Buyers Guide & Information

11 Best Mini Steppers For Movable Workouts

Struggling to find a convenient workout machine that is low impact? This guide will help you find the best mini stepper suitable for your space!


Buyers Guide & Information

11 Best Mini Steppers For Movable Workouts

Struggling to find a convenient workout machine that is low impact? This guide will help you find the best mini stepper suitable for your space!

by PITeam

by PITeam
Mini Stepper Reviews

Everyone wants to be fit these days. It is recommended that we should indulge in some form of physical activity for at least 30 minutes per day.

With more and more construction there is a decrease in places for outdoor activities. In fact, even if you take a gym membership then it’s going to cost you a lot.

You need to regularly visit the gym and that is not possible due to reasons like extreme weather conditions.

Thus, you should opt for a convenient option like mini stepper machine.

They are available in different sizes but all of them are small enough for easy storage. Some of them have resistance bands and handles too. The stepper workout benefits are amazing.

It is a great way to get the low impact workout that helps in toning your muscles and improving your health at the same time.

Mini Stepper Comparison Table 



Unique Feature

Check Price

Loctek FP1 Exercise Stepper Mini Step Swivel Elliptical Trainer


High damper quality, versatile functioning

Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

Sunny Health and Fitness

Resistance adjustment knob, durable

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, Black


Optimum design, fully assembled

G Air Climber


Twisting action, AB circle

JFIT 50-1000-PEWj/Fit Under Desk & Stand Up Mini Elliptical, Pewter


Advanced two way functioning, adjustable pedals

Bionic Body Under-Desk Elliptical Machine Mini Stepper Trainer with Magnetic Resistance Tubes NS-1009

Bionic Body

Multiple training positions, resistance adjustment lever

IDEER LIFE Under Desk&Stand Up Exercise Bike,Mini Elliptical Trainers Stepper Pedal w/Adjustable Resistance and LCD Display,Fitness Exercise Peddler for Home&Office Workout (Metallic Grey)


Oversize pedals, dual direction pedaling

Fitness Exercise Elliptical Twister Stepper -Upgraded Quality Steel, Easy Under Desk Workout, Digital Display, Resistance Band Elliptical Trainer Burns 15% More Calories Than a Exercise Bike


Rugged construction, wing style pedals

DMI Mini Stepper Exerciser - Digital Monitor Tracks Number of Steps


Lightweight, dual-hydraulic cylinders

OrangeA Mini Stepper 220lbs Mini Stepper Machine with Resistance Band Mini Stepper Twister Stepper for Exercise Stepper Exercise Equipment


Ergonomic design, frosted pedal surface

Marcy Home Cardio Exercise Mini Stepper with Handle and Display MS-95


Hydraulic drive system, stable handlebars

Types of Stepper Machines


It is a small version of the stepper machine you find in the gyms. Similar to its parent machine, the stepper offers a cardio-based workout. Due to its low impact, they are not harsh on the joints. You can get your heart pumping and enjoy the perfect workout with this one.


This type of machine is a simple mini stair stepper with an added feature. It is the pedal twist. The stepper works on different parts of your body. The twisting motion of the pedals helps in toning the core areas of the body. It includes the oblique and abdominal muscles. You can use it to tone your lower body.


These machines are quite similar to the stair steppers. You cannot distinguish them at the very first time you look at them. They work in the same area of your body. The only difference lies in the movement. On these machines, you will find more horizontal movement as compared to the vertical one.


Stair stepper is bigger in size and heavy in weight. You will find them mostly in the gyms. They are of two types i.e. manual and motorized. They are amongst the most expensive steppers compared to the other types. Due to its heavy weight, it is a bit difficult to transport them from one place to another.

Mini Stepper Benefits

Toning muscles

Mini stepper exercises utilize the same muscles as the walking or stair climbing does. The user needs to push against each step while it offers slight resistance. This slight resistance is going to help you tone your lower body muscles like calf muscles and hamstrings. If you are going to use the stepper regularly you will see more definition in muscles. Once your legs get accustomed to the workout even your muscular endurance will improve. Make sure you stretch before and after the workout to prevent any form of injury.


This is one of the major benefits of using the stepper machine. By using it you are going to burn more calories that will in turn help in losing weight. It is a low-impact exercising machine so you won’t be burning a lot of calories every day. With consistent usage, you can improve your resting metabolic rate and get better results.

Cardiovascular fitness

Using the machine regularly can improve your heart’s health. The stepping motion resembles walking that is a form of moderate aerobic activity. Certain experts suggest that you should use it for at least 150 minutes a week for best results. You can divide the sessions for the week according to your convenience. Make sure you use the machine continuously for at least10 minutes.


The price of the mini stepper machines is much cheaper than the full-sized ones. If you go to the gym you have to pay for its membership. The fees you pay is going to work for you only for a limited period of time. You will have to pay again and again. If you opt for stepper exercises at home then you increase your savings.


This is another interesting benefit of using a mini stepper. As these machines are lightweight so you can carry them wherever you want. If you are a working person and do not get enough time to exercise at home, carry them to your office.

Mood control

Experts suggest that physical activity can stimulate various brain chemicals. This will leave you happier and relaxed. Thus the stress levels will be reduced. For best results, you must use the stepper for at least 30 minutes.


The size of these workout machines is small. These are extremely useful if you want to be fit but do not have much storage space. You can even keep the mini stepper under desk or bed.

Full range of motion

There are a lot of cardio machines available in the market. Do they work equally on all your body parts? They neglect certain areas of your body and you lose flexibility. For example- Exercise bikes do not let your legs to fully extend. This leads to stiffening of your legs and prevents them from getting a proper workout.


