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Kayaking For Beginners: Tips & Information

This guide provides helpful tips to get you started as a beginner in kayaking. Stay safe on the water with these rules.


Guides & Tips

Kayaking For Beginners: Tips & Information

This guide provides helpful tips to get you started as a beginner in kayaking. Stay safe on the water with these rules.

by PITeam

by PITeam

Kayaking is not only a great spot, but it is also a great medium of Recreation, which involves major physical activity. Kayaking is certainly not an easy sport; in fact, it requires a lot of skills and stamina. It requires a lot of movement of your arms and legs; in fact, it requires great attention and focus.

The sport is also considered as an environmentally friendly sport this is because it does not involve wastage of any kind of natural resources. This sport only requires a kayak. A Kayak is a Boat like structure which floats on the water. You can row the Kayak and can also paddle it as well.

They are quite big in size, which makes the storage a big challenge. This water sport activity can not only be enjoyed by the younger generation, but also can be enjoyed by people who are older or kids. Basically, people of all ages can learn and enjoy this sport activity.

Golden Rules of Kayaking

The sport activity can be enjoyed by the people who want some thrill as well as who would like to enjoy the beauty of nature and serenity. The only thing that you need to take care of is that, before you enter into this kind of adventure you need to train yourself correctly and adequately; this will make your experience more enjoyable, easier and safer.

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tips to keep in mind as a Kayak Beginner 

There are a few tips that you must keep in mind as a beginner, these tips are going to explain you the art of kayaking. the tips are as follows:

1. Choose the right Kayak

While purchasing a kayak, you'll want to consider a few things which are most important such as where will you be using it, whether you can use it for longer duration or just for a day, how well is the storage capacity of that kayak, how durable is it, what kind of material is it made up of, how light it is, these are the various questions that would come to your mind while purchasing a Kayak.

Hence be careful before you buy one. Do consult an expert, who would help you pick the right kayak for you. These kayaks are available in the open market or on Amazon website as well. The kayak that you choose should be highly stable and more durable.

A good kayak should offer you peace of mind and ease of travel. They should be built with a highly stable material because many a times while beginners would like to try new things on it and hence you need a strong base as well. Make the best purchase and enjoy its lifetime experience.

2. Training

Sometimes, since you are new at this, you may require a lesson or two to get the complete hang of kayaking. Initially, it might not be something that you like, but once you get the hang of it, you will love it. A proper trainer will help you to explain all the important techniques of kayaking that are required to know.

It is nothing very difficult; all you need to do is, to get adjusted to the water and its momentum. It’s always better to take some lessons; it helps to build up your confidence as well.

3. Stretching activity

Safety tips of kayaking

This is one of the most important points that you must remember before and after you have done kayaking.

Stretching is done to maintain and have greater stamina while you are doing kayaking.

It increases the overall strength of the body. The major reason to do stretching is that it helps to relax your muscles and avoids getting cramps.

Since kayaking requires sitting in one position for a long time that is why full stretching is an important part of relaxing overall body before Kayaking. Stretching can be done or followed when you are entering yourself into any kind of water sport activity.

4. Choosing the paddle

For the beginners choosing the right paddle is also a major aspect of kayaking. One must be aware of what kind of paddle is required for the learners and the people who have just introduced themselves into this water sport activity.

Before buying a paddle make sure you know the pattern length, shape and design of the paddle that you are going to buy, you must also be aware of the kind of blade and material that is best, to be used for Kayaking. For better security, you may also like to carry a spare paddle with you when you go for Kayaking.

This will ensure that if one breaks down the other one can be used at that time. This is one of the best tips that you can use as a beginner when you go for kayaking. You must always choose the right type of equipment that you need to carry while you do this activity.

5. Protection Gear

There are a few protection gears that you need to carry with you while you do kayaking. These gears would include a life jacket, helmet, tools and equipments that are related to kayak. Whether you are new to this or have been doing kayaking for years, wearing a buoyancy aid is a must. It is a life jacket that allows comfortable movement around the arms and towards your neck.

Water body can be very unpredictable; you never know when you get into a major trouble when you are on the water. This lifejacket will help you save your life by letting you float on the water surface. It is indeed most important thing that you must wear while kayaking.

6. Right attire

You must be careful of what you are going to wear, while you are going for Kayaking. No matter of the water is cold or warm, you must dress accordingly. Footwear must also be accurate, nothing slippery is recommended for such an activity.

