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8 Best Exercises For Inner Thighs

Finding it hard to tone and increase the muscle in your inner thighs? Use these eight exercises to target the muscle group.


Tips & Tricks

8 Best Exercises For Inner Thighs

Finding it hard to tone and increase the muscle in your inner thighs? Use these eight exercises to target the muscle group.

by PITeam

by PITeam

To have a fit body is a task in itself, even more to have slim inner thighs is much more difficult task. To start with, it is not a one day task to get slim and fit thighs. It takes an ample amount of time and perseverance to get the right kind of thighs, which would look strong and toned. For you to get beautiful and slim thighs there are a few exercises which are given in this article, giving you an absolute perfect result.

8 Best Exercises to Tone and Slim Inner Thighs

1. Lunge Back Kick

Lunge Back kick

This exercise is one of the most common exercises that you would do for getting stronger and thinner inner thighs.

To do this, move your right leg forward into a lunge position, followed by a kick backwards with you’re your left leg.

This exercise is done to flex and stretch the thigh bone. In this you allow the inner thigh muscle to have a full range movement.

2. Cossack Squat

To do this exercise, stand straight with your feet spread much wider than the shoulder length, arms to rest on each side.

Squat as low as you can towards your left side, while doing this, turn your right toe upwards. To avoid falling, lean slightly ahead to maintain the balance.

Further, extend your arms straight outwards. Now, stand back slowly to the starting positions. You can do this for about 2 to 4 sets of 8 -12 reps.

3. CrissCross Power Jack

This exercise is done to engage your whole body which helps in increasing the heart rate and it mostly targets the inner thigh muscles.

To do this exercise, stand straight with your feet together and you must take a deep breath in. Once you exhale jump, put your feet out wide and cross your arms over the head.

Now, cross your left leg in front of the right one and make sure your left arm crosses over the right arm at the chest level. Now, you may repeat this exercise alternately on each side at each time. This exercise should finish in 30-40 seconds.

4. Inner Thigh Blaster

Inner thigh Blaster

To do this exercise standing one arm’s distance from a study table on a chair make sure you can hold the table on the chair lightly with the right hand.

Keep the hip distance apart, making a 2 foot stand in a distance. Make sure not to close located straight ahead. Place a softball or a pillow, having a small size between your inner thighs.

Now, put your left hand on the hip balancing on your balls of the feet, bend knees and go lower as if you are sliding down to an imaginary wall.

While doing this, press your inner thighs into the ball and keeping your shoulder stacked over your hips and it should be core tight. Then lift your hips back up and take your arm over the head. Do about 30 reps of this exercise.

5. Scissor Legs Plank

Scissor legs Plank

To start this exercise puts your body in a complete plank position, keeping each foot on a towel or paper plate.

Now, keep the upper body straight, slide the feet apart and open the legs much wider.

Once you do this, then slowly squeeze in your thighs to make sure that you slide feet back together. Do this exercise to set of 15 repetitions.

You may also rest in between as much as needed. This exercise helps to force your arms, chest and thighs move. This makes the inner thighs stronger and slim.

6. Around the Room Froggies

This exercise is done to tighten your inner thigh muscles. This helps to burn major calories and improves your heart rate. To start with stand with the feet wide and toes should point in front.

Now, bend down till your hands touch the floor. Squat down lower as much as you can. While doing this keep your chest lifted.

Now, jump up and rotate your body a little towards your right, while you bring feet together. Land in a deep squat, facing towards the right side of the room.

Keep repeating this till you reach your starting position. It would should 1 min to do all this.

7. Slide Lying Double Leg Lifts

Slide lying double leg lifts

This exercise targets both the thighs, inner and outer. To do this exercise, lie on one side with the body in a straight line. Make sure you put your bottom arm extended to support the head.

Keeping the legs stuck with each other, slowly lift both your legs together, hinging from the hip. Hold the legs in that position for one or two seconds, keeping the toe pointing directly forward.

To give support place top hand on the floor in front of your chest and pull belly in tight. Keep repeating this exercise for about 1- 2 sets of 15-20 reps.

8. Inner Thigh Circle

Inner thigh Circle

To do this exercise lie down on the right side, support your head with the bottom arm. Bend your above leg and place foot on the floor of the bottom leg.

Make sure you lift you the leg to start the circle, keeping inner tight as your target more.

Keep pointing the bottom foot and lift it high. Keep repeating this exercise for about 10-20 circle. 

This helps to make your core inner thigh stronger. This exercise is also recommended for the people who are pregnant.


This article clearly explained as the type and kind of exercises is required to have a slim and strong thighs. You must consult a professional before doing these exercises as well. These exercises focus on the inner thigh movement and helps to reduce it in a much healthier way.

These exercises can be done at home easily. You can also do it at a gym or a place to work out. These exercises do not require any extra equipments. Make sure you give your best and push yourself a bit more than usual, but do not forget to take rest as well. Have a great workout!!

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