Buyers Guide & Information

Best Recumbent Bikes For Ergonomic Exercise

Do you have upper back problems that keep you from working out? Exercise in comfort and be pain-free with one of these top-rated recumbent bikes!


Buyers Guide & Information

Best Recumbent Bikes For Ergonomic Exercise

Do you have upper back problems that keep you from working out? Exercise in comfort and be pain-free with one of these top-rated recumbent bikes!

by PITeam

by PITeam

If you are suffering from the back pain, arthritis, and other spinal cord pain then go for low-impact exercising bikes. There are various bikes available online including the upright exercise bike, stationary bike, and recumbent bike.

Each of the bikes has its own benefits but if you want a low workout with back support then recumbent bikes are the best one. Here we have listed best recumbent exercise bikes that will reduce your mental stress incurred in searching for the best one.

The best thing about the recumbent bike is that it has a chair like seat that comes with comfortable cushioning and has the great lumbar support that enhances your comfort level. In fact, it relieves pressure from your backside when you lean back to the cycle.

The seated biking will also help to relieve your joint pain prevailing to your ankles, hips, and knees. If you are also looking for the same then we suggest you read the complete best recumbent bike reviews that help in making the right decision.

 Recumbent Bike Comparison Table



Extra features

Check Price

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709


Padded seat, Counterbalanced pedals

Exerpeutic 900XL 300 lbs. Weight Capacity Recumbent Exercise Bike with Pulse

Exerpeutic 900XL

Magnetic control tension system

Progear 555LXT Magnetic Tension Recumbent Bike with Workout Goal Setting Computer


3 goals workout settings, 14 levels magnetic tension resistance, phone and water bottle holder

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike

Schwinn 270

29 programs, Bluetooth connectivity, Sync with fitness apps, console speakers with adjustable fan

3G Cardio Elite RB Recumbent Bike

3G Cardio

Hand held heart rate sensor, narrow Q factor distance between pedals

Stamina Elite Total Body Recumbent Bike


Upper hand pedals, pulse sensors

Diamondback 510SR Fitness Recumbent Bike


Cooling fans, magazine rack, headphone jack, and speakers

NordicTrack GX 4.7 Exercise Bike


Backlit Display, 22 resistance levels, ergonomic pedals, water bottle holder

Goplus Magnet Recumbent Bike Exercise Bike Stationary Bicycle Cardio Workout Fitness Bicycle Equipment


Big seat, hand pulse monitor, and thick cushion

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike Exercise Bike, 300lb Capacity, Easy Adjustable Seat, Monitor, Pulse Rate Monitoring - SF-RB4616

Sunny Health & Fitness

Pulse sensors, in-built transportation wheels, self-leveling pedals

What is A Recumbent Bike?

The stationary bike lets you sit down on the seat and lean down to the back to take off the weight on its upper back portion. By sitting on the bike and doing pedaling will let you concentrate on your workout comfortably. The bike comes in an ergonomic design that makes the exercising easy.

The main benefit of this bike is that it avoids the leaning over which is not present in most of the upright exercise bike. This can lead to the pain in the back portion.

How Does the recumbent bike work?

This is the stationary bike that consists the seat, backrest, and pedal motion with the legs. The position is quite ergonomic and is back friendly. It has magnetic resistance mechanism that can be applied on the flywheel.

With the motion of the pedal to the faster and slower, it must work on the lower part of the body on calves, glutes, and thighs. It has the programmed workout which varies according to the resistance and monitors the heart rate and hill scenarios.

considerations before buying A recumbent bike

There are lots of tips and facts that you need to consider before buying any recumbent bike. Here you can check the factors that you need to keep in mind before buying the best rated recumbent bike.

which muscles do recumbent bikes work on?

The recumbent bike is mainly used for exercising the lower body parts. The bike is also used for calves, quads, hamstrings, abs, and for glutes. Apart from the cardiovascular workout, this bike is suitable for the back portion and offers the less pressure on the joints and muscles.

Who uses the recumbent bike?

The recumbent bike is for everyone. Any of the age group candidates can use this bike. He or she can be the young athlete or more than 80 years old senior. People those who can’t exercise on other bikes can use the recumbent bike for recovery and heel.

Any age group people can do exercise on the recumbent bike to improve his or her blood circulation and to raise the heartbeat.

How to feel comfortable on the recumbent bike?

The recumbent bike comes with adjustable seat fore and slide of the seat. To get the comfortable position, you need to lean back and put your feet on the pedals. With the help of adjustment lever, you can feel comfortable.

How does recumbent bike differ from indoor bikes?

The recumbent bike provides you the cardiovascular workout and helps in losing weight, burning calories, and maintains your heart related issues. The recumbent bikes come with the large seat, backrest, and pedals placed in the front side and step through design.

For which physical condition does the recumbent bike is useful?

To maintain your health, you need a recumbent bike. Whether you are taller in size or have overweight you can use this bike to maintain your health. If you have some other physical problem then before buying any recumbent bike you need to consult with your doctor.

