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8 Best Exercises For Women To Keep Fit

This guide provides the best-rated exercises for women to do. Whether you’re at home or in the gym, implement these exercises to your workout regime.


Guides & Tips

8 Best Exercises For Women To Keep Fit

This guide provides the best-rated exercises for women to do. Whether you’re at home or in the gym, implement these exercises to your workout regime.

by PITeam

by PITeam

Exercise is a very important physical activity, that is required to be done each individual. Since women after a certain age are more prone to various diseases than men, therefore, women must take care of your body. Must make sure that they are getting an adequate amount of time to do a complete work out.

In the workout that you do, you must make sure that you focus on your lower body also. We all tend to look fit by only making our stomach thin, but actually work out is beyond it. Your legs and thighs should be strong and fit too. So for that this article is going to explain you a few exercises which is specifically for women and their toned legs.

8 Best exercises For Women Reviewed

1. Goblet Squat

Goblet Squat

To have really good and toned legs, you need go lower in your squats. If you do this, it will help you strengthen the entire leg and make it much more stronger.

This exercise can be done with or without the weights, so it totally depends on you. To start with, stand straight and keep your feet wider than shoulder width.

Here you can choose best stepper machine for home The toes should point a little outward.

Keep your back flat and straight, bend your knees and make sure to push your hips back till the time your thighs are parallel to the ground and your elbows should touch your knees. 

Now, push yourself upwards and get back to starting position. You can do this exercise for 15 reps.

2. Wall sit

Wall sit

This exercise might look a little simple, but you will understand the pressure on your thighs later. This exercise is a great therapy to prevent runner’s knee.

This is a problem which mostly women faces than men. This also helps to prevent your thighs from bulking out. To do this exercise, stand straight with your back against a wall.

Placing your feet a little away from the wall, to make the movement easier. Make sure your feet are about hip distance apart.

Now, slide down the wall, bending knees to an angel of 90 degrees. Make sure that your knee joint should be above your ankle joint. Do not let your knees fall into the midline, otherwise you may loose the grip. Hold in at that position for about 30-60 seconds.

3. Twisted chair pose

Twisted chair pose

To tone your thighs, you can opt for yoga exercises too. The chair poses exercise does that very easily.

It burns out the fat and allows to make your thighs more stronger and better. 

To start this exercise, stand with your legs together and your knees must bend at about 90 degrees. Hold your chest downwards, while doing this.

Fold your palms together, they should face each other. Cross your left elbow over your right thigh and hold your breath for about 5 mins, stay in that position. You can do this exercise for about 10-15 times. 

4. Deadlifts


This exercise has an ability to straighten the entire back and muscles. This also is a better exercise than squats. It allows your body to have a great stretch, which helps in better flexibility.

To do this exercise, stand straight, holding some weight in your hands. Keep your arms at one side and knees should slightly bend.

Now, slowly bend at your hip joint, go as low as possible. Make sure you don’t bend with your waist, you have to do it with your hip joint.

Keeping looking ahead, avoid looking at the ground. Keep your weights close, which would almost be touching your legs. Squeeze your glutes to slowly pull yourself up. Do not round your spine. You may do this for about 12 reps.

5. Leg Balance warrior

Leg Balance warrior

This exercise is treated as a core exercise, building up muscle strength and toned legs.

To begin with stand on your one foot with your other leg lifted at a 90 degree angle. 

The right should be bent. Now, stretch your right leg behind you. Now, reach your arms towards overhead to maintain the balance, making the leg parallel to the ground.

Keep your knee a little bent, so that the balance is maintained.

Hold in this position, moving with control, come back to the starting position. You can do 10 reps of this exercise.

6. Single leg Glute Bridge

Single leg Glute Bridge

To do this exercise, lie down straight on your back first. While you lay flat on the ground, bend both the knees so that your feet rest close to your butt.

Now, raise your one leg up and bring the knee closer to your chest, drive your heel of the other foot into the ground. Brace up till the time your body is one straight line.

This exercise helps you to build a strong leg muscle. This exercise helps in strengthen the back of your thigh. This makes each leg strong while working out.

7. Step ups

Step ups

To do this exercise, you may require a staircase or a bench.

Place your foot on it, making sure that your knee is at 90 degrees. 

Put your right foot on the step, press through your heel as you straighten your right leg to stand on the stairs.

Bring in your left forward as if you’re marching. 

Now you can return to your starting position. Complete 20 reps for each leg.

This exercise might look easy, but it gives intense strength to the individual leg.

Curtsy lunge

8. Curtsy Lunge

To start with, this exercise stands straight.

Now step your left leg behind the right one, making sure that your thigh cross, bend both your knees,

Make sure your alignment is correct, the front knee is right over the front ankle.

You can do this exercise 20 reps alternative side. This exercise helps and works on your outer thighs.


These exercises focus on the leg movement and helps to make your leg slim in a much healthier way. These exercises can be done at home easily. You can also do it at a gym or a place to work out. These exercises do not require any extra equipments.

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