The machine has similar benefits as the walking has. Its indoor functioning will allow you to use it any type of weather. If it’s too hot, too windy or an unpleasant weather conditions just set up the machine anywhere in the indoor space.

How to use A Mini Stepper?

  • Step 1
    Before starting with the workout stretch for about 5 to 7 minutes. You can perform any type of stretching. It is basically done to warm up your muscles so that you do not feel any sort of discomfort.
  • Step 2
    If the stepper has resistance settings then adjust them according to your preference. On machines with the dial, you will have to rotate the dial in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. For the ones with a lever, you need to pull them upwards or push them downwards.
  • Step 3
    Now, you will have to stand on the stepper. For this, place your feet on it with one foot on each foot pad. There are certain steppers that can be used in sitting position too. If you stand while using the machine it will burn more calories.
  • Step 4
    If the stepper has handrails then hold them. Make sure you do not put any body weight on them as it would reduce the workout intensity.
  • Step 5
    Move the foot pads in opposite direction. It should be done in such a way that your left foot should move up while the right foot moves downwards. The steppers have the ability to move the foot pads automatically upwards. So you need to only apply force to push them downwards.
  • Step 6
    Keep stepping for 15-30 minutes. If you find the resistance too low then increase it in between. For the more intense workout you can even use dumbbells.

Things you should keep in mind when buying a Mini Stepper Machine


Nobody wants to waste their money on a piece of junk. If the product’s quality is neglected then the machine won’t last for long. If the product breaks while you are using it then you may lose balance and hurt yourself. You should not neglect the quality of any other beneficial feature.


There are certain products that come with the different warranty period. You must check its details before placing the order. In case, there is no warranty associated with it, check the product’s description. This will help you get any sort of repair done free of cost. There are certain highly durable products that do not offer these services.


It is not important that you adjust the position of the steps. In the mini stepper machine, it is not important as you have to stand in natural position. However, tension adjustability is important. With this type of adjustability, you can easily switch from aerobic to the anaerobic form of workout.


If the machine is small in size then you can move it easily. Although these machines are smaller in size you should check their dimensions. This will help you decide whether you can place it at the storage place where you are going to place it later.


It is important to check the maximum weight capacity of the machine before buying it. If the capacity is less there are chances that the machine would break due to imbalance. This is an absolutely necessary specification for the people who are overweight. For fitness enthusiasts, this is not a problem.


You have to check this factor as it is going to affect your comfort and safety. Even after checking the size and weight if the stepper machine is not stable then it is going to harm you. Remember a broken bone or head injury is going to cost you much more than the stable good quality machine.


If your machine has digital display then all the workout values will be displayed on the screen. There are certain people like the fitness enthusiasts who like to keep track of their workout time, step counts and more. For them, the display is an added feature. In fact, if your machine doesn’t have the same then you can use fitness watch instead.

Hydraulic Cylinders

The most important part of the stepper machine is the piston. A heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder will allow the user to stay on it for a long time. If the cylinders are of low quality then they are going to overheat after 10-20 minutes of usage. This will eventually result in a noisy machine.

Levels of resistance

After a certain period of time you will realize that your leg’s strength has increased. Now, if you want to increase it even more then there should be more resistance levels. Make sure the machine has several levels of resistance. It should range from very easy, medium to difficult levels.


The operation of the machine should be quiet. There are various factors that may result in a noisy stepper machine. It may happen that the machine initially doesn’t make any sort of noise but after a certain time, it does. So you need to check all the details related to the product.

11 Best Mini Stepper Machines Reviewed

1. Loctek FP1 Exercise Stepper Mini Step Swivel Elliptical Trainer

Loctek is one of the best mini stepper machines you will find in the market. The design of the product is amazing. The twist action of the stepper is going to target different parts of your body.

If you are a beginner you can use the product for 40 minutes to burn 350 to 450 calories. Once you become comfortable and want to be fitter increase its intensity. With the increase in intensity, you can burn 600 to 700 calories.

These mini-sized steppers are much cheaper as compared to other large sized ones. Here, you can gain similar health benefits and save a lot of money. Due to its compact design, the product is extremely space saving. Its length and width are 17 and 16 inches while the height is 11 inches.

Use of good quality materials prevents it from over-heating resulting in better durability. As the product has LCD display so some form of charge is needed for its operation. Here, batteries are used and are included with the package.

The color combination is blue and grey that we are sure most of you would like. This Loctek stepper operates using the two hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders create a stepping motion. You can use them during the break time in your office or while watching TV at home.

With this stepper, you can shape your leg and thigh muscles, particularly the inner and outer thighs. If you are going to use it even 20 minutes a day then it is going to improve your heart health significantly.

Heavy duty

Loctek is made using heavy-duty steel. So the product is as sturdy as you would want or expect. This will make the product last longer. The user can comfortably workout and focus on achieving the fitness goals.


While you exercise it is extremely important that the product doesn’t have the harsh impact on your body. In such a case only limited people can use the product that too with much care. Here, its low-impact feature will make it suitable for everyone in your family. This will ensure that you do not hurt your muscles or joints while enjoying the workout.

Electric monitor

There is an electrical display in the center. You can view values like scan, timer, calories, RPMS, and count. It will help you track the workout progress and help in scheduling the workout plan accordingly.


The Loctek FP1 stepper is small in size. You can place it any corner or under the table. Its compact design even makes it suitable to be carried to any place.

Damper quality

This product uses the damper to regulate the motion in the perfect way. If the quality of damper is neglected then even if its other parts are of good quality there is still some sort of risk involved. Here, the manufacturer has kept all these factors in mind. So a high-quality damper is used to make it suitable for frequent use.