How to get the views about the users who are using this bike?

You need to check the reviews of the owners, buyers, and manufacturers about the recumbent bike. After checking out their recommendation, you can shorten down your list and make your buying decision.

What kind of flywheels did you require?

You need heavy flywheels to get the real momentum. Few models come with the perimeter-weighted flywheels that you can enhance and mimic the feeling that you get while riding on road smoothly and quickly.

What kind of programmed workout you must have in your exercise bikes?

Few recumbent bikes control your pre-programmed workout. Many of the exercise bikes are paired with heart rate monitor that helps in monitoring your heart rate count and will give you the wonderful cardio workout that will notify you your heart rate count.

How To Choose The Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes?

Recumbent exercise bikes are certainly made to help you to have a fit lifestyle. These bikes are available in almost every gym. This product is considered to be one of the most popular equipment in the market these days. People who are going to buy this product for the first should be aware of the type of features they would want.

Since this product is a huge success in the market, there are plenty of sellers who are selling these exercise bikes. A new user will end up being extremely happy with the amazing number of variety of features and price range that are available in the market.

The user must remember that this product can be last for life, if the choice of selection is correct, but in case you end up choosing the wrong product it might cause hinder in your fitness schedule.

There are various ranges that are manufactured in the open market regarding these exercise bikes. Therefore, choose the one which is most beneficial to you and your health routine.

A Few Points To Remember Before You Buy This Product

1. Space To Accommodate

Often people think of the getting the models that are displayed at the store, forgetting the actual use of it. In fact, they look for the product that looks nice and has maximum number of features, neglecting the size and shape of the product.

Therefore, being a user, you must understand the fact that the product that you are going to buy should accommodate in your home. Buying a product just because it looks nice, is not a great idea. There is no point investing in a product which is awfully large and doesn’t even have the features you require.

2. Think About Your Budget

We often decide a budget before going out to shop. You must always look for deals that give you maximum features at lower cost. You must never go beyond your budget until you want some specific feature. Always look for what you need in that product.

Have a rough image of how much you want to spend and go ahead look for the right bike for yourself. Since there are a plenty of sellers, selling this product there is a lot of chance that you will get what you want in the budget you have decided.

3. Comfort

The most important aspect of buying a product is to get maximum comfort and stability. A product should give the user comfort and durability of lasting for a maximum period. Before buying this bike, you must understand your comfort and usage.

This product has a lot of models in the market, have a look at each of them and then decide on the one which gives you maximum comfort.

4. Features You Need

As you have read about the variety of features this exercise bike contains, you must look for the features that you need for yourself. There can be time that the purpose of buying this product is different for you than others, therefore make the right choice and chose the model which has maximum number of features that you require.

10 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Reviewed

Here you can check the list of top-rated recumbent bikes that are mostly searched by the users and preferred by them. These recumbent bikes are powered with amazing technology and offer you wide features that you can take into consideration and compare them with other bikes to select the most suited one.

1. Marcy Resistance ME-709

Product Specification


55.5”L*25”W*37.5”H inches

Weight of the bike




Adjustable height

40 to 50 inches

Type of the battery

Double AA batteries

LCD display

Speed, distance, calories, time, and odometer

Other upgraded features

8 level smooth magnetic resistance, adjustable pedal, and seat, LCD display, transport wheels

If you want to shed your extra fat and pounds as well as wants to increase the lifespan of the cardiovascular then Marcy ME-709 is the best option for you. This magnetic resistance recumbent exerciser comes with a compact design look and you can fit this bike into your smallest space easily.

Now you can shed your excess weight and gain muscles by doing the full-body workout at your home. This is the best recumbent bike for home. The bike is made up of high quality 14 gauge steel tube that combines the design and performance of the bike. 

It has the sturdy body that protects the device against scratches and damages caused by daily usages. It has special seat designed with comfortability. It comes with contoured handles that allow your body to be seated comfortably.

The Marcy recumbent bikes are made up of step-through design that comes with heavy duty constructed body which has powdered coating finishing that makes the bike look elegant. The design provides you the maximum comfort with mobility that helps exercising easier for your knees and back portion.

Now you can come into shape, get a toned body or physique, as well as increases your endurance with this amazing recumbent bike. The bike helps in reducing your weight as well as burn lots of calories.

With the recumbent exercise bike, you can come into shape, make your body firm, as well as tone your physique by burning calories and lose weight. The dimensions of this recumbent exercise bike are 55.5”*25”*37.5” inches and the weight of this bike is 66.5 pounds.

Overall, if you want to shed unwanted fat and weight as well as want to increase your cardiovascular endurance by not sacrificing the space then Marcy ME 709 is the best option for you.


The bike has counterbalanced pedals which are designed in such a way that it provides the maximal foot support along with ultimate control. It is equipped with an adjustable foot strap which is perfect for your feet. It also keeps your feet in proper position.

