Best Spin Bikes Reviews


Best Spin Bikes Reviews

by PITeam

by PITeam

Do you want to be fit but do not have time to go outdoors for the same? Due to hectic schedules and heavy workload, people do not get time for themselves. There are certain indoor methods like spinning that can be used to stay fit. A lot of people including athletes are turning towards spinning for best results. For this, we have listed some of the best spin bikes.

Now, you might be wondering what you can even visit a gym for the same. But due to its immense popularity, the gyms are queued up with spinning participants. Instead of visiting those crammed gyms it would be better you buy one for yourself. You will be able to save both time and money by buying this product. There is no doubt that you can burn more calories with just one hour of spinning. It is one of those forms of exercises that deliver rapid results. You must click on the link to check their price of the spinning bike for sale.

Best Spin Bikes 2019

Types of Exercise Bikes

Recumbent Bikes: This is the type of bike where the rider sits in a laid-back reclining position. By laid-back, we mean that the seat is nearly horizontal with the pedals. Here, the weight is more on the glutes than the feet. For comfortable sitting, there is a backrest. It keeps the spine in neutral alignment. In fact, the seat of the bike looks more like a chair. It is a good option for people who suffer from arthritis. People with plantar fasciitis or stress fracture can even use it.

Indoor or Spin Bikes: In terms of design these may look like upright bikes but there working is entirely different. These are designed in such a way that they mimic the outdoor road bicycling. The handlebars of Spin bikes are almost parallel with the seat. These types of bikes do not have the motor. Here resistance is applied through a flywheel system that is weighted. You can adjust the same using a lever or knob on the bike.

Dual-Action Bikes: Dual action bikes are a bit similar to upright bikes. For supporting the arm movements there are additional moving handlebars. These handlebars move in a similar way as the pedals do. You will have to push and pull them while the resistance is applied. For those who like reading or other types of work can use the lock the handle feature.

Upright Bikes: Other than Spin bikes even Upright bikes are very popular. Here, you will have to place your body in such a way that it gives you a feel of an outdoor bike. The bike doesn’t have back support. This will encourage good posture and train your abs muscles. You will find the seat directly over the pedals that look much like a bicycle seat.

Interactive Bikes: These bikes are new into the fitness world. They are available in different forms like recumbent and upright. There is not much difference in terms of design or workout method. They have built-in screens. With these screens, the user can interact with people while exercising. Some users find it a distraction while exercising. It depends on what kind of features you are looking for.

Benefits of using Spin Bike

Burn Calories: The list of benefits from Spin bikes includes lifestyle, health, and fitness areas. Whether you are looking for a bike for improving the performance or losing weight, the Spin bike is perfect. With just an hour of cycling, you will be able to burn about 400 to 600 calories. With cycling, you can even perform high-intensity workout. This will result in burning calories in a short period of time.

Customizable Workouts: It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or professional cycler. You can make modifications in the resistance or crank up its speed. If you are suffering from some sort of injury then you can control the amount of stress you put on your body. You can opt for high-intensity training for burning extra fat from your body.

Improves Your Cardio Fitness: One of the most important benefits of using Spin bikes is your heart's health. As you work harder on Spin bikes it helps in improving your control over breathing. This, in turn, helps in lowering the heart rate in situations like physical exertion.

Low Injury Alternative: Cardio exercises are sometimes hard on your feet and knees. Although these exercises offer high-calorie burn still you need to be careful. With Spin bike the chances of injuries are much lower. They have a lower impact on your body and still, the results are amazing. This is one of the best spinning cycle benefits.

Mood Enhancer: After workout using the Spin bike you will experience an endorphin rush in your body. This will, in turn, relieve stress and improve your mood. You will even feel a sense of accomplishment after finishing your workout routine.

Muscle Definition: Once you continue using the bike you will be able to see the results in front of the mirror. Your lean muscle is going to be the true sign of your commitment towards the workout. You will notice that your core and lower body is more toned.

How to choose a Spin Bike?

Flywheel Weight: The flywheel is situated at the front of the Spin bike. When you pedal the bike the flywheel starts rotating. It depends on the weight of the flywheel how smoothly the bike functions. Flywheel weight for most of the bikes is 18kg while for some commercial spin bikes it is around 20 kg. Different types of brands and bikes have different flywheel weight. You must check the weight before buying the product.

Resistance: This is one of the most important features of Spin Bikes. It is obvious nobody wants to just keep pedaling without changing the difficulty level. The user can change the resistance level of their bikes to easy or difficult level. You can adjust the resistance to vary the intensity throughout the workout. Based on the type of the type of resistance it offers you will have to do the adjustment. Here are 3 of them:

1. Magnetic: Here a small motor is used to move the magnet closer and farther away from the wheel. This type of resistance helps the user in tracking the resistance levels and run the spinning program accordingly.

