Best Gaming Headsets under $50

by PITeam

Best Gaming Headsets under $50

by PITeam

by PITeam


Even though most gaming headsets are not as costly as their value to performance ratio, particularly when compared to those headphones which are more casually used in the everyday routine. Sometimes it is difficult to come across a decent budget headset which can be used with your favorite consoles or gaming device. If you choose headsets which are less expensive you might miss out on some amazing features like wireless design and other customized options. Gaming headsets are pretty similar to the other headphones, they are worth it because they bring you closer to the sound performance that could be missed by a normal speaker. You must look at the features and compatibility of the headset with your gaming device. Make sure you get the best product of your choice.


1.Sound Quality: This is the most important feature that would be required by a person buying any headset. Superior sound quality is a “must have” while choosing the right gaming headset. The sound quality helps to improve the overall experience of the gaming and enabling the user to hear clear and detailed sound effects. The Dolby Headphone technology is considered to be the most high-tech feature available in the market these days. It allows you to experience a virtual surrounded sound which indeed is a cutting edge over any other feature. 

2.Microphone: If you are a gamer, you might need to communicate to other players various instructions while playing. For this, you would require a microphone attached to the headset. These microphones would have an in-built noise cancellation system, which allows the user to enjoy a clear communication between other players. If you desire to like your precious me-time exclusive of communicating with other users, just elevate the boom arm in an upright position and you are off the air. Detachable microphones are also great for such headsets as it can be removed anytime.

3.Lightweight and comfortable: Comfort is indeed one of the most important features that are required while selecting a new headset. It also requires being light in weight and must also have an inbuilt cushion to give maximum comfort to the player. These headsets must be easy to hold and put it over the forehead, it should not be cramped up as that can cause a headache and discomfort to the user. It needs to be lightweight so that there is no pressure on the head. This also will help to make the movement easier and compact. Bulky and heavy headphones require a lot of space; this can be avoided if you purchase a headset with maximum comfort and lightweight. 

4.Durability: When you have finally decided to buy a headset of your requirements, you look forward to having that gaming headset for a lot of years. With great technology, a lot of gaming headsets don't just seem grand, they are actually built to last, too. Simply good excellent quality materials are to be used and attention to detail is required in these headsets. These headsets are to be long lasting and durable so that they have better efficiency. Users prefer headsets which are effective and guarantee long sustainability. 

Best gaming headsets are given below

 1. Etekcity H7PX+

ETEKCITY H7PXa+ best gtaming headphones

Etekcity H7PX+ is one of the best gaming headsets in the market as of the year 2018. The headset is ergonomically designed with a lightweight as one of its features. This feature makes it quiet convenient to use while gaming. It also has 7.1 surround sound USB port along with a mic. For amazing sound quality and to catch on to every vibration the ear cups are molded in a perfect comforting feature which doesn’t hurt the ears of the users. The mic quality of the headset is impeccable with the option to be able to adjust the volume as per the liking of the user. There is also a feature which helps in enabling the reducing the volume, mute the microphone and even minimize the noise giving a complete comfort and focus a gamer would need. And with the price for which all the features are available is just like a cherry on the cake.

2. Hyper XCloud Stinger

Hyper XCloud Stinger gaming headphones

This particular headset boasts high upon the light weight of just 275gm in which it is available. The headset is comfortable, affordable and very strategically designed for the convenience of the gamers. The earcups of the headsets can even rotate up to 90-degrees to provide ease to the user. The ear cups are so well designed that even if the user games on for a long time the shape of the same won’t deter or change. It can be used on all gaming sets from PC, Mac, Xbox one to smartphones and devices. It also has a set of 3.5mm jack which includes one for the audio and the other jack for a microphone. For the comfortable design and affordability, it is a good bet


ENVEL best gaming headphones

One of the lightweight headsets with great audio quality is ENVEL ENG2000OR. The headset is workable on all the gaming devices all from PCs, MACs to any smart devices available. It also provides an option for canceling the noise. There is an additional feature to fluctuate the volume of the speaker along with the option to mute the mic. It looks quite good as far as the design goes. It is affordable and pretty aesthetically designed.


sades best gaming headphones 2019

As the name goes it literally gives the gamer “Oh, my God” kind of feels. It is a stereo gaming set. The ear cups are made of PU leather and have a great look. It gives a very soft and comfortable feel to the gamer using the headsets. It definitely helps the user not feel the sweat or the heat as they are playing games for a longer duration of time. The noise canceling option of the headset along with the large ear cups definitely add onto the “feel good” factor. But the amazing fact is with the size of the headset, it is actually pretty light weighing just at 1.2 lbs. The headset even though works only on the PC and MAC is still a worthy buy for the price at which it is placed in the market.