Padded seat

The bike comes with the padded seat that enhances the comfort level of the chair and helps in escaping the excessive fat. It has high-density foam and ergonomically designed body with saddle furnishing. It has contoured foam handles that offers you an extra support to your back portion or arms.

8 resistance levels

The recumbent bike has magnetic resistance mechanism that comes with 8 resistance levels. It has tension knob by which you can change the resistance levels. With these knobs, you can control the hindrance comes in between riding the bike on typical terrains.

Monitor Display

The recumbent bike is an ultra-functional screen that acts like an odometer. You can check the total time taken, speed traveled, distance covered, and total calories burned on this sharp panel display.


The bike is made up of heavy duty contrasted body that has 14 gauge steel tubing. It has powder coated finishing that enhances its elegance. This step-through design body allows maximum mobility at the time of doing training that let you mounting and dismounting the bike which is created for knees and for the back portion.

Does it create noise?

No, the Marcy bike is extremely quiet as it works with magnets and does not require an electric motor.

What is its warranty period?

The Marcy comes with the 2-year warranty period


  • Magnetic resistance adjustment mechanism
  • Sharp panel display
  • Padded seat made up of high-density foam
  • Counterbalanced pedals for maximum foot support


  • Little pedaling resistance

2. Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity

Product Specification


54”*22”*34.1” inches

Weight of the bike

70 pounds

Capacity of the bike


Magnetic resistance levels

8 levels

Range of the user’s height

5.3” to 6.6” inches


Step-through design

This high-quality product comes with value-oriented price and has wider seat that enhances its comfortability. This recumbent bike offers you amazing and challenging cardiovascular workout and minimizes the stress prevailing to your joints and back portion.

It comes with an adjustable height that you can adjust as per your preference. It has LCD display that makes you easy to read the values like distance traveled, calories burned, the time taken, and heart rate. The magnetic resistance mechanism helps in performing the challenging workouts and helps in reading out the heart rate.

The Exerpeutic 900XL bike is available online with the mat as well as without mat. The prices will vary as the mat is not available with free of cost.

The mat that comes with the bike is available with the dimensions of 79”*35.4”*24” in (L*W*H) that protect the floor against any scratches or marks as well as reduces the noise pollution created while doing exercising.

The mat that comes with the bike is foldable and has waterproof PVC equipment that protects the floor from scratches and noise creation.

This wonderful high-quality product is available at reasonable price. Coming to its design, it has dimensions of 54”L*22”W*34”H and the weight of the body are 63 pounds. It can handle 300 pounds of user’s weight. The device comes with 1-year warranty.


It has the capacity of supporting up to 300 pounds of weight. Its design offers you an easy on and off capability as well as helps in providing an amazing and comfortable workout. It has wider seat that enhances the comfort level.

Magnetic resistance mechanism

It has 8 levels for controlling the resistance of this bike. Using this magnetic tension control system, you can change and control the resistance of this exercise bike. The user can adjust the resistance using the tension knob that makes your workout easier.

Silent operation

It has the precision balanced flywheel that comes with V belt drive. This offers you the smooth and quiet operation which does not interfere you while watching movies and videos.

Transportation wheels

The bike comes with the transportation wheels that make the storage and relocation of the bike easy.

Large size seat and backrest

The bike comes with oversized seat cushion which has the large size and it comes with backrest. You can adjust the seat for the user from 5.3 inches to 6.6 inches.

LCD display

The bike comes with large size screen display that shows you the total distance traveled, calories burned, the time taken, the speed of the bike. It also helps in scanning the noting as well as it acts as heart rate monitor.


The bike will allow you to be there in the limits of your targeted heart rate zone. The bike comes with hand pulse sensors that let you diagnose your heart rate.

Does the side arms adjustable?

No, the arms of this bike are fixed and cannot be adjustable.

Is Exerpeutic bike an electric powered?

No, the bike is manual not an electric powered.

Does it come with the mat?

Yes, you can buy this exerciser either with the mat or without the mat. It has folding waterproof PVC mat that protects the floor and helps in reducing the noise. The mat comes with the dimensions of 79” 35” 24” of L*W*H.


  • Minimizes the joint and back stress
  • Cardiovascular workouts
  • Adjustable height
  • Sensors help you to stay in heart rate zone


  • 1-year warranty

3. PROGEAR 555LXT Magnetic Tension

Product Specification


49”*43”*22” inches

Weight of the product

60 pounds

Capacity of user’s weight


Cushioned backrest size


Magnetic resistance levels

14 levels

Range of User’s height

5” to 6’3” inches



Other features

3 workout settings and water bottle holder

The Progear 555LXT let you program your workout goals including its elapsed time, total calories burned, distance traveled, and the workout that you want to achieve. Their infinite slider seat adjustments are quite smooth and are easy. It has the compact design and can be placed in tight space or smaller area.

The paradigm of this bike helps in alleviating the pains and aches of your body. Every item has its own property and has varied style, design, and quality. It has an adjustable floor stabilizer that you can use for leveling and prevents the bike from rocking and tipping.

The bike is quite durable and has stable steel body that has step-through design makes the bike run long lasting.