The product is versatile. It will help you tone the calves, then your arms, and tone your buttocks. With the growing interest towards fitness, most of the people focus on getting flat abs. If you are going to do stepper machine workout then you will get those sculpting abs in your comfort zone.

Over-sized footplates

Due to the large size of the footplates you can widen and change the position of your foot on them. This will help you focus on different muscle groups.


The base on which you are going to place your feet i.e. footplates are slip-resistant. Thus, the grip of your feet would be more firm and you can use it safely.


It will increase your blood circulation. You will be protected from any sort of lacking exercise health disease. A good cardio workout using this machine is going to improve your heart health.

What is the weight capacity of Loctek mini stepper?

220 lbs

Is it less jarring on your body as compared to the treadmills?


Is it hard to see the counter of the machine?



  • Slip-resistant footplates
  • High-quality damper
  • LCD display
  • Easy to get flat abs
  • Low impact machine
  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Low impact on body


  • The footplates are over-sized

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Stepper with Resistance Bands

If you are a fitness enthusiast then this product has to be in your fitness machine list. Coming to the stepper machine benefits they are much more then you can imagine. The machine is extremely beneficial in toning the hips, thighs, and buttocks.

With little impact on your body, the machine is going to provide you with an easy way for a full workout. For the display to work 1 LR444 battery is required that is included in the package.

The product’s dimensions are 16.5 x 12.5 x 8(L x W x H).Its weight capacity is 250 lbs. For that short office break where you want something to boost your energy levels or heart rate, try this one.

This high-quality product looks amazing with black and grey color combination. It is a go-to product for those looking for an affordable option to get fit and healthy. The product is small in size and lightweight too. This makes it an ideal choice for a lot of users.

If the stepping machine doesn’t work smoothly then it is very annoying for both the user and the people around. To avoid it, the machine has a built in the hydraulic drive system. This drive system provides a smooth stepping motion during the workout.

So you won’t hear any sort of unwanted noise. This small machine has a lot of benefits. It has resistance bands, knob, LCD display that makes it a perfect all in one fitness product.

Resistance knob

For multiple people to be able to use the product it is actually necessary to adjust the resistance levels. It depends on the resistance how much force you have to apply to push the footplates. Now, if there are aged members of your family it is difficult for them to use the product with resistance.

So here in Sunny Health and Fitness stepper, there is a knob for such adjustability. It’s even beneficial for the beginners to start with an easy workout.

Track fitness

If you can check the details of your workout on a screen, wouldn’t it be great? You can check the track the progress of your workout easily using the digital monitor screen. It will display details like calories, time, count, and step per minute.

This will help you get focused towards achieving your fitness goals. In fact, you can conveniently track the progress through the entire process by using the scan mode.

Height adjustment

For adding more comfort to the user’s workout experience there is a height adjustment feature. There is a knob on the stepper for changing the step motion height. You can opt for either short bursts or long steps.


The frame of the mini stepper machine is made using industrial strength steel that gives it flawless stability. It is highly durable due to the use of the rust-resistant material. So you won’t have to spend extra money on its maintenance or buying a new product.


With weight 14.5 lbs the body of the machine is lightweight. You can grab and carry it wherever you feel like exercising. It is small and compact in size. Just store it away and out of sight for the time you do not want to use it.


There are two elastic bands attached to the front side of the stepper. You can perform additional exercise other than stepping using these bands. These bands work on chest, arms, shoulders, and back for providing full body workout while you step.


If you are looking for a machine that is safe to use then opt for this one. Its non-slip foot pads provide the perfect balance required for stepping. These footplates are oversized so that it can accommodate all sizes. The grip is strong enough to ensure safe footing even during the most vigorous workouts.

Are the resistant bands padded?

Yes, they are foam padded so that the user doesn’t lose grip.

Are the training bands removable?

Yes. You can remove the training bands. It is better you do not remove them as they will help in tightening over 20 different core muscles of your body.

Is it a low impact fitness device?



  • Height adjustment knob
  • Wide non-slip pedals
  • Anytime tracking of fitness
  • Full body workout
  • Portable
  • Resistance bands
  • Hydraulic drive system
  • Durable
  • Smooth motion


  • Balancing on the machine may be a bit difficult but with resistance bands, it’s much easier

3. Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

Without exercise, you are actually surrendering your body to grow old at a faster rate. If you follow some sort of anaerobic exercise the process can be reversed. We live a challenging life so to make workout your priority is a bit difficult.

Following an ongoing expensive commitment by joining a gym or fitness classes is not always convenient. These reasons make the Xiser stepper a popular choice.

There are certain fitness machines that fail to offer the fat-burning and muscle-building benefits that this machine will offer. If money is not a barrier for you and you want to buy a product with high benefits then Xiser is for you. With 60 seconds of workout a day you will be able to strengthen the core muscles, tone abs and get stronger, leaner legs.

For fitness enthusiasts, this is a great product. With this machine, you can perform high-intensity interval training at your own place. You can use it for multiple trends like Spinning and CrossFit. Once you use this product you will get a fresh experience of the workout. When folded the stepper’s length, width and height are 21, 14, and 4 inches respectively.

You should always use the correct form for the mini stepper workout. Begin by placing the whole foot on the pedal and gradually shift towards placing only the balls of the feet. Make sure you always push down and never lift up the pedals. At the end of the one-minute exercise, you should experience some sort of burning in your legs or you should be out of breath.

Weight capacity

For instance, if you are someone with high weight then consider buying this product. It can support up to 400 lb weight that is huge as compared to other machines in the market. Most of your family members will be able to use it.


