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4 Best Headphones for Rock Music

These top-rated brands provide clarity, comfort and lasting for years.


Buyers Guide & Information

4 Best Headphones for Rock Music

These top-rated brands provide clarity, comfort and lasting for years.

by PITeam

by PITeam

Music is considered to be a good and positive therapy for a healthy soul.

Choice of music is something that differs from person to person and truly depends on the type of connection you have with that music.

One of them which could be considered as a food for soul and specially a blessing to listen is rock music. 

If you compare this music with any other music, rock music has a tendency to create mystery and render in diverse style. It is quite difficult to understand this type of music in fact it would take years for a beginner to know and grasp the exact tone of the music. 

If you actually want to enjoy metal and rock music, you would need to listen it either live or buy an accurate designed headphone to appreciate the exact beauty and intensity of the sound and music. These headphones would help you to give the nicest and richest listening experience with an unbeatable clarity.

There are people who would listen to rock music, such people are generally called audiophiles. Such people would like to hear the slightest detail of this type of music, unlike any other genre.

Other music emphasizes on the lyrics of the music and human voice whereas rock music listeners extract pleasure from the change and evolution of the tune to the variation on melody and its diversity of the music that the instruments provide.

When you consider buying a headphone to listen to rock music you must bring out a great sound in low and mid-range frequency, the users who listen to rock and Metal music are generally interested in the good and accurate sound quality of their headphones more than anything that is available.

Deep Bass generally provides Rock music a different tone and power which is often more felt than being heard. The frequency range of such headphones or instruments should vary from 20 to 50 Hz. The best headphones that are available for such music generally would need a top-notch product but would also require comfort and durability.

It is imperative that the best headphones for such type of music not only appear to be sturdy when held but also are really durable and hold up to a heavy duty used for the overtime.

The overall on the sound quality of headphones suffer when the headphones are made up of plastic or bad material because sound interacts, gets dumped and distorted because of it.

These headphones should have enough frequency and bass that it produces the best quality music for listening to rock and Metal music without causing any kind of distortion.

These headphones could be little expensive for the general buyer but to have a good quality music you would definitely need a product which has great features and is able to tackle the sound and music of this type.

A good quality headphone will have all the necessary features that you would require to examine and a great quality music of any kind and especially metal and rock.

Best headphones for Rock Music

How to find the best rock music headphones


The headphones have overall changed significantly since their first introduction of these headphones in the market. The modern headphones have become better in technology and features, which allows the user to listen to every bit of this music, whether it is guitars drum or violin stroke on the keyboard or any other instrument.

The headphone that you should buy has a different level of listening experience. While you listen to any kind of music each instrument and note is extremely important to notice.


The Impedance that affects the overall volume that produced by these headphones. All the major headphones which are closed-backed and in-ear design come with a different level of impedance. Lower the level of this us the better audio quality.

You must look for the headphones which have approximately 20 ohms or lower impedance. It is because that these headphones require a small power source deliver High audio level, which gives the best music listening experience.


The frequency response of such headphones has the ability to produce all frequency of music at an equal level. The frequency of such music should be between 20 to 20,000Hertz. The first best figure which is 20 represents the bass level and the 2nd figure which is 20,000 shows the treble level which is represented by the headphone.

To listen to such type of music the frequency level of such headphone should have a perfect balance between High and low notes in an apt way without delivering too much or too Little Bass.

Sensitivity and comfort

The sensitivity of these headphones represents how effective headphone converts the electric signal into the music. It has an ability to measure the overall loudness of the headphone and its great power source.

Headphones that have a greater sensitivity is preferred to listen to rock music as it is able to produce a wide range of great output. Sensitivity also demands the comfort of the user as there has to be a great level of comfort while using the headphones to the user.

Durability and design

The design of the headphone should be most suitable to the user and should give an effect of the overall durability of the headphones.

There could be a few headphones which have great look, but would not be durable, therefore, the user needs to be aware of the headphones which are low weight and preference should be given to the durability and not the style and fancy features.

The design should be quite compact and provide the user with maximum comfort and sound clarity. If you have a great design and long durability it automatically improves the sound quality of the headphones. This reduces the pressure on the head and ears while listening to music.

4 Best headphones for rock music Reviewed

1. Audio- Technica ATH- M50 Headphones


  • It has as an ability to reproduce sound exactly same as in the studio.
  • It has an excellent bass and vocals, doesn't have an amplifier.
  • Sounds better with use and has a perfect design.

