seventeen different designs and colors to choose from, making it possible to find one for every outfit. Waterproof and comfortable, the Shellista II features temperature-sensitive lugs, lace-up closure, BLC compliant leather, unit textile collar, and a thick lining to keep your feet warm and safe.

Which shoe is the best?

While both models are wonderful choices, we would recommend the Salomon Toundra Pro CSWP for its excellent design and ability to keep you warm in such extreme temperatures.

Salomon Vs. North Face Men’s Jackets

Along with a comfortable and supportive pair of shoes, a warm, quality jacket is essential to keep you protected while out in the elements; it is time to review Salomon vs. North Face jackets. The Salomon Icerocket ski jacket comes in five designs and is machine washable. With advanced moisture-wicking SkinDry technology, air vent system, and water repellent zip, you are guaranteed to keep dry and cool while working out.

The 4-way stretch plain weave material and Motion Fit design allow this jacket to work and move with you without risk of stretching or tearing. A detachable hood gives you options when it comes to style and function no matter what design you pick.

The North Face Apex Bionic 2 is made of elastane and polyester and is a standard fit style jacket. One hundred percent windproof, this jacket comes with a hem-cinched cord to keep your body warm and an attached adjustable hood for convenience. The front is exposed with a reverse coil system and chest pocket, and there are hand grips for added comfort. Each jacket costs anywhere from $100 to $400 or so.

Which shoe is the best?

Overall, we would recommend Salomon’s Icerocket ski jacket for its versatility and comfort level.

Salomon Vs. North Face Women’s Jackets

An excellent option for getting out into the great outdoors, the Salomon Brilliant ski jacket comes in six beautiful designs and is machine washable. A classic ski design with a more modern twist, this jacket has a MotionFit construction and Advanced SkinDry fabric and is waterproof.

On the other hand, North Face's Apex Bionic 2 comes in an incredible 26 different designs made of elastane and mesh polyester with flexible soft shell fabric. Windproof and covered in a water repellent finish, the Bionic 2 also has an attached adjustable hood, hem cinch-cord, and three different zip pockets to protect your belongings and yourself from the weather.

Salomon's Brilliant ski jacket is often priced between $175 and $375, while the North Face Apex Bionic 2 is usually priced between $70 and $260 or so.

Which shoe is the best?

Overall, we would have to recommend North Face’s women’s Apex Bionic 2 jacket for its extra features, stylish designs, and customer reviews.

Sizing of Salomon & North Face Shoes

No matter what shoe you choose, making sure it fits appropriately is of absolute importance. While we do have a general guide to sizing a boot or shoe on our website, it is essential to read the comments and reviews for other customers' advice and read the brand's website or product description for tips. You can find a sizing chart for The North Face men's walking shoes and other apparel as well as a thorough Salomon’s size guide online if you need a hand.

Sizing of Salomon & North Face Jacket

Finding and sizing a new jacket can be difficult, especially if you are ordering online. As a general rule, it is good to know both your regular size range and your chest, waist, arm, torso, and shoulder measurements beforehand should you need to get into the nitty-gritty. Also, consider if you will be layering clothes under the jacket and what activities you need the jacket for. Salomon’s official size guide and North Face’s official size guide can be found online.

The popularity of These Brands

Salomon remains a popular outdoors brand because they not only produce quality products, but they also consider what they can offer to outdoors enthusiasts year-round. While they were initially popular for their skiing equipment, they have branched out into trail running shoes, and climbing gear.    

North Face was initially popular for their skiing products in the eighties but has since become popular with hikers and casual walkers as an excellent affordable quality outdoors wear brand. Combining function and style, North Face is a starter brand for many beginner enthusiasts.

People also Ask (FAQs)

How do North Face shoes fit?

How a shoe fits depends on your foot shape, size, and the model of shoe in question. Measure your foot and check size guides to find the best fit for you.

Are Salomon shoes good?

Salomon shoes are good quality and comfortable option for outdoor shoes.

Are North Face shoes good?

Comfortable and well-fitting, North Face shoes are suitable for casual and intermediate outdoor fans.

Do North face shoes run small?

Some models may tend to run small, read the reviews, and measure your feet to find the best fit.

How does Salomon shoe size compare to Nike shoes?

Salomon shoes often run a little narrow compared to Nike shoes. Measure your feet and try them on indoors before purchase to make sure you have the right model for you.

Do North Face boots run big?

North Face shoes often fit as expected, but some choose to size up by a half or full size to make room for thick socks or movement. Read customer reviews for your selected model to see what others decided.

Do North Face shoes run true to size?

Often they do, but measure your feet and read the comments of your desired model to be sure.


Overall, while we do love both brands, we would recommend the Salomon Women’s Speedcross 4, Salomon X Ultra 3 Mid GTX, and the North Face Women’s Apex Bionic 2 due to their design, comfort level, and details in user reviews.

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