2. Manual screws: You will have to adjust the screws manually for change in resistance.

3. Belt Drives: To join the crank and the pedals a belt or chain is used. Bikes offering this type of resistance make less noise with little friction.

Seat: This is another important that must be checked. Everybody’s body is different. So the distance between the pedals and seat is going to vary for each one of you. Most of the bikes have vertical adjustment feature but some may offer multiple direction adjustments. This may include front to back or up and down adjustment.

Weight Capacity: Different People use the Spin bikes for a different purpose. Some may have to lose weight while others may just want to be fit. Especially for the people with more weight, it is necessary to check the weight capacity. This will help you choose the best bike according to your comfort.

Console: There are certain bikes that come with consoles that display calories, time, distance, and more. You can check the description to know whether your bike has this system or not.

Braking System: The braking system on the bikes is of 3 types:

1. Leather pads: These types of brakes last a bit longer and are used on commercial and domestic indoor bikes.

2. Fabric Pads: Fabric braking system is usually found on entry level bikes.

3. Magnetic braking: These types of brakes function silently and require less maintenance.

How to set up a Spin Bike?

The first step involves adjustment of the seat. You will have to stand next to the bike to check that the height of the seat hits right next to your hip bone. There is an alternative method for adjusting the seat too. For this, you will have to hold your leg at 90 degrees while bending your knee. The saddle of the bike will line up with your bent leg for the correct setting.

Now, the next step involves moving the saddle. This will help in determining the distance between saddle and handlebars. First, sit on the bike and make sure your knees are in line with your toes. This will ensure the perfect adjustment of the saddle.

Adjust the handlebar is such a way that your spine doesn’t form a curve or arch while you are using them. This should work for you even in case of hill climb where you need to lean forward.

Make sure you lock all the adjustments in place. Otherwise, you may slide or slip during your workout.

At last, you need the clip in your shoes and start with the workout.

There are a few points that a beginner should remember while working out on spin bikes, there points are as follows

Reduce the risk: Spin bikes have an ability to have an effective workout, which helps to reduce the risk of any kind of injury and joint pains. Make sure that your bike is adjusted properly, so that there is no problem while exercising.

Seat height: The new user must know that in an upright bike, you must adjust the seat to the height you are most comfortable with. It should be approximately at the height of your hip. Make sure you adjust the height only while you are seated on the bike, otherwise the height can mismatch, and the user won’t feel comfortable. While you exercise the leg should be extended and you must take small bend in your knee so that there is no exertion. The seat should be comfortable and cause any kind of stress on your knee joints. You can also adjust your knee forward or backward, according to your preference.

Foot strap : Almost all bikes have strap placed near your feet. The user must know that this considered to be one of the best features in these bikes as it helps to push or pull the pedal. This is a great feature as it helps to create more better strokes. It should fit perfectly and should not be loose or tight.

Movement of the seat : These is also considered to be a great feature for new users as it allows the seat to move forward and backward. As you may be new to the spin bike you can adjust the seat according to your comfort and later when you are adjusted to the bike, you can freely adjust it to some other position. The movement of the seat backward and forward helps to indicate the amount your leg will stretch. So, remain in your comfort and adjust the seat.

Think about your budget: We often decide a budget before going out to shop. You must always look for deals that give you maximum features at lower cost. You must never go beyond your budget until you want some specific feature. Always look for what you need in that product. Have a rough image of how much you want to spend and go ahead look for the right bike for yourself. Since there are a plenty of sellers, selling this product there is a lot of chance that you will get what you want in the budget you have decided.

Workout Process

Once you are set with everything, you can now have a control over your workout process which includes incline, resistance, and speed. You may also try one of the various exercises that bikes offer. To this you can add certain resistance simulates, which includes hills and inclines. You may exercise according to your convenience and comfort.

1. ANCHEER Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

ANCHEER Drive Indoor Cycling Bike


Quick Braking: There is an orange colored knob below the handlebars. You will have to use that knob for the quick-stop braking. You can start or stop the bike at any point in time. For this, you will have to hold the knob and then press it in the downward direction. This feature is really helpful in case of emergency.

Electroplating: Here, the flywheel is electroplated. Electroplating involves coating the flywheel with a thin layer of a metal other than the one flywheel is made with. This makes the wheel wear-resistant. So there are fewer chances of the product getting damaged. It is even rust and corrosion resistant that makes it stronger. All these benefits will eventually lead to the bike lasting for a longer period of time.

Resistance: For changing the intensity of the exercise you will have to adjust the resistance. There is a convenient tension knob to serve the purpose. You will have to simply twist the knob to choose the difficulty level of your choice. Move the knob in the clockwise direction to increase the resistance. Similarly, move the knob in the counterclockwise direction for a reduction in resistance. You can enjoy different modes of the ride like Off-road, Accelerate, Mountain climbing, and Off-road.