Unlike other similar products this one is made 100% in the USA. This makes it trustworthy and more reliable. In fact, the design is proposed by someone who has done Ph.D. So a lot of important factors are considered before manufacturing this product.

Optimum design

From foot pedals to interactive cylinders everything is optimally designed. This product is ergonomic. So the designing and arranging are done in such a way that the user and the machine interact in the most efficient and safe way.


It happens a lot of times that due to inappropriate assembly the product doesn’t work as required. Here, the user won’t have to worry about this issue. You will receive a fully assembled product. Thus, the user will have to only open the package and start using it.

Variation in resistance

To be able to continuously increase your body’s physical strength you need to change the intensity of the workout. It has an instant responsive resistance system that helps in the quick adjustment of the same. If you follow the workout routine correctly then you can burn extra calories and fat even hours after the workout has ended.


You can store the product at any place. Just hang it on the wall as a piece of art if you do not have space to keep it. There are other multiple options too. Either place the machine under the furniture or lean it against the wall.

Practical usage

The usage of this machine is not limited to your homes. Just carry it wherever you go. Whether you travel by train, plane, automobile, or boat the product can be carried easily.


For constructing the product high-quality materials are used. Use of aircraft aluminum alloy makes it extremely stronger. This alloy has the high composition of copper so it is hard to break.

Multiple benefits

Along with physical the mental strength is also improved. It helps in fighting depression, reducing stress, insomnia, improves memory, increases confidence, and more.

Is the product lightweight?

Yes. It weighs around 14 lbs.

Can you use the Xiser stepper for sprint training?



  • Supports high-intensity training
  • Variable resistance
  • Unique and ergonomic design
  • Perfect for tough navy seal
  • No assembly required
  • Cast aircraft alloy
  • Compact


  • Little high price due to multiple unique features

4. Goplus Air Climber Aerobic Fitness Step Stair Stepper Twist Exercise Machine

Are you looking for a machine to do stepper exercise for weight loss? Do you want something that is convenient enough to provide you with the right kind of workout? There are multiple options for going to the gym or joining a fitness class but are they convenient? How about having a home gym at an affordable price?

It is absolutely true that you can workout at home and get similar benefits as the outdoor options offer. You just have to place the order for GoPlus and all your problems will be solved.

There has always been a debate that whether such small-sized steppers are good or not. The answer has to be yes. The reason is that any form of exercise that boosts your heart rate is good. This one is definitely going to work in pumping up your heart rate.

If you are worried about the lack of armbands then you don’t have to. As while the stepping motion continues the stability muscles are used that provide a full body workout.

Talking about the overall size dimensions, the length, width, and height are 19, 17, and 9.5 inches respectively. The size of the GoPlus stepper is compact so you can place it anywhere and carry it to the place you are comfortable in. When you use such a stepper that doesn’t have resistance bands then the base plays an important role.

Twisting action

This machine uses a small inward motion that is even called the stepping in motion. Here the legs move slightly inwards while the hip rotates slightly. Thus, the twist in action effectively targets the inner and outer thighs. So you can tone your thighs and buttocks while achieving a cardiovascular workout.


The padding on the pedals is non-skid. This will help you maintain the balance during the high-intensity workout. This is an extremely important feature from the perspective of security.

Onboard computer

On the computer that is located in the front you can check the workout values. The different details displayed on the screen are count, time, calorie, scan, and reps per minute. A rep is actually the complete motion of a particular exercise.

So you can check how many reps you have completed in a minute. Thus, it is easy to track your workout’s progress. If you do not like pressing the button again and again for checking different values then use the scan option. It will display all the values one by one.

Space saving

The size of the stepper is small. You can keep it anywhere and you won’t feel like it is consuming extra space of your room. With such space-saving feature, you can carry the machine wherever you feel like.

If you do not get time to workout at home just carry it to your office and workout during the break time. Once you finish the workout you can put in under the table or in the corner.


Considering the fact that you would want it to be used by multiple people the weight capacity becomes another important factor. The GoPlus mini stepper has the large weight capacity of 220lbs.


This machine is a form of the trainer. It will help you tone and tighten your calves’ muscles. It is highly effective you can see the results once you use the product.


For the construction of this product the materials used are of good quality. It is made using ABS, PP, and steel. Use of heavy duty steel makes the product reliable to use. Just invest once in this product and you won’t have to spend money again and again.

AB circle

For this type of workout side to side action is needed. This machine offers side to side movement with 90-degree angles. So you can work on toning your abs and develop muscles much faster. There is a lever on the machine to change the motion i.e. up and down or side to side.

What is the weight of the complete stepper unit?

It is 23lbs.

Are there other color options in this stepper machine?



  • Large weight capacity
  • Onboard LCD computer
  • Supports AB circle workout
  • Space-saving size
  • Non-skid footplates
  • Longevity is high
  • Safe to use


  • By default, the product might be set inside to side motion so you will have to check it.

5. Jfit Under Desk & Stand Up Mini Elliptical/Stepper w/Adjustable Angle

If you are looking for a unique exercise step platform then you must try this one. This is a unique machine that the user can use in two different ways. For those who spend most of their time sitting this product is an ideal choice. Although sitting for a long period is not a problem but it can lead to some if you do not take care of your health.

Its better you indulge in some form of activity. This mini machine will fit under the desk. So you can move your legs while reading, talking on the phone or typing.

Whether you want to go for the casual workout or you want to go a bit hard by sweating it out, the machine covers all of them. You just need to adjust the difficulty levels according to your needs. This is an ideal choice for people who want to go for home gym.

This efficient piece of fitness equipment is great for staying fit in your comfort zone. The length, breadth, and height of Jfit stepper are 27.2, 15, and 11 inches respectively. This machine weighs 26.5 pounds that are a bit heavy as compared to other steppers.


