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Greenworks Pressure Washer Brand Review

We have thoroughly reviewed the Greenworks pressure washer range including the popular 1600, 1700 & 2000 PSI models!


You may have seen one used in an industrial setting, but did you know that pressure washers today are more affordable and productive than ever before?

These innovative units can put a stream of water under intense pressure and direct it outward through a concentration, thus allowing it to loosen and remove dirt from even the most ground-in surface.

Due to their increasing popularity, more and more pressure washer brands have begun to pop up on the consumer market.

But even though other brands may offer affordability or productivity, Greenworks brand pressure washers are one of the only options that provide both in a single user-friendly package.

Any one of their 5 core models will serve your cleaning needs with precision, so take some time to read our reviews and acquaint yourself with this top-tier pressure washer brand.





Check Price

Greenworks GPW1501

1,500 PSI

1.2 Gallons

Greenworks GPW1602

1,600 PSI

1.2 Gallons

Greenworks GPW1702

1,700 PSI

1.2 Gallons

Greenworks 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Greenworks GPW1802

1,800 PSI

1.1 Gallons

Greenworks GPW2000-1 2000 PSI 1.2 GPM Electric...

Greenworks GPW2000

2,000 PSI

1.2 Gallons

Why Choose Greenworks?

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose a Greenworks brand pressure washer over models from brands less committed to productivity and affordability.

For instance, Greenworks itself has been an industry leader when it comes to consumer outdoor equipment for well over a decade, much of which incorporates their innovative lithium-ion battery technology. They’re also part of the trusted STIHL tools family and continue to push efficiency standards higher each year from their headquarters in Mooresville, NC, USA.

When it comes to features included in their top-of-the-line pressure washers, though, Greenworks brand really shines through. These are just a few of the very best features that you won’t be able to live without once you try out a Greenworks pressure washer for the first time:

Built-In Soap Tank

Greenworks pressure washers are always built with compactness and portability in mind. Greenworks’ engineers also want to ensure that you can focus on the task at hand, which is why they’ve built a soap tank directly into many of their mid-range pressure washer units. Some high-end models even include dual soap tanks, thus doubling the amount of intense cleaning you can do in a single session.

Quick Connect Hoses

Greenworks has also made their pressure washers as user-friendly as can be. That’s why they’re quick to brag about their Quick Connect hose attachment system. In essence, this system allows you to click in a 25 or 40-degree spray tip in a single motion. As such, you’ll be able to complete every pressure washing job on your list without fussing with detachable components.

On-Board Hose Reel

Greenworks pressure washers always give you plenty of hose length so that you can pressure wash with a higher degree of flexibility. But perhaps more importantly, they make it easy to store said hose safely and compactly using the on-board hose reel. These reels even include a manual crank with which you can wind up the spray hose without needing to bend down.

Multiple Accessory Options

Many Greenworks pressure washers come with a variety of accessories that will have you up and running on day one. For example, most models come with two or more pressure adjustment tips that will allow you to loosen and clear away dirt with an enhanced level of precision. Those that lack a built-in soap tank often come with a bottle-shaped soap container that attaches near the nozzle, as well.

5 Best Greenworks Pressure Washers Reviewed

1. Greenworks GPW1501

Best Small Model


1500 pSI


1.2 gallons

Cleaning Power

1,500 pSI @ 1.2 gallons


16.65 lbs.

Engine Size

13 amp


– WalktheWalk2 in South Florida

When it comes to Greenworks pressure washers, “small” certainly is not doublespeak for “incapable,” as demonstrated by the Greenworks GPW1501. This Greenworks 1,500 PSI pressure washer is easily the best small model in this collection, primarily based upon its excellent portability. At only 16.65 lbs., you'll easily be able to carry this unit by its built-in handle while scrubbing down cars, boats, trucks, and more.

Of course, you can set the Greenworks GPW1501 down if necessary because it still operates correctly in both a horizontal or vertical orientation. Speaking of versatility, this unit is also fully compatible with many of the accessories that have made the Greenworks brand famous. This includes the soap applicator that comes with this model, as well as the beneficial scrub head and surface cleaner (which are sold separately).


  • Very light and portable at just over 16.5 lbs.
  • Can be oriented vertically or horizontally for greater stability without compromising performance
  • 1,500 PSI at 1.2 GPM beats most other handheld pressure washers
  • Fully compatible with brand’s scrub head and surface washer accessories


  • Relay reset tends to stop working too soon
  • Shortest lifespan of all Greenworks models

2. Greenworks GPW1602

Best Cheap Model


1,600 pSI


1.2 gallons

Cleaning Power

1,600 pSI @ 1.2 gallons


16.6 lbs.

