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Selecting The Best Wheelchair: Guide & Overview

Use this guide to help understand what factors you need to consider when buying a wheelchair for your requirements.


Guides & Tips

Selecting The Best Wheelchair: Guide & Overview

Use this guide to help understand what factors you need to consider when buying a wheelchair for your requirements.

by PITeam

by PITeam
factor to be considered while buying wheel chair

The decision to purchase a wheelchair should always be taken with the utmost care and sound judgment.

If you are taking government funding to buy a wheelchair you must be aware of the rules and regulations that are required to be taken care of while purchasing a particular wheelchair. 

Your manual or powered wheelchair would need to last for at least five years if you are accessing government funding.

Only after 5 years, you will be allowed to prescribe for a new one.

You must be very careful before buying or subscribing for a new wheelchair. Such wheelchairs are made with an aim of providing extreme care and comfort to the user. They are made to make your life easier and simpler. People who use a wheelchair have a liberty to do their routine work with much ease and comfort.  

You must make the right decision based on your clinical needs. Your lifestyle must also be taken into consideration before you purchase your wheelchair. You ought to have a careful look at the specifications and technical aspect of the product that you are buying.

Do not mislead your thoughts because of any kind of suggestions or opinion. one of the basic requirement for seniors is lightweight electric wheelchair.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing a wheelchair

Clinical Needs

how to make selection of best wheelchair

Your clinical needs are important to be determined while selecting a wheelchair.

They are classified into two ways: one which implies your own understanding and knowledge of your body.

Also to understand how your feels, what exactly do you require in order to deal with any issues related to your body.

Second is the recommendation of your physiotherapist or any specialist who has been assessing you for a long period and who understands what exactly do you require. You must understand and know your clinical needs before buying a wheelchair.


hAow to select best electric wheelchair

Lifestyle includes a lot of things such as where you live that means your environment and household. It also depends on the city you live in or which apartment or a house you have. It also involves how you live your life as well as the activities that you do on a regular basis.

You must also consider where you go and how you go there. Knowing your own ability and strength to maneuver your wheelchair is also an important point to take into consideration while buying a product for yourself.

A manual wheelchair is easier to transport in vehicles whereas an electrical wheelchair would require your vehicle to adapt with the lift. With the help of your suggestions, a therapist will be able to assist you to determine what exactly you require and how much strength your wheelchair would require to move around.

To move your wheelchair on your own the only good idea is to continue to maintain core strength and remain active. This will also help to make your life much active and healthy. Additionally, once you prescribe for a wheelchair to assist you, one of the key consideration is to look and notice at the ideal condition of the wheelchair.

For many people, it is better to take up an electrical wheelchair than a manual one so that it becomes a little easier for them to move around and help in easy mobility.

Manual vs Electric 

Nowadays people do not have much strength or appropriate operation to drive a manual chair. The other reason is that your way of life is such that an electric wheelchair makes the best logic as you will be able to travel easily and a manual chair just doesn’t recommend the same energy to sustain.

Formerly once you decide the kind of wheelchair you will need there are a lot of additional options as to what sort of electric wheelchair or labor-intensive wheelchair you need.  

Some wheelchairs can even be personalized with an area of expertise support products similar to electric motion wheels that give slight control assistance to nonelectric wheelchair users nonetheless these have their limits as well.

Other considerations:

  • Physical Condition
  • Your Budget
  • Primary Usage

Therefore, one must understand their own personal needs and requirements. Freedom and liberty should be given to a person to choose the best product they like. The majority of wheelchairs are manufactured to adjust into a tiny, compact area.

This helps you to freely move about within your home with no trouble, giving you additional ease and comfortable lifestyle. Make a correct choice for the type of wheelchair you require or need.

Wheelchairs are definitely one of the most beneficial equipment to older citizens since it indeed provides the person with superior comfort, independence, and mobility. It also allows the person to be free and carry out their daily work on their own. It helps the people to experience the kind of life they've always wished for.


A wheelchair is considered to be perfect and most appropriate when it meets the actual need of an individual. It ought to make sure that it fulfills all the environmental conditions around the person using it. A good wheelchair must provide a great fit and support to the postural alignment while sitting on it.

It should be safe and comfortable for the person using it. It must also be durable and should be made out of good quality material. It should be economical and affordable for the person purchasing it so that it can be bought by anyone easily.

A wheelchair is one of the most commonly used assistive devices to promote movement and mobility. It helps to give a better quality of life for the people who have difficulty in their basic movement and walking. It certainly helps people to approach life in a way different manner than usual.

It lets you do the basic daily routine work with full efficiency and effectiveness. Wheelchairs are made to offer you the independence to be in motion as you like. These material barriers set further necessities on the durability of wheelchairs.

Individuals are not given enough opportunity to decide the most suitable wheelchair for themselves. Often there is only one particular type of wheelchair available in the market

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