Non-Slip: The handlebars in the front are non-slippery. These are specially designed to give maximum comfort to the user. You can completely adjust them according to your requirements.

Adjustable Pedals: While using the Spin bikes stability should be given utmost importance. For providing the same the pedals built with adjustable straps. It will ensure that while working out your feet are comfortably in place

Smooth Ride: Ancheer uses belt drive system. The bike won’t produce any sort of sound and will function smoothly. Thus, the rider can enjoy the workout without interrupting anyone else around him.

Holder: For holding your favorite beverages there is a bottle holder. You can even listen to your favorite songs or access any other entertainment source easily using the phone bracket. It will hold your phone properly and give you quick access to it.

Transportation Wheels: If there is more than one user in your family then may like to use the bike in their comfort zone. In such a case you will have to transport the bike to a different location. You can easily do that using the transportation wheels at the bottom of the bike.

Ancheer is one of the best belt drive bikes. The overall size of the spin bike is 42.9 x 18.9 x 43.3 in inches. This bike has a user-friendly design and is fully adjustable. You can adjust the resistance, seat, pedals, handlebars, and base. It is easy for the rider to widen the base to give adjustable and stable fit for different ground environments. The manufacturer focuses on encouraging people to live a healthy life. The measurement of the handlebar is 17.7(Length) while that of the seat is 9.8 x 7.9 (Length x Width).

You might have heard that the heavier the flywheel is the smoother it will ride. Here, the flywheel weighs around 49lbs. The wheel combined with the belt drive mechanism will give you a smooth workout experience. This bike is perfectly suitable for your home. Without making noise or disturbing others the rider can use the bike. You can wash the Spin bike whenever you want. The seat is exquisite and dries quickly. You can track your progress with the help of digital monitor display. On the screen, you can view the distance, calories, scan, speed, and time.

Is this product durable?

Are the handlebars padded?

  • Pros
  • Cons

Heavy Flywheel

Smooth and Quiet ride

Strap pedals for adjustment

Increase or decrease resistance

Quick braking system

Padded seat

Non-slip handlebars

Wear resistant

Corrosion resistant

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike


Flywheel: The Flywheel needs to be heavy. Here, the weight is 40lbs that is good enough for the rider to ride stable. It will create enough momentum for keeping your workout going for a longer period of time. You won’t have to feel any sort of jerks or out of control movements while riding this bike.

Advanced Handlebars: Using the Sunny bike you can ride comfortably. These advanced ergonomic handlebars can be held in multiple hand positions. When you plan a workout for a long period of time you need handlebars that are easily adjustable. This is what it offers by complete customization of handlebars. With the improved handlebars, you can even lose the calluses.

Felt Resistance: The workout becomes boring if you ride the bike with the same resistance. Whether you want to shed extra kilos from your body or not you need different intensity levels. For this, the bike uses felt fabric brake pad system. This will ensure adjustment of various tension levels for burning more calories. You can change the resistance to mix up your workout that will in turn tone up your muscles.

Padded Seat: Another important feature of the Spin bike is its padded seat. It makes it more comfortable to sit. You can easily adjust the seat’s height and proximity to handlebars. Similarly, the seat can be adjusted back and forth or up and down according to your convenience. The correct seating adjustment ensures that you do not fall while using the bike. Another benefit of using an adjustable seat is its use. If multiple people in your household use this equipment then they can use it efficiently.

Mobility: Sunny bike has integrated transport wheels at the bottom. With such amazing portability, it is easy to set-up and hide-away. Thus you can transform your home into the gym and back in no time.

Extra comfort: The multi-grip handles are completely adaptable. Thus providing extra comfort to the user in even rough conditions.

Warranty: The manufacturer warrants that its products are free of manufacturing defects. You will get 3 Year warranty for the structural frame. It means if there is any sort of issue related to the frame it will be resolved free of cost. For other parts and components, the warranty period is 90 days.

Assembly: The bike is easy to assemble. With the main structure already assembled, you will have to only attach the seat, pedals, and other small parts. For correct assembling, you can use the user manual that comes along with the product.

The Sunny Spin bike is everything a fitness enthusiast would wish for. Exercising at your home has never been as easy as the way this bike is going to be. You are going to have a convenient and fun experience riding this bike. For smooth mechanism, the bike uses the chain drive system. Thus, the bike would produce any sort of noise while functioning. The bike supports up to 275 pounds weight. It is huge so almost everyone in your family will be able to use it. Dimensions of the product are 49 x 20 x 47 in inches.

