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Challenges For Electric Wheelchair Users

Electric wheelchairs can provide a vast improvement to the quality of life for users who need them. However, they also provide some challenges which we have summarised in this guide.


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Challenges For Electric Wheelchair Users

Electric wheelchairs can provide a vast improvement to the quality of life for users who need them. However, they also provide some challenges which we have summarised in this guide.

by PITeam

by PITeam
chalenges while using wheelchairs

An electric wheelchair is considered to be perfect and most appropriate when it meets the actual need of an individual.

It ought to make sure that it fulfills all the environmental conditions around the person using it.

A good wheelchair must provide a great fit and support to the postural alignment while sitting on it. It should be safe and comfortable for the person using it.

It must also be durable and should be made out of good quality material. It should be economical and affordable for the person purchasing it so that it can be bought by anyone easily. Such electric wheelchairs are made with an aim of providing extreme care and comfort to the user. They are made to make your life easier and simpler.  

The recognition that you may require assistance to walk can be a hard fact to believe, but one must understand that there is always a better side to this condition as well. A perfect electric wheelchair can assist in opening up a new world for the users and help them to be more socially active and free. A good lifestyle leads to Independence and improved quality healthy life.

A wheelchair is one of the most commonly used assistive devices to promote movement and mobility. It helps to give a better quality of life for the people who have difficulty in their basic movement and walking. It certainly helps people to approach life in a way different manner than usual.

It lets you do the basic daily routine work with full efficiency and effectiveness. It also helps people to be physically active and reduces common problems such as bed sores, the digestion, and progression of deformities and improves respiration.

Challenges for electric wheelchair users 

disables chalenges while using wheelchairs

1. Monetary barriers

A number of people with acute illness and disabilities survive in the world with low income. The bulk of them are underprivileged and do not have the right to use basic amenities, including treatment facilities. According to the Global Organisation information the unemployment rate of inhabitants with disabilities has reached an overall about 85% or more in various developing countries.

The Government financial support intended for the condition of providing wheelchair is rarely available in most of the countries. There are a lot of people who are unable to purchase a wheelchair for themselves.

2. Substantial barriers 

A bulk of wheelchair users is deprived, with the unreachable surroundings. They also survive in places where the street systems are pitiable, bad condition of pavements, and the climate is not supportive.  The physical environment is also often severe.

Wheelchairs are made to offer you the independence to be in motion as you like. These material barriers set further necessities on the durability of wheelchairs. Once these physical barriers are removed the person can freely move about within your home with no trouble, giving you additional ease and comfortable lifestyle.

3. Right to use the services

In many rising countries, about only 4% of citizens who are especially challenged and require services for their medical condition, do not have access to them. If you look at official reports, you will realize that there are about 63 countries which have no national rehabilitation services available to the people in need.

This implies that a lot of electric wheelchair users are at threat of building up of other complications and more issues are developed because of this.

4. Education and information 

There are so many people who have such difficulty in monitoring relevant information, for instance, information about their own health, avoidance of inferior complications, accessible rehabilitation services and other types of wheelchair-related issues.

Having an electric wheelchair at home can help the person to have the independence to move about inside and outside the house freely, with no restrictions. The person can also start enjoying your work and many other activities that one had given up due to lack of free movement. This offers the user better access to the information about this disability.

5. Personal choice 

Individuals are not given enough opportunity to decide the most suitable wheelchair for themselves. Often there is only one particular type of wheelchair available in the market. This electric wheelchair might not be the most suited one for the user or most needed in terms of a user’s lifestyle and work environment.

People who use an electric wheelchair have a liberty to do their routine work with much ease and comfort. This liberty is sometimes restricted in the environment that we live in today.

6. Stigma

The stigma made by the Community, Non-Government and Governmental organizations is a big challenge that a person on wheelchair faces. Complete ignorance to the public with a disability has caused major problems.

The poor condition of wheelchairs available and pathetic quality of material that is used to prepare such electric wheelchairs have caused a big worry to the people around. One must make an effort to reduce such disgrace and stigma from the environment and encourage a happy lifestyle of the users using an electric wheelchair.


chalenges faced by wheelchair users

The fact that you may need an electric wheelchair is hard to understand and accept, but people often recover out of it soon.

To enjoy the outdoor activities is what any person on the wheelchair looks ahead to doing the most and for that you may use lightweight folding wheelchairs for travelling.

It is one of the most common activities that attract people. While you use a wheelchair, you would realize how easy and fun it is to ride your electric wheelchair.

One can enjoy going out on picnics, park, interact with friends and family outside the home, explore new park trails, capture pictures, etc. Therefore, the community as a whole should take steps to eliminate these challenges once for all. These challenges cause a restriction on the growth of the people who are disabled.

Efforts and attempts should be made to remove these problems so that people in a wheelchair can afford to have a normal and comfortable lifestyle. The challenges mentioned above are quite critical and should be eliminated as soon as possible. This will help to promote the uses of an electric wheelchair with better efficiency.

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