5. Jeecoo JC-G100

best gaming healdphones JEECOO JC-G100

The headset comes with two jacks of 3.5mm attachable option catering one to the audio control and the other to the microphone. The audio quality is decent enough for the gamers. The advanced ability to cancel the surrounding noise is one of the selling features of the headset other than the price it is available in the market. The USB jack has LED lights feature which adds on the look of the headphone. One can choose from the various 7 options of the color to make it look even more glamorous. The sound gauging ability is also a very great feature where it catches onto a slight sound change with great precision. Overall, a great buy under $50 range.

6. Turtle Beach Recon 50X

TURTLE BEACH RECON 50X best gaming headphones

The speaker of the headset is 40 mm in size which allows the user to hear the sound with the utmost clarity. The headset is not only light but very comfortable to use. It is also very light and can be used on many platforms like the XBOX one, PCs or any other smart devices. The sound quality it offers is the best as it offers the great surround sound feels and cancels any noises allowing the gamer to completely focus on the game.

7. Logitech G430

LOGITECH G430 best gaming headphones

The number of features this headset offer for the price it comes for is mind-blowing. The headset is expandable and the microphone is flexible. The ear cups too are also designed in a way to give good comfort to the user especially the one gaming for long hours. The ear cups can rotate which give an edge over the other headsets available in the market for the difference it adds the gamer while gaming. Since the padding of the earcups is thick and soft one can use it for long hours. It can be directly plugged into any gaming platform as it lacks a USB port making it quite a convenient gaming accessory. The sound quality is of 7.1 surround sound capacity which is just amazing.

8. AFUNTA F151120X1-SHSt

AFUNTA F151120X1-SHST best gaming headsets for games

The headset has a unique 4 pins 3.55 jack which provides a 100% connectivity to any device making it perfect for the gamer as they can game anytime, anywhere on any given device. The sound quality and the ability to collect surround sound with impeccable quality is the other reason why it is a hot selling product doing the rounds in the market. There is a button given on the cable wire which helps in adjusting the volume easily. The headset is not just comfortable because it is made of PU leather it is also very lightweight. It also has a strong and durable Litz wire which makes the wiring quite unbreakable under normal duress. For the price it comes, it is a great headset.

9. SADES SA-807

SADES SA-807 best gaming headphones of 2019 for gamers

For the gamers just begun and want to head out to the next level of gaming this headset has a lot to offer for the price and features it comes in. It is easily attachable to all the platforms. It is extremely flexible, which is one of the other reasons why a gamer would choose it. The comfort is great and the sound quality adds onto the feature. There is a mini portable control panel which is great for a casual gamer who intends to go up a notch in the gaming world. The budget and the other entire feature are the reasons enough one can decide to buy these off the market.

10. SENHAI Iq-G9000

SENHAI IQ-G9000 best gaming headphones for gamers

Ana amazing headset with great and striking LED lights are one of the best headsets available. The leather used to make the ear cups is pretty comfortable for the gamers and soft for the skin. The option to be able to use rotator volume controller is also an intriguing feature of the headset. The headset is not only light in weight, weighing around 0.81 lbs but is also comfortable and affordable. Thus, overall it is a good headset to purchase.


Being able to pick up a headset which is functionally interactive in the game and its environmental sounds is something which is absolutely essential for a good home gaming device. To have an experience of unique sound quality like footsteps, gunfire and other essential soundtracks gives the competitive edge that you would need to take your game to the next level. The most excellent headsets must not be essentially pricey; you just need to know what exactly you require and what specifications to look out for when purchasing a great headset for under $50. Make sure you find the best headset out of the others that are currently accessible in the market. There is no point buying something that is exceptionally costly and out of your budget. Users often look for the goods that are mainly showcased in the shops, but you must know the details of the product that you are going to buy. The user can also adjust the sound by adjusting the bass and the frequency to balance the resonance settings which suits your liking. The headset must have the aptitude to construct a distortion free sound and has the deepest bass that you could ever hear. There are a few headsets which are made to flashy whereas some of them are determined on their audio quality. While there are few which are made with a mindset of giving maximum comfort to the user. It all completely and in reality depends on your inclination. They are only made to give the user an improved gaming experience. These headsets are made with the conscious effort to provide comfort and durability. One must look for a headset which gives maximum features to the buyers at a lesser cost.

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