Some people ride the bicycle rigorously. They lose control over the pedal and get hurt. In this bike, you are going to get complete support for your foot as the pedal is in caged form. Your foot fits in this cage-like structure so you can paddle comfortably. No matter what your fitness goals are the product is durable enough to go the distance. The reason is the use of quality materials like crank and heavy duty steel frame. Even after so many benefits, the bike belongs to the category of best spin bikes under 500.

What is the maximum and minimum adjustable Inseam height of this bike?

Does the bike function smoothly?

  • Pros
  • Cons

Reliable chain drive mechanism

Chromed solid flywheel

Transportation wheels

Adjustable handlebars and seat

Operates smoothly

User manual

3. Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Black

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Black


Drive system: This bike features single belt drive system. The power is actually transferred from a big pulley to the little ones. You won’t feel that up and down pedal motion. This gives the user feeling of riding on the road. The best part about these bikes is that they require zero requirements. This belt drive system makes the functioning of the bike smooth.

Console: The idea of displaying all the details of the workout on a single screen is amazing. The details displayed on the screen include the following:

RPM: It will display revolutions per minute that are calculation of how fast you pedal the bike. Make sure you check the maximum RPM so it doesn’t have adverse effects on your body.

Heart Rate: It is measured in terms of the number of contractions of the heart per minute. For a healthy workout, this needs to be measured.

Watts: On the screen, you can view the amount of power generated while you ride the bike. Alternatively, this description changes to show the number of calories burned.

Elapsed Time: It will display the total time for which you did exercise. Thus, you won’t have to check the watch again and again.

Backlit sensor: The sensor will detect the lighting level and will automatically turn on in case of low light.

Distance: You can set a goal for yourself and check the total distance to know the result.

Gear: The resistance level of the bike is displayed on the console.

Resistance shaft: On most bikes, there is a knob for adjustment. Sometimes it is difficult to adjust the tension gear to a certain level that you love working out with. Just near the handlebars, you can check the red colored shaft. You can easily switch the gear by using that shaft. To quickly stop the bike the rider will have to pull the shaft upwards and hold it there. It will reduce the tension so that the flywheel stops.

4-way handlebar: Keiser spin bike is designed differently and is unique as compared to other bikes. You can use the handlebars in 4 different cycling positions:

 Middle or hook grip position

 Overhand front grip position

Extended grip position

Time trailing grip position

No electricity required: For operating the console it doesn’t require an electrical outlet. It means you won’t have to search for an electrical outlet for keeping the bike. With the use of batteries, the console works perfectly.

Bluetooth: The bike has smart Bluetooth feature. You won’t have to manually write the details of your workout performance. With this wireless connectivity feature, you can connect your mobile or tablet to the bike. By creating a profile on exercise compatible apps you can directly save data from the bike to your device. It’s Bluetooth feature has made it’s addition to the best spin bikes 2019 a necessity.

Media tray: Working out while listening to songs is very common these days. But convenient options for media access are still rare to find. In front of the rider, there is a media rack. You can place your smartphone or tablet in it. With this feature, you are going to enjoy doing the workout.

Magnetic resistance: Keiser bike uses magnetic eddy current system for varying the resistance. So you actually vary the distance between the magnets and flywheel to change the tension levels. None of these parts ever come in contact with each other. This makes the bike wear resistant too.

Keiser is the best indoor spin bike you will get in the market. Its design is completely different from other bikes. With this cycle, the manufacturer has introduced an intelligent and advanced technology for cycling. The look of the bike is eye-catching. With black color scheme, the flywheel has a red colored guard. Along with adjustable wheels on the base weight is another factor that makes it easily transportable. It weighs 85lbs.

You can adjust the seat in four different ways i.e. upwards, downwards, forward, and backward. The dimensions of Keiser M3i bike are 49 x 26 x 45 in inches. Although the bike looks compact in size its weight capacity is 300lbs. Use of V-frame makes the bike suitable for people with different body types. Here, the flywheel weighs around 8lbs. You might have heard that the flywheel needs to be heavy but the functioning of this type of bikes is not dependent on the flywheel’s weight.

Can the seat be replaced?

Can you keep the water bottle on the bike?

  • Pros
  • Cons


4-way adjustable seat and handlebars

Bluetooth wireless technology

Magnetic resistance

Media tray

Battery operated

Modern design

Console displays workout values

Single-belt drive

4. Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike Exercise Bike

Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike Exercise Bike


Color: Bellar Spin bike is available in Silver color. It is a universal color. Whether you place it in a gym or at your home it will perfectly go with all types of decors.

Multi-function display: Spin bikes with display offer multiple benefits that other bikes may not offer. There are 6 different modes that can be used to check the exercise feedback instantly.

Time: This will display the total time from the beginning of the workout until the end. It reduces the need for a watch to check the time again and again.

Speed: You pedaling speed will be displayed in kilometers per hour.

