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DJI Phantom 3 Drone Product Review

DJI is a leading brand in drone production. Find out if the DJI Phantom 3 is the right product for your drone needs!

by Josh Mitchell

We all look for the best quality product in the market and when it comes to buying a drone, people often look for iconic designs and features.

The Phantom series has come up with the most creative designs for drones in the market.

There are a plenty of producers and manufacturers who are following the idea of this brand. This has gone up to an extend where the manufactures have opted for a similar design and styling as well.

DJI has not changed much in their Phantom series over the years. All they consider while making a new product is to have the best features and should be utilized to its maximum level.

The only thing that summarizes your thoughts on the product Phantom 3 is the amazing technology and creative mind set. It has more than adequate features that come with a good design and decent enough cost. 

Phantom 3 can give you a life long remarkable experience of capturing the best moments. It is the easiest product to use, from taking off to its landing you will not face any difficulty of handling this product. It has an ability to respond to your commands and the control is complete in the hands of the user. It is very stable and safe. There are about a few models that are available for this product.


DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter

DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Aircraft with...
  • Quadcopter features a 3-axis stabilized integrated...
  • View a live image streamed from the drone up to a...

Phantom 3 models

All these products have different use and abilities. It completely depends on the user as to what purpose they are going use this product for. Each one has something unique. Phantom 3 Standard is the most basic drone out of the rest.



There are plenty of good features that this product possesses. A few of them are as follows: 

1. Automatic assistant

This product gives the user a comfort and freedom to fly wherever they feel like, giving them the confidence of having a complete control over the Phantom 3 product. It has a GPS which records the Phantom’s take off point and has the ability to remember as to where to fly.

If at any point the command or the signal is lost the Phantom product flies back to you immediately, at the place where it took off from. It has an automatic flight assistant with stable and much-controlled features.

Right after the take-off, it stays in a position where it expects the user to give the command so that it for the moves in that direction. When you feel that the drone should stop, it has the ability to pause at a position and waits to get your next instruction.

2. Automatic hover

Your phantom 3 has an ability to hover perfectly in a place, even in the times when you tell it to stop or while taking off. It halts itself to get further instruction holding itself in a particular direction and position. It doesn't move till the time your proper instructions are given to it after taking off.

This feature gives the comfort to the user to think and then make a decision of where you exactly want to fly the drone.

3. Flight limits

This product has the ability to have proper flight limits, which means that it has a given height and accurate distance which limits all the flights at a safe distance, keeping them away from each other. This product automatically stops and stay in the limits that are been chosen by the user.

It has the ability to maintain a safe distance from other flights that are around it, which ensures zero damage to the product. This feature is one of the unique features that are available in these series of Phantom 3.

4. GPS

While your Drone is flying, it constantly sends its live position to the users map which helps the user to track its actual location. This helps the user to see in which direction is the Drone flying and what further instruction should be given to the drone.

This product has an ability to understand and calculate how much further it can continue to fly and therefore send a signal to the user if the battery is going to run low and automatically flies back to the base location if needed.

5. Proper indicators

The most different and unique feature of this product is that it has about four bright LED lights on each side of the drone, which lights up. This helps the user to know the direction of your phantom 3 and its actual status.

DJI Phantom 3 Standard Key Features


This product can fly up to 25 mins in a single charge. It has the ability to keep sending signals to the user as to when the battery is about to die. It has various unique features which make it user-friendly product. People often purchase this product because of its easy mobility and great features.

It is also an extremely good product for the beginners and people who are trying to use it for the first time. As mentioned it suits your pockets as well. Therefore, have an amazing experience while flying your drone. Happy flying!!

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