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Drone Technology: Beginners Guide & Overview

Are you new to drone and quadcopter technology? Use this guide to get a good understanding of drone fundamentals.


Drones has gained a large popularity in capturing an aerial photographic view. Despite being used for a casual reason, these drones are also been used by the military and other industrial purposes. This device has been created to capture the view which is considered to be at a height way above the ground.

This device is also been exclusively used to capture the images or videos through a proper technology. Unmanned Arial vehicles are being used by military to capture a specialized pre-programmed navigation all around the country.

This device contains a camera which can take an image from a height where a man cannot reach efficiently. It is made with the material which is quite easy to be used and maneuvered.

Going ahead let’s read and understand what exactly is a drone?

The word drone is a creation of new technology in this modern world.

Even though this technology is not new to the people in market, as it is similar to something like a remote-control car or airplanes.

These technologies took over the market in the late 70’s. They are also considered to be unmanned vehicles and could be classified as a drone. 

A major change in Technology in the field of motor and camera has brought the whole existence of drone into picture.

The simple way to control and the relative ease of construction of the drone has made it most popular compared to a fixed wing helicopter. The technology has developed in way that a medium of covering an aerial photo has been simplified and easier.

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The Technology Behind This Product

These drones are created by having two pairs motor on either side of the product, which spins at a different direction, this helps to solve the Imbalance in the drones.

This technique also helps in simple movement of turning and spinning of the product.

These drones contain an equipment such a camera, GPS, video transmitter and many other sensors, that are most useful for capturing a view.

There is a constant improvement in this technology, which helps to keep exploring the potentials of a drone.

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The frame of a drone is made up of a sturdy and Lightweight material. These materials could be plastic carbon fiber or any other fiber glass, which is considered to be a low-density metal. This product has an electronic mounted board inside the drone and has a central hub which spokes radiates outwards.

The rotors are built on these spokes. The film of these drones is waterproof as it has a motor in it. It is considered to be made of a product, which protects the drone from any kind of damage and makes it safer for the people to handle it.


A propeller is attached to a drone which is responsible for all the activities that are related to the movement of a drone.

It helps the drone to move forward and backward, turn and tilt easily and simply. Depending on the Range most propellers are made of plastic, but if you consider buying an expensive one then they could be made up of carbon fiber as well.

Motor and battery

The motor of the drone has the potential to provide the rotational powers to the rotors and the use of brushless motor makes it more efficient, as these Motors decreases the loss of energy due to friction between the brushes of these Motors.

There is an extremely efficient battery life that is being provided with these drones. This helps to provide the user who plan to fly these drones for a longer time. The battery contained in these drones are made of Lithium polymers. These batteries are quite lightweight with high density conventional batteries.

Camera and Speed controller

GoPro is a type of camera which is used most widely in the formation of a drone. This camera provides high definition and a compact variety of special abilities. That includes fish eye and wide angle capturing of images as well.

The drone has an electronic speed controller, which has the ability to control the speed of the motor and allow the drone to maintain the direction. It also helps the drone to have a solar radiation in the speed which is extremely important for navigating it.

GPS module and landing gear

A Global Positioning system module, which is popularly known as GPS receiver. This technology helps to provide information on any kind of position and compass heading.

This helps to allow the user to understand the accurate flight and makes it safer. It is basically used to provide directions to the drone and helps in setting way points.

Drones also has a particular pattern of landing. It also depends on the model that can help the user to understand the landing of these drones in a much better way.

It can have a fixed or retractable landing, this helps to protect the drone while it lands on the ground.

Most recommended landings are retractable landing as they do not hamper the photos or videos that is been capture by the drone.

Other sensors

There is various other technical support system that is provided in a drone to the user. Flight controller and receiver are few of the other sensors that are most important in a drone. The receiver interface helps to interpret the navigation instructions and a flight controller helps to integrate all the signals from the receiver.

Tips For Beginners

If you are investing your money to buy your first drone, then the most important things that you should remember these points before you buy a drone:

  • Must be in budget
  • Sturdy and compact
  • Simple and easy to use

5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Drone

These drones are further classified into other categories:

  • Immediately Ready to fly
  • Almost ready to fly
  • Bind and fly

These three categories are made to help the beginners to differentiate between what they should buy and what they should not. Ready to fly drones are the drones that come to the user as complete and assembled in a single box. It is highly recommended for the beginners as there’s nothing extra what you need to do or buy.

Coming to the second category, which is almost ready to fly are the drones which contain all the Essential to fly, but the assembly needs to be done by the user. Packages provide proper steps and giving with efficient direction to the user, still combination of everything is required to be done.

This is better for the people who have been using these drones for some time. Bind and fly are the drones which comes completely assembled but do not have radio components that is required for controlling the drone.

Most of the packages come with a default directions and survival mode manual for the beginners. A beginner must understand the use and vulnerability of this product and have the corrective mechanism to use it to its optimum level.

Therefore, go ahead and choose the best drone for yourself, which not only helps to complete your work, but also provides you with a fun and exciting experience.

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