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Elliptical Trainers Overview & Features

We have summarised and highlighted the key features and types to consider when looking at buying an elliptical trainer.


Guides & Tips

Elliptical Trainers Overview & Features

We have summarised and highlighted the key features and types to consider when looking at buying an elliptical trainer.

by PITeam

by PITeam


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Elliptical is one the most popular equipment that is available in the market. These machines have a unique feature of providing a low impact cardiovascular workout.

This helps to give more power and strength to the body. This machine helps to provide maximum protection to the joints and avoids any injury to the lower body.

There are plenty of elliptical trainer machines that are available in the market, therefore it can be a little confusing to buy the right machine for yourself.

There are plenty of options and features that come along with this equipment, as it is most popular choice by the people who go out at gym or even at home.

The user must know what exact features they want in this Machine. It is a tried and tested home fitness machine that is being used by people, not only at the gym but at home as well. It is highly versatile machine that helps the user to have a simple and effective cardio workout without causing any kind of injury to the joints. It also allows the upper body and lower body to move together and have a great workout.

Elliptical Design Types 

There are about three different styles that are available in elliptical machine, which are as follows:

elliptical trainer benefits

1. Front Style

These machines have a large wheel in front of it, this is a machine that is most affordable machine that is available in the market and the design is also quite basic. 

It is quite comfortable and easy to use these machines even thought it could be sometimes a little noisy and a slight vibration can be felt on this machine, but these machines are considered to be best for the people who are just beginners.

2. Center Style

This design is similar to other type of machine like a treadmill, but it has pedals, which allow a very gentle working out session by the user. 

This design is considered to be the most compact design that is available in the market.

And it could be easily used by the person who is going to gym.

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elliptical trainer vs treadmill

3. Rear Style

A small wheel is located behind the pedals, which makes the whole equipment a little long.

These pedals allow a little inclination while performing this activity in the gym.

It gives a very good workout to building strength and stamina.

7 Key Considerations When Shopping for A Cross trainer Elliptical 

Most important features Of Ellipticals

1. Easy and smooth motion

When your purchase this equipment may be sure that the pedals are smooth and quiet. The machine should not allow any kind of jerk while working out. It should work in a way that it provides a smooth and comfortable motion. None of the parts of this equipment should hamper the movement of the user while the performing a session.

2. Comfortable

You might not need an arm handle, but it could be a nice option to increase the intensity and overall working out process. Also, you must make sure that your body is in comfort and in sync. This should also allow the movement of the gyming sessions to be comfortable for the user.

3. Not noisy

Some machines have a tendency to make noise that can cause irritation for the person working out and even for the people who are working out around you. The machine must not create noise, so that it helps you to focus better.

4. Resistance

Most of these machines have an offer to provide adjustable resistance. This allows for maximum benefits to the user. Working out on this machine could be quite easy if put on the lowest setting mode but can the very challenging if it is above 75%. The user will easily see the noticeable change at each level of increase and decrease of settings. You will be adjusted to it as soon as you again strong and endurance.

5. Provides inclination

This feature is not really important, but it would be great if it is available in the machine as it helps to adjust the ramps and it can add a lot of intensity working out. There are some machines which offers an automatic adjustment whereas there could be machines when it is done manually.

Elliptical Machine Workout Safety Tips

To have a great workout experience with safe and most effective manner, then you must buy a machine that offers warm up and cool down at a sufficient number of times. Machine that provides a balance between intense working out and relaxing time, you must go in for those kinds of machines. This will help you to work out for a longer time and enough to build stamina. To make sure that investors look for the Machine that is maintenance free. It is also advised to consult a proper trainer who can help you with this machine. Just keep a lock on the screen so that it restricts any kind of movement that could cause an injury to an infant or person who is new to this equipment. Though this machine is quite safe and secure, but these are the few tips for safety.

Elliptical Machine Additional features 

You must always look for a machine which suits your budget as there are plenty of people in the market or online who are selling this machine from a cost higher to lower. Never get fooled by the dealer while buying this machine. There are a few features that are considered to be important such as having a water bottle holder as it helps to hydrate yourself while working out. A heart monitor is also an additional feature that is excellent to be inbuilt in your machine. This will help you to customize your workouts. Other additional features like fitness tracker, Wi-Fi, and tracker can be of great help.


This machine is an extremely good option to buy at home or work out in gym. This machine has a capacity to provide with an effective training of your muscles, without any pain. It will build endurance and strength in your body. It helps to nourish your overall built and tones up the muscle. It helps to create a core body workout session.

A few points that are important to understand the uses are as follows:

  • Helps to reduce joint impact.
  • It has a capacity to build strength in your muscles.
  • Allows a core workout for the upper body and lower body as well.
  • Most effective and efficient machine

Therefore, make sure you have a great experience while working out on an Elliptical.

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