This product has one of the most advanced features that you won’t get on any other machine. It supports two-way functioning. This means that you can use the stepper machine while sitting or standing. Thus, it totally depends on you how you want to use the stepper.


If a machine makes noise while you use it then you can use it only at limited places. Even at home, you will have to make sure that everybody is awake so that you do not disturb anyone. Jfit doesn’t have this limitation associated with it.

The large rollerblade wheels located at the bottom of the machine support smoother ride. Thus, it doesn’t produce any sort of noise. In case you experience any sort of squeak then you can eliminate that by spraying a lubricant on the wheels.

Versatile design

The design of the stepper is versatile and is made by keeping in mind user’s needs. It is compact so you can place it under any desk without much hassle.


You won’t find a top handle in any other competitive machine. It allows you to hold it firmly and carry it wherever you want. There is a handle in the front for additional support. It has the capability to hold a chair with wheels.

Measures your progress

There is a series 1050 monitor on the machine. It will record the distance you have traveled, the time for which you have been using it, calories burnt and speed. So you can set a goal and focus on achieving it in the fastest way possible.

Adjustable pedals

The pedals on which you place your foot while exercising are adjustable. You can change their angle according to your comfort level.

Tension dial

Whether you are the beginner or a fitness enthusiast the resistance level has to change for a better workout experience. For this, there is a dial at the top just near the handle for adjusting the resistance. You just need to rotate it for changing the same.


Unlike other stepper machines that can be only used by Men or Women this one has no limitations. From kids to seniors everyone can use this machine. This is an ideal choice for people looking for the machine that supports multiple or all age groups.

What are the color options in Jfit stepper?

There are two color options. You can choose from Navy/Black and Pewter.

How many calories can you burn if you use it while sitting?

You can burn up to 300 calories. If you stand during the workout you can increase the calorie burn count.


  • Ideal for multiple age groups
  • Tracks the progress
  • Resistance adjustment dial
  • Burns more calories
  • Smart design
  • Adjustable angle pedals
  • Practical top handle
  • Super-quiet


  • Little bulky but there are top handle and wheels for easy transportation

6. Bionic Body Under-Desk Elliptical Machine Mini Stepper Trainer

There are various questions that might come to your mind while purchasing the mini stepper. Can a mini stepper help with loss? Can it be carried to different places? You will get an answer to such questions once you go through all the details of this product.

Bionic body’s length, width, and height are 25, 21, and 12 inches respectively. The product is a bit heavy as compared to other stepper machines. Its bulkiness gives it more stability.

With this product, you can turn any room into a personal gym. This fitness gear can be used to tone your body and burn fat in your comfort zone. The stepper is perfectly designed and features a portable and compact con-structure.

This is completely ideal for the people who are always on the go. Using the handlebar you can easily move it from one place to another. The user weight capacity of this product is 250 lbs. You must follow the exercise routines using mini steppers for best results.

There are large pedals that can accommodate feet of different sizes. You can find the perfect spot for that precise motion you want to go for on this machine. To complete the functionality of the pedals there are heavy-duty resistance tubes on the machine.

These tubes let the user train their arms and upper body in such a way that their body is much fitter and toned. You can achieve your dream body without paying the huge amount for the fitness clubs. You must place the order for this product to get a convenient and safe workout experience.

Multiple-training positions

This product is specially designed to provide you with efficient and comfortable training sessions. The stepper can be used in standing as well as sitting position. Thus this is a multitasking device.

This lightweight and the space-saving machine can be carried anywhere. If you have a busy day and do not get time to exercise at home, carry it to the office.

Resistance lever

You can take control of the workout by adjusting the lever. If you want to go for an easier day then pull the lever downwards. In case you are up for a fitness challenge you turn it upwards. It doesn’t matter what type of intensity level you are looking for.

This machine is fully capable of adjusting according to your needs. This will help you tailor the workout according to your fitness level and strengthen multiple muscle groups.


It is not necessary that you switch between different workout stations to train your lower and upper body. Even a single machine can provide you with all these benefits. This machine is designed in such a way that you can experience a full body workout session with it.

Electronic monitor

If you like to know what is your workout progress then monitor is one of the best features for you. The bionic body has an ultra-functional LCD computer to display all the workout values. The monitor screen acts as an odometer.

You can view a lot of details like time elapsed, strides per minute, calories burnt, and total strides on the screen. The screen is located in the center just between both the pedals. It is easy for the user to view all the details.


While workout if you need to be cautious just because the material is not strong enough then it is of no use. The construction of the workout types of equipment should be such that you can focus on achieving your goals. Thus, you must go for this stepper as it is made using steel. This makes the machine sturdy so you won’t have to buy a new product for a long time.


The material used to make the pedals makes them non-slippery. So you can focus on the things like pushing yourself to the limit. It is completely safe to use this product.

Developed by celebrity trainer

Another important factor that makes this product a must buy is its development. The association of celebrity trainer with this product makes it trustworthy. The trainers have a lot of knowledge related to health and fitness arena. All this knowledge is fully utilized in building this machine.

Heavy-duty bands

If you want to add more variety to your workout then you must use the resistance tubes. They will help you workout your arms, body, and shoulders at the same time. Resistance tubes have foam coverage on the handles to provide extra comfort. These are going to cut your exercise time in half.

Is this machine going to offer same resistance as the large commercial ones?


What type of resistance tubes are used in the machine?