The recumbent bike helps in achieving your fitness goals and makes you healthier. The backrest of this bike offers you lower back portion support. It has infinite slider seating arrangement that makes you sit on the cycle and let you perform exercise easily.

The bike comes with an extended cushion seat arrangement that offers you the lower back support. The bike comes with the adjustable floor stabilizers that you can use for leveling. The stabilizer will help in preventing the bike from tipping and rocking.

Its paradigm helps in making understand that the exercise and equipment can alleviate the pains.

Coming to the design, this silver color Step Thru design Progear bike let you allow easily switch on and off the bike. It shows you 3 workout settings that let you note the distance traveled, the total time taken, and calories burned.

3 workout settings

The bike comes with three computer workout settings including the distance traveled, the time taken, and total calories burned. The design of this bike helps in switch on and off the bike. The bike has stable steel body that makes the bike durable. The steel body of this bike is quite strong and offers the capacity of holding 250 pounds of user’s weight.

Magnetic resistance mechanism

The bike has 14 levels of magnetic resistance levels that you can change according to your workout intensity. The bike is completely tested in terms of its durability, endurance, and performance.

LCD monitor

It has wide screen display that shows you the large number and let you view noting and values easily. It acts as odometer and shows time taken, the speed of the bike, total distance traveled, and calories burned, as well as RPM.

Slider seating adjustments

It shows you an infinite seating position and adjustments based on the user’s height that ranges from 5 feet to 6 feet and 3 inches.


The recumbent bike comes with cushioned backrest that provides you the lower backrest and support. This backrest enhances your exercising experience. It has an extended cushioned seat that enhances your comfort level. Along with this seat support, you also need handlebars that will also help in doing intense workouts.

Transportation wheels

You can easily relocate the wheels of this bike as it has transportation wheels. It also has oversized pedals that come with foot strap that helps in protecting against any slippage.

Water bottle holder

You will also find in-built water bottle holder in the machine where you can put your water bottle easily. You can easily access your bottle while doing the workout.

Quiet Drive Belt system

This belt system let you perform a workout with no noise and any interruption during any of the workout sessions. This will not be going to disturb you while watching TVs and enjoy seeing videos.

Phone holder

The computer of this bike comes with inbuilt smartphone and tablet holder where you can put your phone easily and safely


  • Display monitor for easier viewing
  • Step Thru design
  • Magnetic resistance mechanism
  • 3 computerized workout settings


  • Seat adjustment is not proper

4. Schwinn 270 

Product Specification


66.5”*12.5”*27.5” inches


93 pounds

No of programs



2 Blue backlit displays

Resistance Levels



RideSocial and Schwinn Trainer apps

The Schwinn 270 can turn to cycling and gives you a dynamic experience and yield an amazing result. The bike offers you various programs and wide resistance levels that make your workout smooth and easier. It has 25 resistance levels that help in your workout at different intensity.

It has high speed and high inertia drive system. Before purchasing this bike, we suggest you read the complete Schwinn 270 recumbent bike review.

The bike is powered by various upgraded technologies including the Bluetooth connectivity and has ride social compatibility. To give an outstanding result, it turns the cycling into a dynamic workout. It comes with the perimeter weighted flywheel that helps in smooth running, easy start-up, and gives you the consistent workouts.

The unique thing or feature that makes the Schwinn come in the priority list is that it has Bluetooth connectivity that let you sync with many fitness apps including Schwinn Trainer App and many other apps that keep track on your fitness.

You can also sync this bike with free downloadable RideSocial App and view the whole world riding virtually in real time.

With Schwinn 270, you can do workout along with listening to your favorite track. It has DualTrack system that comes with MP3 port along with the in-console speakers. With this product, you will get a USB media charging equipment with an adjustable fan.

It offers various programs and different resistance levels which you can connect with Bluetooth connectivity and has app-based tracking tools that you must connect with the app. It helps in turning the cycling exercise into the dynamic experience which will be going to yield outstanding results.


The bike is powered with Bluetooth connectivity and you can synchronize the device with the Schwinn trainer app to track fitness. You can sync the device with the free RideSocial app and let you see the world as you virtually ride this bike in real time.

DualTrack LCD display

The bike comes with DualTrack LCD display that has media shelf and in-console speakers that has the MP3 input port and has USB media charging and an adjustable fan that makes the bike superior among other bikes.

Program and controller

It has 29 programs where 12 are for profile and 9 are for heart rate control. 4 programs are for custom, 2 programs for fitness testing and 1 program for the quick start.

Resistance mechanism

It has 25 levels of resistance that offers wide workout intensity range options. You can change the resistance as per your convenience.

High inertia drive system

The bike is powered by the high inertia drive system and offers high speed which is required for easy start-up and for smooth workouts.

Contoured seat

The bike comes with ventilated and contoured seat that has lumbar backrest support. The support will give you the comfortable and amazing workout. It has an amazing gripping as well as back and fore seating arrangement.