Scan: If you do not want to view only single workout value then you can choose this mode. Here, the values like distance, speed, time, and more will be displayed in the repeated cycle.

Total Distance: It will display the total distance you have pedaled in kilometers. The value will be calculated from the time it was the last reset.

Calories: This mode will give an approximate value for the number of calories you have burnt during the workout.

Distance: It will display the distance you have pedaled from the beginning till the current time you finish the workout.

User-friendly design: The designing of the bike is such that it fits all types of body. This indoor bike is going to provide you with the same type of workout as the outdoor one does. You need to stay hydrated during the workout. Mounting and demounting for a water bottle is annoying. So for your convenience, a water bottle holder is attached to the bike.

Heavy flywheel: The weight of the flywheel is 40lbs. So it will be able to offer great resistance. Due to the belt drive system the bike won’t make any sort of noise and will function smoothly.

Long warranty period: With this bike, you will get 12 months warranty. If you any of its parts don’t function properly you can get them replaced free of cost.

Corrosion-resistant: A lot of manufacturers will offer similar products. Will their products last longer? Don’t you want a product that requires one-time investment? You should always invest in a quality product. Here, the flywheel is chromed that makes it corrosion and wear resistant.

Do you have an addiction to fitness? Are you looking for easy ways to have shaped thighs and a flat stomach? Have you tried different methods but still do not have those perfect abs? If the answer to all these questions is yes then you are going to love this bike. This is one of the best spin bikes with monitor. As the bike works smoothly it is perfect for home use. This amazing bike can handle a maximum weight of 250lbs. With easy brake mechanism, you can quickly halt the wheel’s momentum.

The bike made in such a way that it provides immense comfort and ease. To give stability to the user its seat and handlebars are made adjustable. By adjustability of the seat, we mean that you can move them in up/down and backward/forward direction for convenience. Similarly, the handlebars can be adjusted for maximum comfort. Bella Sport bike measures 109 x 48 x 110 in inches. Using the bike for 30 minutes is equal to 1 hours running. So you should definitely give this bike a try.

What kind of resistance does it offer?

Are the assembly tools included in the package?

  • Pros
  • Cons

Easy brake mechanism

Chromed Flywheel

Creative design

12-month warranty

Smooth to ride

Relaxed fitness experience

LED display

Easy to adjust

5. HARISON Indoor Cycle Bike Belt Driven, Stationary Exercise bike

HARISON Indoor Cycle Bike Belt Driven, Stationary Exercise bike


Mimic outside cycling: This indoor bike is designed in such a way that you will get the feel of outside riding experience.

Riding postures: When you compare the seat of Harison bike with traditional ones you can see the difference. The seat is narrower. You can adjust both the handlebars and the seat in horizontal or vertical direction. With such amazing adjustability, the bike can accommodate riders of different body shapes. You can sit comfortably in any riding posture.

Easy to switch resistance: It is easy to switch the resistance in Harison bike. You can instantly set the resistance as low as the flywheel rotates freely giving you riding down a hill feeling. Similarly, you can switch to heavy resistance where rotating the pedals is as difficult as climbing a steep mountain.

Holder: When it comes to any form of exercise hydration needs to be given utmost importance. You need to drink at least one or two cups of water in an hour while you keep cycling. So you should carry a water bottle that makes it easy for you to drink it as you ride. Another good idea is during the high-intensity workout you drink water every 10 to 15 minutes. To access this most important thing there is a water bottle holder on the bike. It is in-between the seat and handlebars so that you can access it easily.

Clip in pedals: Just like the road bikes in this indoor bike there is a “clip in” to pedals feature. When your feet will be clipped into a set of pedals you will feel like they are affixed to the bike. This will make it possible for you to fully engage in the workout. Both the upward pulling motion and downward pushing motion will be completely supported. This will result in more hip and hamstring engagement throughout the ride.

Digital monitor: A digital monitor is very beneficial especially if it is multi-functional. You can use the bike professionally too as the bike has this feature. If you want to set up workout plans easily then you need to make your workout numerical. This is what the monitor does. You can check values like calorie, RPM, distance, speed, time, scan, pulse, and total distance.

Complete control: The manufacturer has literally placed the complete power in your hands. Each person has different ability of to do exercise. Beginners like to start at a slow pace while the old practitioners like to use the bikes rigorously. The rider can control the speed of pedal stroke. In fact, you manually adjust the resistance of the flywheel using the handle or knob.

Harison is one of the best spin bikes for home. They are available in two different colors i.e. white and black. Once you buy this bike you will not regret as the bike has interesting features for the rider. The designing of the bike is such that it is not going to take too much space. You won’t feel there is an extra unwanted product in your house. The bike measures 50 x 20 x 47 in inches. You can even keep or iPad or other entertainment sources in the holder that is mounted below the handlebars.

