Choose the Best Electric Wheelchair Basketball

by PITeam

Choose the Best Electric Wheelchair Basketball

by PITeam

by PITeam

Wheelchair basketball is considered to one the most common sport played in the world. It is also most well planned and iconic sport activity which attracts many players. About 75 countries have wheelchair basketball leagues all around the world. This helps us to understand the level of competition and social integration that this sport inculcates in people. Taking part in electric wheelchair basketball enables a person to be socially active and make new friends with the same interest. The people who are disabled sometimes lose the opportunity to be physically active which in turn affects the physical and psychological level. Such type of activities and physical exercises can help a physically disabled person to burn calories and improve muscle stamina. It also helps to bring in better mobility and independence.
It definitely creates a positive impact not only on the body but also on the mind of the person who is using a power wheelchair. On the psychological level, this activity will help to increase the concentration and reduces stress levels of any individual. It helps to remain active which indeed keeps you in a good mood and remain positive. It also encourages a healthy lifestyle and leads to improved fitness for each individual.

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History of the Game

This game was officially introduced in the United States back in the year 1946. To understand its origin we need to go back to the history of basketball. After World War II, there were a lot of people who suffered major injuries and losses. They were demoralised and helpless. Out of them, there were a few professional US basketball Players. These players soon realised that their self-determination and
optimism towards the game will help them to make the loose ropes meet. They indeed had the intention to continue playing the sport they love the most. The only hurdle now was to understand and adapt to the current disability that they were experiencing. Two years before this game was introduced, that is in the year 1944, a German neurologist Dr. Guttmann organised a rehabilitation program at the
hospital he was working in. This program had a few sports events for the people on a wheelchair, who were diagnosed with spinal cord injuries as well. Among these sports, we found the predecessor of electric wheelchair basketball. The game was known as wheelchair netball. It was then introduced in the Paralympics Games in the year 1948, which was liked by a lot of people. In the duration of 50s wheelchair basketball began to evolve as we know it. It was very well accepted in the year 1973 and about two decades later this game was recognized worldwide by International Wheelchair Basketball Federation.

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Wheelchair Basketball is the only sport which has the most similar rules and dimensions of the court to its original game. This game has the same proportion of the size of the court as it has for the Olympic basketball. The height of the basket placed is also at the same as the location of the 3 point line. In fact, the time duration of the match is also the same. There are 4 sections of 10 mins each with 2 mins of rest between each section. The break is of an hour in the middle of the match. This break takes place between the second and third section. The electric wheelchair is so well designed for such games that it takes into account the effect of the movement of the chair. Just for instance, if the player who has the ball in his possession touches the sideline with any part of his wheelchair this would lead to a foul. The only exception to this is when there is a free throw. Also you might look for electric wheelchair advantages then check this link.

The other rule while playing power wheelchair basketball is when the player has the ball with him, he cannot give more than 2 repeated bounces without passing it to the other player. It would be considered as a foul if the ball is bounced third time in a row by the same player. The ball cannot be thrown over the armrest as well. The score can never go beyond 14.5 points.

For the people who do not play power wheelchair basketball, a few important tips for choosing the right exercise

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  • You must understand what are the best power wheelchair based exercises for your condition.
  • Allocate the type of exercises that work the best for you.
  • Make sure you choose exercises that you enjoy in your daily routine.
  • Note the amount of time you would require to devote to these exercises.
  • Have liberty of doing these exercises on your own.


This game helps in resistance to build body and muscle mass. This improves balance and prevents any kind of falls. The people on power wheelchair certainly have partial mobility in legs and therefore, your focus should be on the upper side of the body strength training. If a person has a shoulder injury then your focus should be on strength training your legs and core. Even if you have restricted mobility this exercise will still benefit and prevent any kind of further muscle damage. One must not focus on the illness or disability that they have instead should enjoy the activities that they can do you actively sitting on a wheelchair. One must focus on discovering the activities that the user can easily perform. You
should be self-motivated and make sure that you don't rely on anyone with this disability. You must also remember that it gets is simpler as you practice more. It can be a bit tricky and difficult to select the best electric wheelchair for the people who play electric wheelchair basketball but once chosen the right one it helps to bring in better mobility and independence. It definitely creates a positive impact not only on the body but also on the mind of the person using a power wheelchair. Therefore, you must play this game with full passion and motivation.

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