The recumbent bike has ventilated and contoured seat that comes with lumbar supporting backrest that makes the workout cooler and more comfortable. It has aluminum slider system that has the quick and easy lever and fore as well as seat adjustment. The design of the chair is ergonomically.

What is the weight of the bike?

The assembled weight is 93lbs and shipping weight is 101lbs.

How much is the weight of this flywheel?

The weight of this flywheel is nearly 13lbs.

Is the bike works manually?

The bike has inbuilt computer system that uses electricity to run the bike. You cannot pedal go for manually.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Sync with Schwinn trainer app and other apps
  • Lots of programs and resistance levels
  • DualTrack LCD displays


  • Standard quality

5. 3G Cardio Elite

Product Specification


49”*27”*43” inches

Weight of the bike


Pre-set programs


Heart rate programs


Magnetic Resistance

16 levels

User profiles

4 users

Weight Capacity



7 years

The 3G Cardio is one of the comfortable bikes that have an adjustable seat and comfortable backrest that are designed according to your body shape and size. It comes with easy roll transport wheels that have smaller and easily recognizable upper console that makes your workout incredible.

The bike comes with 3 way multi-positioning seat, 5 tilt positions, reclining mesh seat back, and 25 forward and backward positions. The heart rate controller comes with handheld grips and has wireless HR straps.

The console of this recumbent bike will show you the RPM, time, watt, total calories burnt, heart rate count, and total distance traveled.

The best thing about this recumbent bike is that it comes with 7-year warranty period and has 350lbs of weight capacity. The design of this recumbent bike is quite awesome. The bike is small in size and has the compact design that has 49-inches of length and 27-inches of width.

The bike has an amazing seating arrangement that helps in accommodating the 5” to 6.4” inches of user’s height. It has high quality constructed body that comes with lifetime frame. Elite RB has infinite airflow mesh flex that comes with an adjustable backrest. It comes with an easy roll transport wheels that make the work out amazing.

Ergonomics pedals and frame

The bike has Step Thru design and can centered frame that is designed in such a way so that you can access the ergonomically bike with narrow Q factor distance maintained between the pedals.

Handle Controls

The machine comes with remote handling electronic buttons that help in easy programming and offers you handheld contact sensors to measure the heart rate using the wireless heart rate strap.

Adjustable back seat

The bike comes with an adjustable backrest that you can adjust as per your comfortable position at your workout time.


The bike is powered with the high programmable electronic display which is combined with dial interface and is simple as well as easy to use. There are 12 in-built pre-programmed workouts.

Heart rate contact sensors

The bike comes with the handheld sensor that helps in measuring the heart rate as it comes with wireless heart rate strap.

Q factor

It has narrow Q factor distance between the pedals that make the ride incredible.

How can you run this 3D cardio recumbent bike?

You need to plug the bike from its back side so that it will not get stop in between whenever you stop pedaling.

Can this bike work for small people?

Yes, the bike can be used by anyone either the big or small member of your family can exercise on this bike.


  • Heart rate sensors
  • Comfortable back seat
  • 7 years warranty
  • Support 350lbs of user’s weight


  • Heavy bike

6. Stamina Elite Total Body

Product Specification


50”*24”*49” inches

Resistance Levels


Stamina Weight

121 pounds

Color Options

Dark Grey and Metallic grey

Trainers recommend cycling to strengthen your lower body muscles and to boost your metabolism rate. This recumbent bike comes with features inherited from the traditional exercise bike and used for upper body exercise options. This is quite comfortable, efficient, and customizable.

The seating arrangement of the bike can be adjusted. You can stay comfortably on its molded, padded, contoured seat and backrest to get the comfortable feel. It has heart rate sensors and transport in-built wheels.

This is quite sturdy as it is built up with the sturdy steel construction. The bike comes with adjustable seat length where he or she can slide the seat to the backward and forward to get easy mounting and dismounting.

The Stamina Elite comes with 8 different levels that offer smooth ride and resistance free ride. You will find a tension dialer which is quite easy to reach.

The display of this recumbent bike is multifunctional. The handle of this bike lets you perform various arm, shoulder, and back portion exercises. The bike is available in two color options including Dark Grey and metallic grey.

The features of the metallic grey color model are different from that of dark grey. The metallic grey color recumbent bike has the weight of 117 pounds. It also includes both side pedals that are upper hand pedals and lower foot pedals that can be used for full boy workout.

It has angled backrest that adds more comfort and has the sturdy body as it has the steel frame.

The seat of this recumbent bike is quite comfortable and you can slide it back and forth according to your comfort level. The bike comes with the sturdy steel body that enhances its durability and makes the device run for longer life. It has in-built wheels that can be carried easily.

This is a 2 in 1 exerciser on which you can do the traditional workout or you can use the upper hand pedals for exercising.

Upper hand pedals

The bike comes with upper hand pedals that are engaged with the arms, shoulders, and back portion. With its upper hand pedals, you can start exercising for your arms, shoulders, and back portion using the upper hand pedals.