There are specific dresses that are made for Kayaking sport activity. A proper swimsuit is a must with enough protection. The outfit should not be too heavy in weight that it increases your overall weight. It should be a perfect fit and comfortable.

Kayak Safety Tips For Beginners

  1. 1
    You might think that kayaking is an easy in water sport activity, but you must know that it cannot be done all by yourself; you need to learn the Basic techniques of kayaking which will help you to enjoy this water sport activity in a much better way. Make sure you have an experienced person with you while you go out for again for the first time; avoid doing it alone for the few times that you go out on the water. You would need to learn the proper technique of this sport activity.
  2. 2
    Do not compromise on the quality of kayak that you're going to buy. Also, make sure you get the best quality paddle and gears that you are going to use. Just to save your money do not make bad purchases because this is water related activity and you should never take any risk with it.You must make sure that you have a proper and correct safety gear such as helmet or a life jacket.
  3. 3
    You must wear it before you go out for kayaking. Do not miss to wear your safety jacket because this can cause a major issue in case of any emergency.You must make sure that you have proper water and weather conditions before you go out for kayaking. You must know what kind of location you are going in, in fact, as a beginner know you must never try to go in the water, which is wild and can cause anything that is dangerous for your life. If things should be checked before you leave your house for kayaking.
  4. 4
    In case of any dangerous you must be able to contact or communicate with your fellow kayakers; therefore, you must know all kinds of sign language and communication language. For extra precaution you must wear bright coloured clothes or life jacket, so that you can be spotted easily from faraway places, in case of any danger.
  5. 5
    You must always carry a whistle with you, so that if you are alone, you may blow that whistle and call for help. This can help you even if you are stuck somewhere from where you might not know your way back. Make sure you always carry an extra paddle, a duct tape, repairing kit and first aid with you in case of any kind of emergency. This not only going to help you but might help others who are kayaking with you.
  6. 6
    While you start kayaking in the water, make sure you are sitting properly and accurately on the kayak. Your Kayak might have good and comfortable back rest, but do not slouch on it. It is always better that you sit straight on the kayak. Make sure you are not tilting towards one end. The most important part of kayaking is to maintain balance while you are on it. Rest your foot on the foot pegs that are available on each side of your kayak. Your heels should be in the center and knees should be bent upwards. Toes should always point outwards. Your posture should be accurate while you are kayaking.


The beginners must know that before they start, you must acquaint yourself to the types of kayaking and the types of kayaks that are used. You must also be aware of the type of water and weather conditions before you go out for kayaking.

You must never take the risk to go alone without supervision because this might harm you and your experience of kayaking. You must always read all the guidelines that a necessary for kayaking in your initial trips. While you are on the water surface, make sure you stay alert on the kayak. As a beginner, you must always stay alert while you are kayaking.

One mistake or negligence and you will be floating in water. Never take things for granted. No matter how experienced you are, you may still make mistakes while you row a kayak. Therefore, make sure all your senses are in place because whatever said and done, you are playing with water and its force.

Due to a different range and adaptability, the kayaks can be used for other activities as well; such activities could be diving, fishing, rescue during floods, wildness exploration and various other recreational things. If you go and explore you would find there are various places which offer you kayaking as one of the most adventurous sport, which would give you an exceptionally brilliant. 

It would be clearly not be recommended for the people who fear water and water related activities, but if you are one of those who would love to explore and have a zeal to enjoy the thrill then it is the most correct sport for you.

You must take an experienced person with you, who will not only help you to teach how to do kayaking, but will also help you to monitor the time and the weather conditions. As a beginner, you must understand the momentum of the water, so that it doesn’t affect you while you are kayaking.

In fact, as a beginner, you must always take your trainer with you, so that you are well aware of the circumstances that can come while kayaking. Must make sure you are familiar with the surroundings and the gear that you're going to use. Nothing should be uncomfortable to you while you are kayaking.

If you are a beginner, then the best option that you have is to enroll yourself in a kayaking school, so that they can train you the basic and the most important techniques of kayaking, which would be required in the most cases. Kayaking is an adventurous sport which can give you a lifelong hobby and can make you love this sport.

This article will help you or rather guide to understand the basic techniques of kayaking as a beginner.

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