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6 Best Places In The World For Kayaking

We have listed the top places in the world to travel for kayaking!

by Josh Mitchell

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There are a lot of people who imagine their ideal vacation to be on a beach or maybe into the hills, but there are some who understand vacation as an adventure that would create beautiful memories and experience.

Kayaking is one of those Sport activities which has a thrill of creating an exceptional experience and is made for those who believe in adventure as a sport.

Kayaking is a water sport which can be done in a sea or river. Both give a different experience and enjoyment. 

The only thing that is most important in kayaking is that the person who is going to kayak should take proper lessons and safety equipment with them. The most important and thing to understand is to make up your mind in a way that you have to row or paddle your kayak in the water.

It needs much greater maneuvering and skillful lessons. You must get adjusted to the water body in which you are going to do kayaking and must understand its momentum; otherwise you may drop off the kayak. For the people who are beginners, it becomes quite uncomfortable to maintain a good balance on the Kayak.

It needs a little practice, but once you get adjusted and comfortable with this, it becomes quite easy to balance the kayak and yourself on it.

Top 6 Places Worldwide To Experience Kayaking 

1. Slovenia

best kayaking in slovenia

If you want to kayak in the most clear and clean water in the world, then you must choose to experience this in the water of the Soca River in Slovenia.

This river is considered to be the most beautiful river. It has a lot section, which determines its difficulty while kayaking.

It is most recommended as one of the main areas to have a club trip for kayaking.

There are a few hotels nearby, located close to the river. You can easily stay in these hotels and paddle around whenever you want. You can enjoy with a comfortable weather conditions as well. It has an amazing scenic beautiful around the river.

2. Ottawa

kayak rental ottawa

If you don’t like calm waters and want to enjoy the thrill of big water and amazing waves then you must visit Canada.

The Ottawa River in Canada is considered to be one of the safest and huge rivers in the world.

There are two different channels that are present; both the channels provide different range of type of water.

One which will suit the beginners and the other which will allow more rash water for the people who are experienced Kayakers. The water changes its momentum with the change in season.

If you want to experience big waves and snow melt water, then visit this place in the spring. If you go in the summer to kayak in summer holidays then you will find people of all ages paddling the rapid waves and bubbling in the warm, fresh water.

It is also considered to be a home for the people who enjoy white water competitions and freestyle.

3. New Zealand

new zealand kayaking tours

This paradise is one the best places to experience the most exciting adventure of your lives.

It gives you everything that you are looking for be it a grade 2 or grade 5 type of kayaking, you have it all at one place.

The part that covers the northern island gives you a real forest like feel, where a beautiful river is cutting its way through the tree line gorges.

The parts that come in southern island have a great stark contrast, having the perfect mountains and hills. It has valley which has classic kayaking water. These places are still developing that’s why there are very less people around.

4. Uganda

white nile kayaking

The water here has become so famous for its water surfing and it has an amazing big water over the last decade.

The White Nile has the hardest rapids in the world, which has warm and fresh water. This area has an incredible weather, communities and area to paddle your kayak in the water.

This place holds a paddling holiday adventure for the people who love to experience a true culture of Kayaking.

The waves are considered to be too hard at times. To come to the White Nile, you don’t really have to be a professional. A beginner, who is learning kayaking are also the ones who will enjoy this place. There are a lot of people, who genuinely learn kayaking when they arrive on the waters of the White Nile.

5. Norway

best places to kayak in norway

Having the most famous and fabulous coastal area, which is most known for its big water and technical drops.

This place has a few of the best rivers to have an exceptional experience of kayaking.

You don’t have to be an expert in kayaking; even a learner can enjoy the beautiful water. Few of the areas have grade X level for Kayaking.

This area is considered to be a most beautiful terrain to enjoy water and kayaking. You must read where exactly and what type of kayaking you need to do, choose the location in Norway and enjoy the fantastic waters.

6. Zambezi

kayaking along the zambezi river

This place has one of the 7 wonders of the world, Victoria Falls, which has a boundary that marks a section of upper and middle area of the Zambezi River.

It is most famous for its whitewater and rapid waves.

This river has rightly made a name for itself, as it's a major kayaking place for the people all over the world. It has a beautiful area to explore through kayaking and you will have an amazing experience to enjoy the thrill of fast flowing water.


These areas are considered to fun, attractive and fancy for the people who love kayaking. If you are a true Kayak-er, you must visit the above places to know and understand the beauty of paddling around these rivers and sea.

Carry all your important things along and make sure to enjoy each bit of it. To have fun vacation like this is rare to find, but if you are sure Traveler, you would not want to miss these places at any cost.

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