Adjustable resistance

The bike has smooth and an adjustable resistance mechanism that comes with 8 levels which you can switch according to your workout intensity. To change the levels of resistance you can use the knob. As per your workout intensity, you can make an adjustment in the resistance.

Multi-functional display

The monitor will display the quantity and value of speed, distance, calories, heart rate measurement, and total workout time. This display keeps you motivated and increases your confidence. You can watch the speed with which the bike traveled, total calories burnt, and the total distance traveled by bike.

2-in-1 exercise machine

Now you can pedal your way manually for the traditional workout as well as go for the upper handle pedals to perform the full body exercise.

Textured pedals

The bike comes with weighted foot pedals that have adjustable straps. With this strap, you can add the stability and save your leg from slippage.

Pulse sensors

The sensors of this bike come with the handlebar that you can sync with its multi-functional monitor that helps in tracking your heart rate.

Padded seat

The seat of this recumbent bike is molded, contoured, and backrest that enhances the comfort level of the bike. It has an adjustable seating position that slides back and forth and can be easily mounted and dismounted.

What do you need to assemble?

You do not require assembling the bike much. You need to adjust the hands, handles, and seat.

Is the height of the seat adjustable?

Yes, you can adjust the height to up to down as well as front to back.

Does the price of the bike vary with color?

Yes, the prices of both the models are different. The price of the dark grey color bike is more than that of metallic grey as the previous model has more features as compared with the second one.


  • Comfortable padded seat
  • Adjustable resistance mechanism
  • Sensors keep track of heart rate
  • Adjustable pedal straps


  • Handlebars are resistance less

7. Diamondback 510SR Fitness

Product Specification


64”*23”*50” inches

Weight of the bike

125 pounds

Capacity of the bike

300 pounds

Resistance Adjustment

16 levels

Workout programs


The Diamond Back allows you to increase the intensity of your fitness. The bike has 20 workout programs and chooses the required program which is right for you. You can watch the total calories burnt away and get the real time feedback on its LCD electronic display which is blue in color.

It has the solid steel magnetic flywheel and has steel components that enhance its durability. The bike has the sculptured base and ventilated back which are designed in such a way that it offers numerous adjustment settings and allows various users for interchangeable access.

The bike lets you play iPod and MP3 via inbuilt speakers. With its integrated and multi-speed fans, you can keep the bike cool and let you browse your favorite media while doing the workout. It comes with an integrated speaker system that has mp3 connectivity.

It also has the foldout magazine rack that comes with the cooling fan and cup holder. The bike offers you limited lifetime warranty where 3 years for its parts, 1 year on labor, and 90 days on its wear items.

The 510Sr offers you the low impact workout for those people who want to recover from chronic and joint pain. The bike runs quietly as it has smooth and quiet friction less braking system that does not create any noise.

Apart from these below-listed features, it has some other features including scrolling message center, hand grip heart rate sensors, magazine rack that you can fold when you are not using it, friction less eddy current brakes that offers you smooth and silent operation.

Versatile design

If you are looking for ergonomic design recumbent bike then this would be your first choice. The person can buy this bike to easily recover from any injuries and seek the fitness routine at the time of the pregnancy.

Personal trainer

This recumbent bike provides you progress updates and workout options with just one touch. The LCD display offers you the data about its running speed, time, and distance traveled, heart rate, and total calories burned. It has 20 quickset programs that ensure you wonderful workout.


The 510Sr has variable speed cooling fans and has inbuilt media center that comes with the headphone jack, and onboard speakers. The creature comfort will make you feel cool while doing the workout.

The bike is featured with variable speed cooling fans that cool down the bike. It has inbuilt center that comes with headphone jack and speakers.

Burn more calories

The Diamondback has inbuilt heart rate programs that increase the rate of burn calories. All you have to simply grip the sensor where you can see the heart rate of any person on its LCD display. The programs help in to maximize the rate of total calories burnt and make your workout efficient.


The bike is featured with convenient controls which are easy to use and its console is perfect for the riders that are riding at any level.

Workout programs

The recumbent bike is powered by 20 workout programs and has 16 different resistance levels that offer different workout varieties.


The bike is programmed with quickset programs that help in starting with the workout programs using single touch.

Eddy current braking system

The bike has the sculptured base with the supportable back that comes with the armrest and console that offers you smooth and quiet braking system.

Console features

The recumbent bike is featured with LCD display that shows you different values, MP3 connectivity, foldout magazine rack, message center, heart rate programs, console tilt, and has personal cooling fans.

What kind of charging system does this bike use?

The bike uses AC Adapter to charge the bike which has to be plug into the front base of the machine.

Is the Diamondback’s seat comfortable?

Yes, the back portion of the Diamondback’s seat is quite comfortable.


  • Smooth and quiet functioning
  • Multi-speed adjustable cooling fan
  • Integrated speaker system
  • Measure heart rate with programs and sensors


  • Standard Quality

8. NordicTrack GX 4.7

Product Questions

Does it require assembly?