There are so many benefits of using this bike. It will lower your body’s muscular endurance and enhance the cardiovascular fitness. These types of bikes even have the ability to boost your mood or enhance happiness. Here, the transport wheels are mounted in the front. So they will help in their easy movement from one place to another. The product comes fully assembled and supports up to 265 pounds of weight. You can check the user manual for further assistance in using the bike.

Does the monitor require electricity to operate?

Can you sit or stand while riding this bike?

  • Pros
  • Cons

Complete power to the user

Multi-functional monitor

Full support while pedaling

Multiple posture support

Easy resistance switching

iPad holder

Space saving design

6. ProGear 100S Exercise Bike

ProGear 100S Exercise Bike


Toe cages: An extra support to your feet is always good. Toe cages perfectly provide that to the rider. There are chances that while pedaling your foot slips. In such a case you may hurt yourself. So this cage-like structure will protect you from these unwanted occurrences. Make sure you the straps are not too tight. Otherwise, you will have to loosen them whenever you get down on the bike.

Weight capacity: This is another factor that needs to take care of if you are not the only one who is going to use the bike. It plays an important role if you are buying it for professional purpose. Different types of people use the same bike so it should be able to function properly for all of them. Here the weight capacity is up to 250 pounds. It will allow the user to pedal in standing position too.

Pedaling: Here, you can pedal in both the directions i.e. forward and backward. There are a lot of benefits of backward pedaling. It activates three quadriceps muscles more than the forward cycling would do. In fact, you can burn more calories and consume more oxygen with this type of pedaling direction.

Adjustments: There is an easy dial that works both for resistance and brake. There is a positive and negative sign on the knob. You will have to rotate it in the positive direction to increase the resistance level. Similarly, you can rotate in the negative directive to reduce the level. For emergency brake, you will have to move it in top or down direction.

Warranty: You won’t have to worry about repairing its parts for a long time. As the product has the 1-year limited warranty so you can get the product issues resolved easily.

Sensors: During the workout, you must also track your pulse rate. According to your age, the suitable heart rate would vary. Using the grey colored mode button you can switch between different modes and check their values.

LCD computer: It is mounted in the middle of the handlebars. So it’s easy for you to access the workout values. The values include time, scan, speed, distance, calories, and pulse.

Battery: For the LCD computer to operate you won’t have to use an electrical connection. The screen operates by using the charge from 2AAA batteries. This makes it easy for the rider to relocate it to any place in your room.

Inertia driven: The flywheel is cast iron inertia drives. This helps in smooth and consistent pedaling motion.

ProGear spin bikes provide you with a great way for the cardiovascular fitness workout. Just like the regular road bike this bike is going to benefit your body in a similar way. Are you looking for a bike that you can use for challenging workout? This bike is just perfect for you. The length, width, and height of the bike are 40, 22, and 46 inches respectively. It is a light-weight product as it weighs only 59.7 pounds. Still, if you feel the weight is more than the transport wheels will help you in its easy storage. These are one of the best spin bikes for home use.

Everyone wants to be fit but what stops them from doing so are the outdoor workouts. When it’s rainy season it is actually very difficult to move out your house. You have to take care that you do not get wet and pass through long traffic queues. It is better you buy something as good as this bike. You can exercise at your home by following the time schedule you like and that too in your comfort zone. The bike is quiet enough so that you can listen to your favorite songs and still follow a challenging workout routine. You can even adjust the cushioned seat in 4 different ways.

Are the batteries included in the package?

What is the recommended height range for ProGear bike?

  • Pros
  • Cons

LCD computer

Heart pulse sensors

Two-way pedaling

Easy to transport

Toe Cages

Easy tension adjustment

Emergency brake

7. Bodycraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike

Bodycraft SPX Club Indoor Cycling Bike


Comfort: This feature is extremely important especially for the fitness enthusiasts. Until and unless you are comfortable you cannot fully concentrate on exercising. The seat is micro-adjustable so that it fits your body type.

Padded handlebars: During the workout you tend to sweat a lot. If the handles are plain and don’t offer enough grip then your hands may slip. Here, the handlebars are padded and large in size so they will provide the rider a better grip.

2 holders: During the workout, you need to stay hydrated. Although it is easy to get down on this bike some people find it annoying to get down for a bottle of water. Here, there is a water bottle holder on either side of the flywheel. It looks like a cage made of steel. You can easily access the bottles.

Quiet: Noise made by machines is a big issue for people who love cycling at home. If the machine is noisy you will have to take care of the timings before using it. There are a lot of people who like to exercise early morning or late night.

Durable: Use of high-quality material makes the indoor cycle more durable. So you won’t have to buy a new bike for a really long time.