  • Adjustable resistance lever
  • Compact
  • Supports standing and sitting position
  • Ultra-functional screen
  • Strongly built
  • Resistance bands
  • Safe and sturdy


  • Little pricey due to multiple factors like development fitness trainer

7. iDeer Life Under Desk&Stand Up Exercise Bike,Mini Elliptical Stepper Pedal Trainers

Do you want to build up good body shape in the fastest way possible? Are you looking for something that reduces your stress level and relaxes your body at the same time? The iDeer stepper machine exercise benefits are more than you could wish for. It improves the overall health of your body.

With regular exercise, the metabolic rate and blood circulation of your body would improve. It has the stable base for providing that extra stability any stepper user would desire.

A lot of people spend half of their amount on the gym membership. But how many of them regularly visit the gym? Due to weather conditions, urgent work or other work most of them don’t even visit the gym half of the days. Is it worth it to spend such high amount when the results are not appealing? The answer is no.

This stepper machine has some really interesting features that will fulfill all your fitness requirements. It can be used conveniently at multiple locations.

Talking about the size of the stepper, its length, breadth, and height are 23.6, 19.7, and 10.6 inches respectively. The user weight capacity of this stepper is 242.55 lbs. There are two color options available in this product. You can buy this stepper in either blue or metallic grey color.

There is only slight variation in their price. You can use this super quite stepper anywhere without disturbing anyone around you.

Large pedals

The pedals of the stepper are large in size. You can place your feet comfortably on these non-slip textured pedals. There is no chance of any sort of accident. Just pedal as fast and as hard as you can and have the most wonderful workout experience.


This machine is designed with the brake resistance mechanism. This system ensures the quiet and smooth pedal motion. There are large rollerblade wheels at the bottom that serve the similar purpose. This will increase its usability at different locations. You can enjoy your favorite TV show along with doing exercise on this stepper.

Resistance levels adjustability

Whether you are the one who likes light-resistance workout or intense sessions there is an option for each one for you. The full control of resistance adjustability is in your hands. It has multiple resistance levels that you can adjust by rotating the knob.

There is a positive and negative sign on the knob. So it’s easy for you to understand that which direction will give you the required result.


Even if the machine has multiple functionalities its convenience still remains the top priority for the users. You can use this machine conveniently at your home, office or any other place.

Multifunctional monitor

Everybody cannot afford fitness watches that display workout values. If you can exercise at home and view all the workout values, wouldn’t it be great? On a single LCD display monitor, you can view not one but multiple workout values. Using the red colored but you view all these values. The values are distance, count, time, total count, and calories.


While you exercise under a desk there is an only limited area for movement. This calls for the need of a low profile and wide base mini stepper machine. The iDeer stepper machine is more flexible. It will prevent you from hitting or rocking your knee.

Dual direction pedaling

The pedals support clockwise and anticlockwise movement. These will double the benefits that you would have experienced by either of them alone. It will target different muscles in your legs and glutes. Thus, you won’t have to worry about your lower body workout.


This machine is ideal for different people as it has a lot of benefits. It will boost your energy levels and productivity. It will also reduce your stress levels and relax your body. With just one-time investment you can gain these amazing benefits.

Easy to assemble

For assembling this product not many skills are required. You can easily assemble this product in 3 to 5 minutes. You won’t even have to buy a separate installation kit for completing this process. Along with the product, you will receive all the installation tools. So once you receive the package the product is ready to use in less than 5 minutes.

Are the pedals used in the machine slippery?

No, they are anti-slip.

Can people of different ages use this product?



  • Non-slip textured pedals
  • Super-quiet operation
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Different direction pedaling
  • Flexible
  • LCD display monitor
  • Resistance adjustment knob


  • Assembly required 

8. SereneLife Mini Fitness Exercise Machine - Mini Elliptical Foot Pedal Stepper

SereneLife is a fitness machine that will help you shape your body and stay fit by following simple steps. It uses simple one-step operation for the same. The machine targets your stomach, buttocks, waist, thigh, hips, and more.

So you get a full body workout by doing stepping exercise. The machine is very comfortable and it won’t hurt your ankle. There is a display that operates using the charge from batteries. It has a unique wing style design for providing more intense workout experience.

There is a digital screen on the machine that displays all the exercise details. You can set goals or track your progress using this screen. Its compact size doesn’t affect its weight bearing capacity. It can bear up to 220 lbs or 100 kg in weight.

The dimensions of SereneLife mini stepper are 17 x 16.1 x 10.6 respectively. It weighs 18.8 lbs that are fair enough so that you carry it from one place to another.

If you have used stepper machine in gym then you might know that certain stepper machines even make noise while you use them. At outdoor places, the noise is less noticeable. For home or office, you need to consider this factor too.

As a noisy product have limitations in terms of time and place of usage. Here, the stepper is ultra-quiet and works without interfering others. So if are looking for a convenient option for your home or office then you should go for it.

Wing style

The pedals of this machine are unique. They are of wing style with a twist. A person with large-size feet and comfortably place his feet on these pedals. They are made to support different body types and ages. In a very simple and easy way, you will be able to enjoy a complete leg and body workout.

Under desk machine

You can use the machine easily. It uses a simple ‘step on’ operation. You just need to place your feet on the pedals and start pushing them downwards alternatively. This is a hassle-free way of training. You can place the machine under the desk and start pedaling or stepping.

Digital display control unit

There is a smart monitor system or LCD display unit on the machine. This will display the details of the calories burnt, the time period of exercise, no. of stepping motion and more. All these details are displayed by pressing the blue button on the display. Using the button you can select values like count, timer, calorie, scan, and RPMS.


If you want to use the stepper while working or watching TV then it has to be quiet enough to not disturb you. With SereneLife fitness equipment you won’t even feel like that you are pedaling it. The machine operates smoothly without making any sort of noise.