Yes, the bike requires complete assembly. You will get a manual that shows you the assembly instruction.

What is the weight of this bike?

As per the product’s description, the weight of the bike is nearly 145lbs which is quite heavy.

The NordicTrack comes with StepThru Design which eliminates the base and let you On and Off the bike easily. This recumbent bike offers you back support chair and in handle controls that you can adjust according to the workout. It has powerful adjusting fan that makes you feel cool and a tablet holder where you can put your mobile phone.

It has in-handle controls that you can adjust according to your workout. All you have to take your hands off the grips. The GX 4.7 is the perfect exercise bike that is specially designed for the person who wants the low-impact cardio workout.

It has StepThru design that comes with an integrated fan. It has ergonomic pedals and seat that enhances its comfort level and stability whenever you take the ride.

To make you feel relaxed and focused on the workout, the recumbent bike is designed with oversized and cushioned seat that has lumbar support. This will enhance your comfort level and make you feel relaxed all the time. It has quick and responsive controls that let you make an adjustment in resistance with the simple touch button.

Along with this, the bike comes with the water bottle holder where you can keep your water bottle and stay hydrated during your workout. This water bottle holder helps in easy access. The bike has the capacity of holding the 300lbs weight of the candidate. It comes with 1-year warranty.

Inertia-enhanced flywheel

To give you a smooth ride, the bike has 20-pound effective inertia flywheel which is designed to give you a natural stride.

22 Resistance levels

It has 22 resistance levels where each level increases as the difficulty of pedaling increases. With the increase in the resistance, you will find more calories burn and work for muscles.

Backlit Display

In its 5 inches backlit display, you can watch the total calories burned as well as your workout timings. It has the wide viewing angle as well as console angle on which you can keep your eyes to check out the progress.

AutoBreeze fan

Now you can feel the wind with its workout fan and you can adjust the intensity of your workout using this AutoBreeze fan.

Water Bottle holder

The device comes with inbuilt water bottle holder that helps in keeping your body hydrated.

Workout Apps

The bike comes with different 32 workout apps developed by well-known trainers. These apps help you to accomplish your task and goals.

Heart rate reading

It comes with inbuilt sensors that will show you the heart rate count on its console and targets on the specific zone. With the Cardio Grip heart rate monitor, you can keep track on your heart rate. It has dual sensors that are built inside the console and make you feel stay.

Acoustic Sound system

The sound system comes with 2-inches of speakers. You need to connect your device with this integrated sound system so that you can listen to your favorite track and playlist.

Ventilated Lumbar Support

Now you can enjoy the comfort while working out as it has cushioned seat that allows you to focus on your workout.

Other features

The bike has heart rate monitor, wireless strap compatible and has OneTouch controls that you can use as per your preference.


  • Ventilated lumbar supported seat
  • Water bottle holder
  • Responsive controls
  • Backlit Display


  • Heavy body

9. Goplus Magnet 

Product Specification


56.5”*23.5”*41” inches



Material used

Steel and plastic

Weight of the product




The GoPlus recumbent bike is the newly designed exercise bike that comes with compact design and has smoother magnetic resistance. It has the user-friendly computer display that will track the speed, time, pulse rate, and total calories burned.

The bike offers you different preset resistance levels that you can change according to your requirements. If you want some affordable price recumbent bike then the GoPlus is the best option for you.

The bike comes with an adjustable seat that makes the user sit properly. It accommodates different body types and sizes sit comfortably. This is a brand new and high-quality bike which is specially designed for those who are still recovering from various injuries.

It comes in the compact size that you can store anywhere as it requires little space to store and thereby save the space. With the GoPlus bike, you can do exercise anywhere and at any time he or she wants. In a package, you will get a recumbent exercise bike, 5A batteries, and an instruction manual.

Step-through design

It allows you to easy on and off the bike and has an adjustable seat where anybody can adjust of different body types and different size.

Hand pulse monitor

The product has a user-friendly monitor that tracks the speed, time, calories burned, pulse, and other. It helps in targeting your heart rate zone. It has large size display also that tracks the speed, pulses, the time taken, and total calories burned.

Big backrest

It has big sized seat and backrest designed according to the different body type. The backrest will offer you amazing comfort and incredible experience. The seat of this bike is quite big and has the thick cushion that enhances the comfort level of this bike.

Adjustable resistance

The bike comes with 8-level resistance adjustment that helps you changing the level of the resistance according to your intensity level. The magnetic system of resistance will offer you the less abrasion.

Pedal and Wheels

It is featured with wheels that helps in easier movement and has adjustable straps that save you from slippage and scratches. You can do exercise at any time and at anywhere.


It has new branded and high-quality body which comes in the compact design. This compact design helps in saving the space as it requires less space to store the bike when not in use. The bike has Step-Through design which allows you to switch on and off the bike.

The material which the manufacturer used in this bike is steel and plastic that makes the bike quite strong.

Does the bike have heart rate monitor?

Yes, the bike has heart meter that helps in recording your heart pulse rate.