Sturdy frame: When it comes to strength the frame has to be strong. If you prefer heavy-duty training then this factor needs to be taken care of. Here, the frame is made using steel. It is then coated with a double layer of powder-coated paint. Thus, providing it extra strength by preventing rust.

Assembly: You will receive a user manual along with the product. This will make it easy for you to assemble the product. Some of the main parts include the belt, belt guard, crank, and flywheel come pre-assembled. You need to attach other parts like the seat, pedals, and more. For assembling all the tools are included in the package. It should not take more than 30 minutes for you to assemble the bike. If you are really good at it or take help from someone then it may even take less time.

Quality: This bike is made using top quality materials. The Hutchinson SPK V-ribbed automotive belt is made in France. Even the SKF sealed bearings used in the bike are made in Germany. It clearly states that when it comes to quality the manufacturer has given importance to each and every part.

Varying warranty benefits: Whenever you spend money on products like bikes the warranty becomes really essential. Although the product is of good quality still certain issues may arise. On Bodycraft you will get the warranty of 90 days on wear items, 2 years of labor, five years on parts, and lifetime on the frame.

No doubt cycling is the best form of exercise. It tones your whole body. You will find a lot of indoor bikes that offer support for high-intensity training. The problem arises when the look seems to amazing but you cannot use them for an extended period of time. However, the Bodycraft bike focuses on providing comfort to the user. You are going to enjoy working out. Comfort even acts as a motivation booster for a lot of people. With multiple benefits, this bike has to be one of the best commercial spin bikes.

The dimensions of this product are 43 x 24 x 47 in inches. The saddle used in the bike is manufactured by top company i.e. Velo. Along with handlebar stem with engraved scales, it even has micro-adjustable seat post. You can even change the pedals to SPDs. SPDs won’t have the toe straps for extra support. The flywheel is perimeter weighted for providing higher inertia and weighs 46 lbs. With a micro-adjust knob and patented friction brake, you can enjoy high-intensity training rides for a long time. The best part is it has the weight capacity of 300 pounds that makes it suitable for everyone at your home.

What is the material used for making pedals?

Is the steel used for making the frame of heavy-duty?

  • Pros
  • Cons

Multiple warranty benefits

Easy assembly



Better handlebars grip

High-quality materials

 Silent and comfortable

2 bottle holders

Long lasting

8. Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle Trainer

Bladez Fitness Master GS Indoor Cycle Trainer


Ultra smooth: Listening to songs on headphones is not everyone’s choice. Some people like to play loud music while they workout. To listen to them properly you need silence. Obviously, you cannot listen to music while a machine is making noise. So here the super-heavy flywheel is going to exactly serve the purpose. The flywheel with belt-driven mechanism works smoothly without making noise.

Racing style: The Bladez cycling bike has a multi-grip handlebar. As the handlebar is completely covered with rubber foam it will prevent your hands from slipping due to sweating. You might know that by using certain bikes there is blister formation on the hands. This can be really painful and stop your continuous workout sessions. There are aero bars incorporated in this bike. You can steeply lean on them in the forward posture. You will feel like you are riding a racing bike.

Foam seat: The vinyl padded foam seat is comfortable. It’s slightly cushioned nature provides the required support to the rider. It is slim and looks like the seat of a race bike.

Two tone design: Bladez bike’s saddle is anatomical in design. The seat has two color tones. With black central part, there is a red and grey color section on both the sides. So the seat looks different and beautiful.

Belt-drive system: Unlike other systems the Bladez uses the belt-driven system. So the bike works smoothly and almost doesn’t produce any sort of sound. You will feel the difference in this bike as compared to other once you start using it.

Compatibility: The bike is compatible with Polar heart rate monitors. So you can even monitor your heart rate and exercise accordingly.

Stable: On both the sides of the base there are rubber levelers. At times the flooring is not as even as it should be for a bike to stand. In such a case these levelers help in providing maximum stability. In fact, the base has silicone wheels in the front that help in the relocation of the bike.

LCD display: The screen will display the workout values like time, distance, calories, and more

For people who are particular about fitness, this bike is an ideal choice. Bladez Fitness bike is going to help you enjoy the workout at home. You can lose any amount of weight by using this bike. This bike is designed in such a way that it increases your stamina and enhances the endurance levels. You can make adjustments on the bike to meet your workout needs easily. Once you receive this bike you are going to fall in love with its unique design and features.

The manufacturer claims to deliver an affordable product with exceptional quality. This is a great product for the home exercisers who want don’t want to spend too much money. The product is an attractive piece of equipment that is completely reliable. Whether you are going to use it in gym or home it is going to look great at all the places. If you are looking for that one product that works for your whole body, you should give this one a try. Bladez Fitness Master GS indoor cycle’s dimensions are 48 x 19.9 x 46.9 in height. You can adjust the handlebars and seat

Can the straps of the pedals be removed?

