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Salomon vs North Face Hiking Shoe Comparison

We have reviewed and compared the best two brands for hiking shoes. Trek in comfort by selecting one of these top branded products that best suit your hiking needs!


Buyers Guide & Information

Salomon vs North Face Hiking Shoe Comparison

We have reviewed and compared the best two brands for hiking shoes. Trek in comfort by selecting one of these top branded products that best suit your hiking needs!

by PITeam

by PITeam

Every good and experienced hiker would require a hiking footwear, which is most efficient and has the maximum comfort. Hiking shoe or the boot must be in the best of condition. To have a great hiking shoe, the hiker must know all the essentials. The footwear that you buy must be most reliable and affordable.

Things to consider when buying Hiking Shoes

Before you buy a footwear, you must ask a few questions, which are- how efficient the hiking shoe is, what exactly do I needed it for, what is the budget that I have, which brand is perfect for me, etc. Once the user has answers for these questions, then it becomes easy and quick to select the shoe.

While choosing the shoes, the user must look for the right purpose for which the shoes are to be bought. Like there are times when a variety of range of shoes are available in the market. The shoe bought must work well in the areas that have a rough terrain to smooth hilly area.

Check for the type of component that is being used to make the shoes perfect for the usage, fit and the comfort of the shoes etc.

Salomon vs North Face comparison

There are various brands in the market, but out of which, the best brands that are most frequently available are Salomon and North Face. 

Both are extremely great brands, but to meet all the specifications, the brands that are mentioned above, the user can understand the essentials and select the one with the good quality, that would suit your budget.

The brands that are mentioned above have the shoes which are approximately of same weight and size. The prices may differ between both the brands. Since both the companies manufacture their shoes, which are lightweight having the prices that are economical.

One can also look up on their respective websites and gauge their reviews, although they are not as helpful as one would expect them to be. These brands are available on the amazon website as well.

As we read further, the material that is used in the making of these shoes are also to be taken into consideration. It just not only provides the comfort, but also defines the longevity of the shoes. One while purchasing a hiking shoe would not look for one time use, and hence in this aspect both the brands use excellent material while making the shoes.

Salomon Quest Hiking Shoe Review

Salomon shoes are considered to be best for mountaineering terrain. It has an ability to maintain stability in the areas that are slippery and moisty. It also has the ability to remain water resistant even in the areas which are prone to more rainfall and muddy.

These shoes have a design that allow the user to have cushioned insole, which provides the user maximum amount of comfort and stability. These shoes are highly flexible and durable than any other shoe in the market. This shoe is considered to be lighter than shoes which are produced by North Face.

It provides better fit to the user and allows protection to the foot. Tread life of Salomon is way better than shoes which are manufactured by North face. Due to this the longevity of the shoe increases in the Salomon hiking shoe. To get a perfect fit the lace of Salomon is very durable and better than the other brand.


  • These shoes are highly durable and stable.
  • They are very light weight.
  • Protection is the key essential of these hiking shoe. 
  • These shoes have a great insole which helps to give a better support to your ankle.
  • These shoes are highly water resistant.


  • These shoes are a bit expensive than any other shoe.
  • Doesn’t have a good grip at times on certain type of terrain.

North Face Ultra Hiking Shoe Review

North face is better in comfort and stability. It has the ideal structure for the people who are experienced hiker. It is stiffer and more stable as compared to the other brand. It has better grip and hold on the terrain which are rough and rugged. This brand is best for the users who have a budget.

It is not very expensive and can be bought at a reasonable rate. They are a little heavier than the other brands. North face provides good space for the movement of ankle and provides cushioning to the feet. Hiking is a very strenuous activity and thus need a comfort of such nature.

Trail protection pads and waterproofing is one of the most important features of the shoes produced by this brand. Salomon has shoes that give good shock absorption, stability, protection and water-resistant feature to their shoes.

It is an ultimate kind of comfort any shoe can give. Salomon has design which is more fashionable than North Face as well. Salomon has Light weight and these shoes makes the hiking shoes a preferable choice because lighter shoes results in faster walking capacity along with the comfort for the hiker.


  • These shoes have better comfort than any other hiking shoe.
  • It has a good grip on the terrain that are moist and muddy.
  • These shoes have great design
  • These are less expensive.


  • These shoes are sometimes not as durable as any other shoe.
  • The longevity of shoe may vary.


Thus, both the shoes are at par. They both provide excellent features along with the maximum comfort. They both are sturdy and can be worn in all kinds of environment and weather conditions. They can be worn from mild to rough terrain as they both have strong shock absorbing capacity which makes them very secure to wear.

They both have breathable mesh which allows space and inflow for air with odour repellent products which enables the user to carry on the task without worrying about the stench. Almost, the same weight with only price as a varying feature, both the brands are great brands to select from for the hiking purposes.

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