Engine Size

13 amp

"For the money I'm glad I brought this. If you're looking to do something bigger you may want to go up a size, but this is perfect for my porch and patio."


There's almost no question that the Greenworks GPW1602 is the best cheap model in the Greenworks catalog today. Priced at just over around $100, this unit packs a decent punch and provides a lot of value at the same time. For example, this model's 1,600 max PSI is not only strong enough to remove car stains, but it can also make your fences shine in mere minutes. Should you need a little extra cleaning strength, though, this model's attachable soap bottle connects in a snap.

Speaking of speedy connections, you won’t need to pause to readjust the Greenworks GPW1602. That’s because it is one of the smallest units to utilize this brand’s Quick Connect system, which enables you to snap on one of its nozzle heads without needing to set down this entire Greenworks 1,600 PSI pressure washer.


  • Very affordable at around $100
  • 20 ft. power cord utilizes inline GFCI for safe and reliable use in wet environments
  • Soap applicator allows 1,600 PSI head to clean everything from cars to fences with ease
  • Utilizes brand’s Quick Connect system for nozzles


  • Known to leak internally at times
  • Soap sometimes requires so help to dispense reliably

3. Greenworks GPW1702

Most Versatile Model


1,700 pSI


1.2 gallons

Cleaning Power

1,700 pSI @ 1.2 GPM


21 lbs.

Engine Size

13 amp

Perfect amount of pressure to wash the car and the foam cannon from Greenworks works really good, too.” 

– Ahewin in Oklahoma

If any model were going to earn the "most versatile Greenworks electric pressure washer" award, it would likely go to this, the Greenworks GPW1702. For all intents and purposes, this Greenworks 1,700 PSI pressure washer can complete almost every job you have around the house and then some. In fact, you’ll literally be able to get around every inch of your house with this power washer because it includes a pair of durable built-in wheels.

The Greenworks GPW1702 is also a popular option if you are looking to enjoy a quieter pressure washing experience without sacrificing any power. Better yet, this model’s architecture makes it incredibly easy to clean up when your pressure washing jobs are complete. To do this, simply wind up this model’s 20-foot hose using the on-board hose real and then store the pressure gun in the onboard holster.


  • Built-in wheels make this unit very portable
  • 1,700 PSI can push out stains and dirt from patios and fencing with ease
  • Makes substantially less noise than similarly sized gas pressure washers
  • Pressure gun holster makes this unit easy to store compactly


  • Threading the hose can be challenging
  • The manufacturer has an unfortunate tendency to re-sell used units as new

4. Greenworks GPW1802

Top Greenworks Pressure Washer for Home Use


1,800 pSI


1.1 gallons

Cleaning Power

1,800 pSI @ 1.1 GPM


25 lbs.

Engine Size

13 amp

Though there are a number of contenders for this title, the top Greenworks pressure washer for home use is definitely the Greenworks GPW1802. Even though it is a bit bulkier and heavier than some more common pressure washers from this brand, this Greenworks 1,800 PSI pressure washer more than makes up for it by being optimized for medium-duty applications such as cleaning decks and windows.

You’ll never be at a loss for options with the Greenworks GPW1802, either, especially when it comes to spraying your target. That’s because this model features four different spray patterns, including one optimized for soap usage and one designed to “turbo” blast through your toughest outdoor stains. Also, Greenworks improved the hose crank on the GPW1802 slightly by making it far more accessible.


  • In-line hose real is more accessible and easier to crank than the previous model
  • Features four spray patterns, including a “turbo” and soap mode
  • 1,800 PSI is ideal for medium-duty applications like cleaning decks and windows
  • Telescoping handle and extra-wide wheels allow for extra maneuverability


  • Bulkier frame makes it a little harder to store
  • Plastic threading has a tendency to fail suddenly

5. Greenworks GPW2000

Most Powerful Greenworks Pressure Washer


2,000 pSI


1.2 gallons

Cleaning Power

2,000 pSI @ 1.2 GPM


30.7 lbs.

Engine Size

13 amps

“This pressure washer is fantastic… There is no "kickback" during spraying. The wand glides nice…Also, I was surprised it was quiet! I plan on buying another as a gift.”

