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Aerial Drone Photography Guide

Use these tips and techniques to help assist you to take higher-quality photos with your new aerial drone!

by Josh Mitchell

The people who has bought a new drone has to go through a different struggle when dealing with it for the first time or even when you have tired it for a couple of times. This device is made in a way that you keep on learning new things constantly on it.

So, if you're trying to learn on how to fly your new quad, then this article will help you in many ways. Here, we focus on explaining the overall process of flying and how to fly your new toy.

Techniques On How To Fly A Drone

While you are getting adjusted to this new technology, the main and the key aspect of this equipment is to learn the controls of it.

These controls become a totally second nature once the user knows how to use them separately and provide you with a complete fun flying experience.

The only key to have a smoother movement of the drone in any of the directions is that you move the controller and push the stick harder and stronger, so that it will move in the correct Direction.

When you’re about to start for the first time make sure you push it very gently so that it performs a slight movement of the drone, once you get comfortable with the whole technique on how to fly a drone and its movement then you can be a little sharper and stronger on it. There are four main controls that a beginner should remember.

1. Roll

This control helps move your drone left and right direction. It is done by pushing the stick on your transmitter to the left side or the right side, once you do that there will be a movement in the drone to either sides that are mentioned above.

2. Pitch

This control helps to move the drone backward and forward. This is done by tilting your control, making it move to a direction forward or backward.

3. Yawn

This control is a bit confusing when you start to fly the Drone for the first time as it rotates the drone clockwise or anticlockwise. This control is normally used while the drone is flying, it helps the user to make circular patterns and mostly used by photographers and videographers to follow an object that might change Direction.

4. Throttle 

This control helps to give the drone enough power to get airborne. This control will keep the user engaged throughout the fly.

While the drone is facing you the controls are all switched. Still make sure that you start changing the new directions, because the drone will change its position according to how you will move it and not how the drone is being placed.

Point to remember

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Top Tips and Manoeuvres to Sharpen Your Drone Flying Skills

Pre-preparation of Drone Flight

Pre-flight checklist helps the user to not waste time for fixing any kind of components and avoids waiting for getting things to be ready. There are a few points that you must know before you fly your drone:

  • Weather and site safety check
  • Visual inspection of the drone
  • Powering up
  • Taking off the flight

Right Place to Learn To Fly A Drone?

As you begin to learn how to fly a drone make sure you choose a place which has the least scope of any kind of mistakes that could happen while learning. An open space or a large space like a park or Field would be the best area to learn on how to start flying a drone.

You must maintain a good amount of space from the people and animals, to avoid any kind of crashes or serious injuries that might be caused while you learn how to fly a drone. Also, one of the most important point that you must remember is that you must stay away from the areas with wind is at its extreme.

Make sure you choose a place which has enough space to avoid any kind of problems or mistakes while flying a drone.

  • If you are about to crash into something, then you must turn the throttle down to level zero.
  • Make sure you place your fingers away from propellers.
  • Unplug the battery of the drone, while you are performing any activity on it.
  • If you are learning indoor, then tie the drone or surround it by a protective cage.

Drone Flying Process

Once you are ready with everything and all the safety measures are taken into account, now it's time to fly! Use the throttle control to get the drone in the air. Now push the throttle very carefully, just to get the propellers going right. Repeat this till the time you are comfortable with its sensitivity. Then push the same control to lift it off the ground.

Now, you may use all the controls to change and direct the drone to whichever direction you want. To land the drone back on the ground you will have to use the throttle control again to have a safe landing. The other controls help to move the drone right or left, upward or downward and forward or backward.

You can easily rotate the drone clockwise or anticlockwise as well. You may have to continuously rotate or change the direction of the drone. This will help to maintain the efficiency of the drone better and save power. You must learn how to fly the drone as much as possible, till time you are not comfortable flying it without facing any kind of difficulties.

Make sure you are aware of all the techniques that are required to fly a drone in the easiest manner. You may also consult a proper trainer who can help you learn the techniques of how to fly a drone.  This may help you to learn faster and better as well.


A major change in Technology in the field of motor and camera has brought the whole existence of drone into picture.

The simple way to control and the relative ease of construction of the drone has made it most popular compared to a fixed wing helicopter.

These drones are very common in the field of new technology and its use.

Hence, the user must know the correct techniques on how to fly a drone.

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