Is Warranty included with the product?

  • Pros
  • Cons

Vinyl padded foam seat

Polar heart rate compatible

Smooth belt-driven system

Racing style handlebars

Anatomical design

LCD monitor

9. Exerpeutic LX7 Indoor Cycle Trainer

Exerpeutic LX7 Indoor Cycle Trainer


Different seat adjustment: You can adjust the seat in different directions. The adjustment can be made in upward/downward and horizontal/vertical directions. Thus, you can customize the setting according to your preference.

Stand up pedaling: You might have seen riders who ride on the uphill road. They stand up and ride the bike freely. Exerpeutic bike supports stand up pedaling for a similar experience.

Easy to transport: When you buy fitness equipment the main problem is their storage. They are heavy so it becomes difficult for you to move them. Here, at the base front, there are transportation wheels. So you can easily move the bike.

Multi-grip handlebars: The handlebars are covered with soft foam. You can hold them in different ways. Just move them in upward and downward direction and lock them into 3 different positions.

Quality: The manufacturer delivers a product that is available at value-oriented prices. It is hard to find a quality product at such prices.

Height range: People whose height ranges from 5 foot 2 inches to 6 foot 2 inches can use the bike.

Easy to repair: The product comes with the 1-year warranty of mainframe and 90 days for parts.

Stabilizers: Even if the product is easy to relocate you need to make sure it stands stably on different surfaces. This is not an issue in the Exerpeutic bike as at the base there are floor stabilizers. So you can place it on irregular surfaces too.

The Exerpeutic bike provides a great way to ride like a regular road bike. Now, you can do intense cardiovascular fitness workout at home. It is super comfortable so it helps to get the most out of the workout even when you increase the pedaling pace. The water bottle holder on the bike will never let you feel dehydrated. It is a solid 3 piece crank system with chain drive. The pedals are constructed using aluminum alloy and have secure toe cage for more support.

Exerpeutic spin bike’s dimensions are 49 x 20 x 49 in inches. In the front, there is a computer monitor that displays different values including the heart pulse rate. You can track your workout session and plan them accordingly. The cast iron flywheel weighs 40 pounds and is consistent and smooth when pedaling. Its maximum weight capacity is 300 lbs. For easy adjustment, the bike even has the easy dial.

Is the water bottle holder included in the package?

What is the weight of the product?

  • Pros
  • Cons

Heart pulse sensors

Four-way seat adjustment

Stand up pedaling capability


Easy dial tension adjustment

High-quality product

40 pounds flywheel

Computer display

10. Schwinn IC2 Bike

Schwinn IC2 Bike


Oversized: For a safe and sturdy ride the Schwinn ic2 indoor cycling bike is made oversized. It is even corrosion resistant so it would last longer.

BioFit comfort: Schwinn bike’s handlebars are so comfortable that you can sit in multiple positions. Thus, you can try different type of riding techniques on this bike.

Mp3 holder: Everyone loves listening to songs while they workout. If you want to listen to your favorites without disturbing others at your home then you will have to use some mp3 source. In the front of the handlebar is a holder where you can place your mobile and play the music of your choice.

Simple to use: On the Schwinn commercial spin bikes the LCD console is easy to use. It displays values like time, calories, speed, RPM, and distance.

Q-factor: The pedals of the bike are easy to adjust. To give you the feel of outdoor cycling the Q-factor of the bike is inspired by them.

Schwinn spin bikes have everything you would love about an outdoor cycling bike. You can access all this at your home. The flywheel of the bike is highly effective with high inertia drive system. The rider can set infinite resistance levels. Its durable wool felt pad will provide you with even resistance and smooth cycling experience. The maximum user weight supported by it is 250 lbs. Talking about its dimensions it is 45 x 35 x 9 in inches.

Does the bike have transport wheels at the base?

Is the product durable?

  • Pros
  • Cons

Corrosion resistant tubing

Easy-adjust pedals


Transport wheels

Multi-position handlebars

High inertia drive system

Wool felt pad

Easy to use

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There are immense benefits of using the spin bikes. You can use them indoor and still be as fit as the people who visit the gym for a similar purpose. We have listed different types of bikes. The list includes the ones with Bluetooth, LCD display, transportation wheels, caged pedals, and much more. According to the features they offer their price varies. In fact, they even have different color options so you can buy one of your favorite colors.

If you do not like visiting the gym or any other outdoor means of fitness, you should go for spinning. It is not necessary that you use them at home you can even place them in gyms. Gym equipment usually requires a lot of maintenance. These bikes are easy to maintain and are going to serve you for a long time. You are going to love them. For queries please leave comments in the comment box. We will try our best to resolve them as soon as possible.

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