Rugged construction

By rugged we mean to say that there are shallow grooves on the surface of the pedal. This will give you a better grip. The complete body of the stepper is made of reinforced steel. This will give additional strength to the product and increase its weight bearing capacity. Thus, the stepper machine would last much longer.

Burns fat

This mini fitness device can burn fat really fast. With regular exercise, it will sculpt your body and shed extra fat. You just need to continue stepping repeatedly on the pedal for achieving those sculpted abs.

Form-fitting design

The designing of the product is done in such a way that it can fit any room. You can keep the product in any room and it won’t take much space.

Battery operated

For the operation of the LCD display 2 AA batteries are required. Thus, you won’t have to look for a socket to use this machine. Just place it in a comfortable location and start using it.


User’s satisfaction is manufacturer’s first priority. If you do not like the item or it doesn’t meet your expectations then you can return it. You will receive the full refund amount within 30 days.

If there is only some technical issue then you can take benefit of the 1-year warranty period. The product with issues will be replaced with a new one by the manufacturer.

Does the product require assembly?

Yes, some assembly is required.

Is there any specific age group that can use this stepper machine?

Yes. It is suitable for ages 14+ and above.


  • Burns fat easily
  • Wing style twist
  • Heavy-duty material usage
  • Smart monitor system
  • Hassle-free training
  • Simple 'step on' operation


  • It has a low-profile design that makes it suitable for compact storage.

9. DMI Mini Stepper Exerciser - Digital Monitor Tracks Number of Steps

Duro-med DMI mini stepper has pretty much all the characteristics that you would want from a mini stepper. You just need to step on the stepper, to begin with, the workout. Although there are a lot of similar steppers available in the market they have high-impact on your body.

This can even lead to minor or major injuries. But the Duro-med is a low impact machine. So you can comfortably use this machine.

With the increase in the use of chemical and inorganic way of farming your health is at high risk. You need to find some solution to keep yourself healthy and fit. This is when the Duro-med stepper comes into the picture. This one stepper is going to change your life completely.

It has some really essential health benefits. If you use the stepper regularly then you can enhance your cardiovascular health, reduce weight, and tone your muscles.

This grey colored stepper with black pedals is simple in look but highly functional. The length and breadth of the stepper are 13.5 and 7.4 respectively. This stepper measures 17 inches in height. You can use the stepper at home or office. This stepper machine would function smoothly and would last longer. It has the weight capacity of 250 pounds.

Built-in computer

There is a small digital monitor attached in front of one of the pedals. It is black in color with the central screen. At the bottom, there is a red colored button that helps in accessing the necessary functions.

You can check different values like the number of steps, elapsed time, calories burnt, and more. These mini stepper results are going to help you understand that whether you moving in the right direction towards achieving your fitness goal.

Build to last

The construction of the product is done keeping in mind the different types of users. Everybody cannot invest again and again in such types of products. For those people, it is necessary that the product is highly durable.

Dual-hydraulic cylinders

These cylinders are extremely beneficial and are going to make your workout easy. These are mainly used so that after you push the pedals downwards there is some sort of force that again pushes them back.

Thus, you just need to apply force on the pedals in downwards direction. These are going to work independently to provide you with the necessary stability and ease of workout.


This stepper is strongly built by using heavy gauge steel. This material gives the stepper strength to withstand rough work or heavyweight. There are no chances of any sort of unnecessary breakage or damage. It is completely safe to use this product.


If a lightweight product has multiple interesting features then you must go for it. This is what the DMI mini stepper is all about. It weighs only 6 pounds. So you can carry the fitness equipment wherever you go.

For people who like traveling it is very difficult to focus on their fitness due to lack of equipment. This compactly sized product can be carried while traveling making a worthwhile experience.

Doesn’t require assembly

Even though multiple products offer easy assembly still people look for assembled products. This will perfectly fit the requirements of those types of users. This product will be delivered to you pre-assembled. Once you receive the package you can immediately start using it.


Low-impact workouts are the best form of workouts. They are not harsh on your body still give you the required results. It is great for people interested in low impact exercising.

Adjustable tension

There is a unique pulley system that makes the stepping action smoother. This helps in adjusting the tension level of the stepper easy.

What is the mode of charging the monitor?

You won’t have to use any sort of cable for charging the monitor. For this, two 2AA batteries are included in the package.

What type of footrests is used in the stepper?



  • Small digital monitor
  • Low-impact machine
  • Sturdy exercise stepper
  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • 2AA batteries included
  • Unique tension adjustment
  • Stable


  • The design of the stepper is simple and the stepper is highly functional

10. OrangeA Mini Stepper 220lbs Mini Stepper Machine

The OrangeA is superior mini exercise equipment. It is one of the most popular machines that enable the user to workout at home with little space usage. With this machine, you can burn similar calories as the jogging does.

You can achieve this without the risk of injury to the ankles, hips, knees, and back. The complete body of this stepper is made of steel. So you won’t have to worry about the machine’s strength.

This stepper is specially made for the movement of the inner front and outer front of the leg. This will accelerate the metabolism of muscle and blood to get slim. Thus, you can get healthy and charming legs without doing any sort of outdoor activity. There is a monitor to track the progress of the workout. The non-slip pedals ensure more safety.

Before using the stepper you must understand your physical abilities and condition. If you are going to overboard your abilities then ultimately you are going to face injuries. In such a case the equipment cannot be blamed.

Although the product is safe to use the resistance level is in your hands. The maximum load capacity of this mini stepper is 220 lbs. For the perfect workout analysis, you can check the scan, cal, time, count, and step per minute readings.

Full body exercise

With this single device you can enjoy the benefits of total body workout. The pedaling motion is going to help in toning your body muscles and give you the required result.