Finally, we come to the Greenworks GPW2000, which earns the title of "most powerful Greenworks pressure washer" (at least so far as at-home use is concerned). This model makes full use of its 13 amp engine in order to output an impressive 2,000 PSI reliably. This high level of performance is also a direct result of this model's utilization of an axial cam pump system, which is usually only ever used in industrial-grade power washers.

You’ll also be able to count on this Greenworks 2,000 PSI electric pressure washer to outlast the competition as well due to its core use of a rugged metal frame. This frame has actually been ergonomically shaped to make it easier to transport on its own two off-road-style wheels. This model also makes use of metal Quick Connect threads, thus ensuring that every inch of this pressure washer can take a beating and still remain productive.


  • Axial cam pump system allows the unit to reach 2,000 PSI reliably
  • Rugged metal frame is bent in the middle to allow for enhanced portability via built-in wheels
  • The 25-foot hose is designed to be tangle-free
  • Quick Connect system uses durable metal threads


  • On-board tool storage is not in line with unit
  • Most expensive of Greenworks’ main pressure washer models

Comparison to Other Pressure Washer Brands

As you shop for a new pressure washer, you're likely to compare Greenworks' top models to those offered by other brands.

Immediately, you might notice that Greenworks pressure washers are not always as cheap as models from brands like Sun Joe and Craftsman.

In the same vein, Greenworks pressure washers aren’t really suited for industrial uses like Ryobi and Generac models. But all the same, Greenworks pressure washers manage to strike an even middle ground by providing features that regular consumers can utilize without breaking the bank.

Operating a Greenworks Pressure Washer

Learning to manage your new Greenworks pressure washer should always start by reading through the entire owner's manual and ensuring that you are prepared to follow all of its recommended safety procedures.

Then, you should check to ensure that your entire unit is adequately hooked up to an electric source before attaching the proper nozzles you'll need for this job. There are even more steps to correctly assembling and operating a Greenworks pressure washer, as well, many of which can be seen in this video.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

Though Greenworks advertises their power washers as being “maintenance free,” you should still make a point to tune up your unit regularly to ensure that it lasts through its entire expected lifespan. Some great tips for maintaining your pressure washer can be found in this video if you'd like to learn more.

Meanwhile, you can avoid the need to tune up your new power washer nearly as often if you keep your entire unit free of dust and other forms of buildup that might inhibit the safe operation of the motor or air filter. Similarly, you should always store the entire unit upright whenever possible so that the nozzle does not become plugged up with debris.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What kind of cleaning agent or detergent works best with these machines?

There are actually specially-made pressure washer soaps and detergent on the market today that make the most out of these machines’ high-intensity application method. These heavy-duty cleaners are typically non-corrosive and can remove stains from a variety of surfaces, including concrete and metal. If you plan to pressure wash your house, you may even choose to purchase purpose-made siding soap.

Can I use hot or warm water with my Greenworks pressure washer?

Generally speaking, cold water is adequate when you are simply trying to remove dirt that is caked into a surface, such as between bricks or on a concrete driveway. However, stained materials may require you to load your pressure washer with warm or hot water due to its ability to break down particles more effectively (when used in tandem with a soap or detergent, of course).

Do Greenworks pressure washers come with a warranty? What’s the company’s return policy?

Yes, Greenworks pressure washers come with a 1-year warranty that covers production defects or damage that was not caused by wear and tear on the user's part. Should a return be necessary, Greenworks a 30-day return policy which can be activated by visiting this page.

Where is the best place to buy Greenworks pressure washers & replacement parts?

As is often the case, you can purchase Greenworks pressure washers and parts directly from their manufacturer at a considerable bargain. However, when taking into account shipping costs, Amazon remains a top option due to their bulk shipping rates. They also stock parts for models that have gone out of production, thus making it easier to use your preferred power washing tool for longer.


By now, it should be clear that you are wasting your time and money if you’re choosing to go with any other pressure washer than a Greenworks pressure washer. All 5 of the models reviewed above excel when it comes to providing reliable productivity, useful features, and a value proposition that can’t be matched by bargain brands.

If you’re still a little decisive regarding which Greenworks pressure washer to buy, I’d like to make one final recommendation for the Greenworks GPW1702. As the middle-of-the-road option among Greenworks' most popular models, this unit provides many of the features this brand is known for (such as a compact form factor and built-in hose reel), while still offering an affordable price tag that can meet most shoppers' budgets.