If you look in the market, there is not any other headphone that could be better or good in the aspect of excellent sound quality and comfort. The product and brand are quite unique and is an actual synonym of workmanship and create quality products.

This product has also one of the great following and is considered to be the best headphones that could be used for listening to rock and Metal music in the market today. This product has been exceptionally made to bring out each and every detail in the song, even the minutest sound that is heard through these headphones.

The upper limit of the frequency of this headphone is about 20khz. If you notice, this product has fantastic and warm mids with the vocal shines to an extreme level especially when the backdrop music is resonated.

If you compare this headphone to other headphones this product has certainly better durability and sturdiness and in fact, it stands out as a product for the users. The voice and the sound that these headphone producers are crisper and finest sound that could you could ever be heard from any of the headphones these days.

The headband could get a little tight at first but once you start using this product it gets adjusted and you don’t feel any kind of a pain in ears and head.

2. Beyerdynamic DT-880 Headphones


  • Produces natural sound that allows an analytic use.
  • Producers Crisp and precise sound which attracts a lot of users
  • Have a great price range and sound stage widens.

This headphone is known for its fantastic clarity and has an abundant dynamic. It produces redefine detailed sound quality which is hardly seen in any kind of headphones these days. The headphone sound presentation helps to enable to look at the depth of the music and the quality of it.

This product comes under one of the best headphones that are used to hear Rock and Metal music. The great bass of this product is very controlled and is accurately adjusted to the right frequency without distracting the sound. The minutes are high and warm with a perfect articulation.

The sound of this headphone is quite Crisp and not piercing which allows the user to listen to their favorite Rock music for hours without feeling any kind of discomfort. This product also offers a great balance of frequency that comes in every detailed quality that attracts the fans of this product.

The design of this product is so comfortable that it allows the user to use the soft ear cushion to cover the ears and it easily grabs your head tightly, without causing any kind of discomfort. This product is quite studied and lightweight in material, which definitely gives a satisfied comfort to the user. 

3. Marshall Headphones M-ACCS-00152 Headphones


  • Comfortable equations and headphone fit are the best attraction about this product.
  • This product produces warm and solid sound quality.
  • Two sound option is available in this product with a stylish look and durable feel.

If the user is looking for a headphone that can deliver great bass and warm mids with a crisp sound quality, then this product is a fantastic choice. It has a great price and is definitely most suitable for the people who love the slightest detail of the music.

The bass of this product is extremely good, which satisfies the user with its quality. You can definitely grove to the best EDM beat with the best headphones for Rock music without getting any distortion of music.

This product also attracts a lot of users for its design and build, as the Framework is made from a sturdy iron covered in the leather headband. The design is very comfortable for the user and avoids any kind of a pain to your head or ears. You also have the liberty to adjust the exact height of the headphone.

The drivers are made up of plastic, yet looks quite stylish with the ear cushion, which is made up of leather to avoid the stress on your head and giving a comfortable experience to the user for listening to music for long hours.

If you compare this product with other products the style of this product is extremely good and fashionable in each aspect. Finished with black and gold gives a sleek and classy look. This product is quite easy to carry and has the ability to provide minimally or zero noise when rubbing against a surface. 

4. Sony MDR7506 Professional Diaphragm Headphones


  • It lets you hear the sound as it was recorded in the studio.
  • Authoritative bass and volume can be tuned up or down, which avoids any kind of distortion.
  • It is quite easy to adjust the headband which gives maximum comfort to the user.

If you want to listen to the music as it was heard in the studio then you must go and buy this product because it delivers the exact same listening experience.

These headphones are considered to be the best headphones that could be used for Rock and Metal music as it has a flat response with Deep soundstage and tight accuracy which allows translating hearing every aspect of the music in a much better and good quality way.

Picking up individual voices of backup singers and zooming in on to the drummer’s strokes, is actually made possible with this kind of headphone which are available in the market for the users. This product is surprisingly small and lightweight enough that you can get away with wearing them in public.

The headband of this product is instantly adjusted to the different head size and is sturdy enough with great design. Impact of this product is quite amusing and good.


The products given above are quite unique in their own way and have clarity of sound which is most needed by the user in the market, each headphone has an ability to give a durable and good sound quality music.

Therefore, these are the products which are best in the market and are mostly also available online on various websites like Amazon. Have a great time listening to rock music.

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