Ergonomic design

By this type of design we mean to say that complete research is done on the product, people who are going to use it and its working conditions. This helps in increasing the effectiveness of the product. Thus, the users and stepper machine would interact more efficiently and safely.

Intensity level

If you are not one of those who like to workout at the high-intensity level then it can be easily adjusted. You can adjust the mini stepper’s tension level according to your requirements. Thus, this stepper machine can be used by multiple members of your family. You won’t have to invest in the different machines for the different person at your home.

Different direction pedaling

Although pedaling in one direction has a lot of benefits but two direction pedaling can double them. Forward direction pedaling is going to target only certain set of muscles of your body. So along with reverse direction pedaling the machine would target your body in different ways.

Fitness monitor

The fitness monitor is going to display the values related to the workout. You can check the approximate number of calories burnt, total time, total steps, and strides per minute. If you select the scan option then all the details will be displayed in repeating the cycle. Each detail will be displayed for five seconds.


You will receive resistance bands along with the stepper machine. So you won’t have to spend an extra amount on the upper body workout. Along with these bands, you can opt for a more advanced workout. This is useful for those who want athletic build.


You must read the manual before beginning with the exercise. It has all the details related to the machine that would help in exercising. Make sure you carefully examine the condition of the equipment to avoid potential accidents.

Frosted surface

The pedals have a frosted surface. This greatly increases its friction level that ensures your feet have the firm grip on the pedals. Thus, the user won’t have to worry about accidental slips ensuring safety while you use the stepper.

What is the width of the pedals?

The pedals are 4.7 inches wide so that you can place the feet comfortably.

Does the monitor support automatic turn off features?

Yes. The fitness monitor will switch off if there is no movement on it for 2 minutes.


  • Resistance bands
  • Total body workout
  • Different intensity levels
  • Electronic fitness monitor
  • Frosted pedal surface
  • Reverse pedaling


  • Standard quality

11. Marcy Home Cardio Exercise Mini Stepper with Handle and Display

Marcy is the best stepper machine for people who want support while exercising. You can get healthy and fit with this machine at your home. This differently designed machine is going to work perfectly for higher age groups. It will support their upper body giving them a proper workout experience without high-impact. This stepper is going to help you build up your leg strength without visiting the gym.

It has a display panel or monitors for displaying all the workout-related values. The drive system is used for smoother experience. It even makes every step shock resistant. This hydraulic system is going to make each workout gentle on your knees. This stepper is perfect for those who are experiencing knee pain. 

As they need to take a lot of precaution while using any type of workout equipment. Along with the functioning the material usage is given equal importance. The high-quality materials make the product more trustworthy. The pedals are secure enough to give appropriate support to the feet.

The Marcy mini stepper’s dimensions are 17.5 (L) x 18 (W) x 51 (H) in inches. This equipment is going to strengthen and tone your glutes, hips, calves, and thighs. It is slim and sleek so it won’t take up much space. It’s easy to place it anywhere in your house or in your mini gym. With Marcy, you can increase your cardiovascular endurance and get a total lower body workout.

Stable handlebars

If the upper body has more support while exercising then it enhances your workout experience. This is what these ergonomic handles do. They provide extra support to your body and give them stability. Thus, you can tone and strengthen your body in most comfortable manner.

Display panel

There is a built-in monitor that has multi-function display. This electronic monitor displays values like the timer, scan mode, a counter, and the calories burnt. If you want to lose weight then these values can help you understand the weight loss process.

Drive system

The Marcy home cardio exercise stepper is built with a hydraulic drive system. These workout machines use fluid power to do simple work. This makes the stepper shock-resistant. Despite being in high pressure the stepper won’t cause any harm to you.

Wide pedals

This stepper provides extra-wide pedals. So even a person with a large sized foot can use the stepper easily. These non-slip pedals are made using rubber polymer. You can keep your feet secure during the workout. While pedaling make sure you wear training shoes to avoid injury.

Solid construction

As your complete weight is going to be on the machine so a strongly built machine is a must. This training exercise machine is made using the solid steel frame. Its heavy-duty construction makes it a reliable product. Thus, this stepper is going to last longer. Only one person can use this stepper at a time.

Unique Design

The design of this stepper is unique. It looks like a scooter. There is a long rod that connects the base pedaling area with the handles. The monitor is mounted in the center of the handles so that while exercising you can view the details conveniently.

Is this product easy to assemble?


What is the total weight capacity of Marcy stepper?

250 pounds


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Distinctive design
  • Extra wide pedals
  • Hydraulic drive system
  • Reliable to use
  • Shock-resistant


  • Due to handles, the machine may require extra space

Final Verdict

Here you will find the top mini steppers that have different interesting features with varied design. Every stepper has something unique that makes it suitable for wide variety of users. For the ones who are looking for steppers with resistance bands can opt for Sunny Health and Fitness or Jfit.

You can use them for fulfilling those extra workout requirements of yours.

If your preference is a product with monitor then there are multiple options for you. You can choose from Loctek, Bionic body, and multiple others. If the resistance bands are not enough for you then there is a dual pedaling stepper too. They are the iDeer and OrangeA steppers.

These dual movement steppers are going to make losing weight much easier for you. You will witness the vast difference in your fitness levels by using these steppers.

The mini stepper machine has major health benefits. A simple stepping motion can help you solve a lot of problems. Instead of paying a hefty amount for the gym membership you should invest in this mini-sized product. Some of them are extremely lightweight so you can use conveniently in any room or place.

In fact, these machines require less storage space. So you won’t have to think about the location where you are going to keep it. You can also share any queries related to these products in the comments section. We will try to reply as soon as possible.

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