Can you fold the bike easily?

No, you cannot fold your bike easily. You can easily move the bike around but you cannot fold it.


  • Space Saver
  • Comfortable backrest
  • Heart rate count monitor
  • Adjustable straps for more comfort


  • Price is high as it has an upgraded feature

10. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic

Product Specification


54.5”*26”*39.5” inches

Weight of the bike


Inseam height

26 inches to 33.9 inches

User Weight



3 years

Magnetic resistance mechanism

8 levels

The Sunny health and fitness bike has easily adjustable seat where you can sit back and do the workout. It allows you the seat adjustment in the forward and backward direction. It has self-leveling pedals where you can place your feet.

You can do exercise for the longer hour by changing your workout intensity and using the magnetic tension control system that has 8 level controller.

You can track the progress of your workout on its LCD digital monitor where you can check the value of time taken, speed, distance traveled, total calories burned, heart rate count and act like an odometer.

It has in-built transportation wheels that enhance the bike’s portability. The bike has user-friendly handles that come with sensors. It helps in monitoring your heart rate count and the intensity of your workout. The bike has the capacity to hold up to 300 pounds of user’s weight.

Cushioned Seat

It allows you to easily access the seating on this recumbent bike. It bike has step-through design and makes the seat safer, and less fuss as well as strain prevailing on your backside and legs.

Monitor Display

The bike comes with the monitor that displays your heart rate. You can measure the pulse rate of workout person correctly and efficiently. The steady and prolonged heart rate it shows and denotes that the more steadily the fat will burn.

Adjustable resistance

Using the tension knob, you can change the resistance according to your comfort level. By just turning the knob, you can either increase or decrease the resistance of the bike. By utilizing the knob, the user can effectively engage in its routines and will stimulate the muscles differently.

Seat adjustment

The bike comes with seat adjuster that helps the machine in making the seating adjustment. You can make adjustment easily using the adjuster or handle.

3-year Warranty

The bike comes with the warranty period of 3-years which is allotted for the structural frame and 90 days warranty allotted for the bike parts and components.

Does the bike come assembled?

No, you will not get an assembled product. To assemble the bike you must check the video on YouTube.

Is the seat height adjustable?

You can adjust the position of the seat either to the forward or backward. You cannot adjust its height.

Does it create noise?

The bike has smooth and quiet operation that does not disturb you in between while watching movie or TV.


  • Monitor your heart rate
  • Comfortable cushioned seat
  • Adjustable resistance
  • 3 years warranty


  • Resistance mechanism bends easily

What are the benefits of recumbent bikes?

The recumbent bike helps you in your workout at home. In fact, this is the best recumbent stationary bike that is best for those people who are suffering from back pain and has some joint problem.

Improved Cardio 

While doing work out on the recumbent bike, you will get toned legs and back portion. As per the research, it has been found that with the minimum of 20 minutes of exercise you can increase your heart rate count and make you physically fit. Cardio will help in reducing the heart disease and other heart-related issues.

Low-Impact workout

Many types of exercises and workout can create lots of stress on your knees, hips, ankles, and other body parts. While exercising on the recumbent bike will let you recline to the comfortable position and let you perform the low-impact workouts.

You can make your cycling action intense as it is required to help you burn calories and tone your legs.

Calorie Burning

Based on the weight and fitness level, you will be going to burn calories per hour. Depending on your fitness level, you can change your workout intensity by burning your calories on the recumbent bike. According to your intensity of the workout, you can change your resistance level.

Exercise feeling

Workout on the recumbent bike will release the endorphins and helps in reducing the depression symptoms. You will feel happier as you can move better and feel better after seeing your muscular and toned body and reduced weight and excessive fat.

Money saving

The best thing about the recumbent bike is that you can save money which you spend in the gym. You can also save the time incurred in traveling.


After doing the complete analysis, we have shortlisted few of the models according to your wish and well suited for you. If you want many programs within the exercise bike, then go for Schwinn 270 recumbent exercise bike. The Schwinn 270 consists of 29 programs and the bikes are highly programmable.

If you are looking for the bike that comes with extended warranty period then go for purchasing 3G Cardio Elite RB as it offers you 7 years of warranty.

If you are a music lover and looking for the music player along with the exercise bike then go for Diamond Back 510Sr recumbent bike as it has inbuilt speakers that let you listen to music. If you want mat along with bike then Exerpeutic 900XL is the best one.

If you want more and more features and extra facilities then go for Progear 555LXT which comes with water bottle holder and phone holder as well as there are 14 resistance levels that you can change accordingly.

Final Verdict

Many people spend their halftime doing cycling while watching tablets, listening to music, and watching shows. If you enjoy doing workout then the recumbent bike is the best machine to work upon.

The recumbent bike keeps people coming back to perform intense and effective workouts that will not be going to hurt the back, knees, and joints. Here you can find out the best recumbent bike reviews that you can check and that will help you find the best one.

If you have any suggestions then you can mention the query in the comment box listed below.

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