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Syngenta Advion Pest Control Products Reviewed

Are you having problems with pest management? Use these products to help fix your pest problems!


Buyers Guide & Information

Syngenta Advion Pest Control Products Reviewed

Are you having problems with pest management? Use these products to help fix your pest problems!

by PITeam

by PITeam

About the Advion Product Line

Advion is not the brand in itself, in fact, it is a product line of the brand Syngenta. It is considered to be one of the very famous product lines, that offers to help customers who wants to live their lives without any kind of disturbance.

The brand that controls this product line offers the customer an efficient program and services in a ornamentals equities and many more. This brand is considered to be a well known brand in the market and has the ability to give the customer best product for their comfortable life.

The secure choice Assurance program of this brand offers a few products that are most useful for customers, as these products are regarding sleeve takes Scorpions, spiders ants and mosquitoes. This product line offers various products that are most desirable and useful for the customers, who have issues related to insects and flies.

They assure the customer by providing them a good product which not only has the best market sales but also has great quality. There are plenty of other products also that this brand provides, but one of the most popular and demanding product line is Advion.

Fortunately, this product line has other products as well, which can help the customer with any kind of situation that they are dealing with regarding insects and flies. If you don't like liquid or gel, you can also be provided granules in a 25 pound bag by this Brand.

This product line ensures that each and every customer is satisfied with the product and has the best experience using this product without any kind of complaints.

Advion Ant Bait

Advion Ant Bait Arena Stations 4 bags/120 stations UNI1021
  • Indoxacarb .1%
  • Single and multi-family residential buildings, institutional, commercial and industrial facilities (including schools, hospitals, warehouses, apartments, supermarkets, restaurants, motels, hotels, food handling/storage establishments, food manufacturing and processing facilities/plants), and transportation equipment such as aircraft, trains ships, boats and buses.
  • Combining this powerful active ingredient with a proven bait matrix, Advion Ant Bait Arenas give you the reliability of a gel bait, with the ease of a bait station, eliminating any and all mess. Stations should be placed in areas seeing the most activity.

These products include the treatment for killing of ants Cockroaches and various other insects and Fly that are most harmful for your hygiene and health. The best place to look for this product is on the Amazon website, as they provide you with all the varieties and product range.

If you plan to draw and save from your house or any area in your house in the shortest way, then making a makeshift bed is the best thing that you can do, but if you want to get rid of ants completely then you would need to consult an expert or a chemist.

For this you would need to buy this product and would apply it and keep repeating the process till the time it completely goes away. Product in this product line works on other insects too, while certain products in this product line have a basic target to reach specific type of insects.

Therefore, you must be aware of what kind of product that is required for your house and what exactly do you need from it. For example, few products are just used to kill Cockroaches, Whereas some are just used to get rid of ants from your house.

Make sure you know the exact thing that you need, since these products are a little expensive and also has Limited quantity. If you’re going for this product it will last you for a long time and we’ll have a great effect on large insect problems.

Advion Ant Gel

If your house is full of ants and you need an immediate control over them, then this gel is the most powerful one to help you in all the ways necessary. This is something that any professional would rely on to get rid of the ants from various areas or any kind of premises.

This product has any ability to control any kind of situation, that is related to ants and has the power to stabilize any kind of ant infestation. It helps you to assist any kind of spectrum of ants and helps them to control it. This gel controls all the key sweet feeding ants to its maximum level.

This product offers the customer highly attractive and formulation impact on all the levels of total control. This product is this product line from the brand Syngenta, which provides a new and a superior quality product for all the customers that are dealing with such a problem which is affecting their health and hygiene.

This product targets most of the ants that include all types of sweet Fedders plus other types of ants that are in and around your area. This product is a combination of MetaActive and highly attractive gel formulation. This allows and provides new technology for a broad spectrum of ant control.

This product has various features, but few of them which are more precise are is that it is translucent, has no odor, no staining formulation and maintenance, it has an ability to stand for a long period of time. This product has been made to help the customers and attain a powerful quality product that assures immediate relief.

To have complete control over the entire infestation this product allows the Ants to intake more bait over a given period of time and extends the time for consumption. This helps to result in immediate relief from ant and their chaos. This product contains a very different and unique active ingredient which differentiate it from other ant gels.

In fact, this ingredient makes the whole product achieve a different quality and provides an excellent result on ant infestation. This product is only one of those products, which has an ingredient that oxadiazines. It has the ability to perform like no other insecticide.

Since, this product has an excellent result, it is also one of those products which is environmental and toxicological friendly, it has nothing that can cause a major issue to the environment. Therefore, this product line is considered to be a professional product, which is classified as reduced risk by the US environmental protection agency.

This product offers effective control over ant related issues and has the capacity to bring in a comfort to the consumers who have been facing this issue over a period of time. This product is environmentally friendly and therefore, can be used at home without having any kind of doubt.

It has ability to control a large group of ant, which makes sure that they don’t last in your surroundings.


  • Target: This product has an aim to target all the ants that are present in and around your area. This product is from the product line, which focuses on the protection of areas that are prone to such kind of infestation. It not only targets a specific set of insects, but also include sweet feeders, which causes discomfort to the surroundings and other areas. It attracts and kills all common household ants as well. This basically targets to control the ant infestation and giving a complete freedom from Ant problem to the people who are facing it for quite some time.
  • Homogeneous formula: This product contains an excellent environmentally friendly material, that helps in reducing the risk of any kind of dangerous or infection that can be caused to the humans at any cost. In fact, this product is classified by the US environmental protection agency as a reduced risk product, which is considered to be one of the only few insecticide that aims to completely control this entire issue. This product is a combination of homogeneous formula and MetaActive power to control this.
  • Unique:This product not only kills normal household ants, but has an effective control over killing the red files and harvester ants as well. It has an ability to eliminate carpenter ants and Pharaoh ants to its maximum level. This product is quite unique and has the capacity to be among the only member of a class of products. It gives the best performance like no other product that is available in the market, in fact, it gives the maximum result and health quality assurance. This product is quite unique in its own way.
  • Toxicological free:This product comes in a single tube that allows you to put this liquid or Jewel in the area where there are ants. This product is considered to be toxilogical free and has been treated as environmentally friendly by the organisation. Therefore, it is having the ability to not cause any kind of damage or issue to the gentle surroundings. In fact, it only focuses on ants that consume this product for a long time so that they can be completely be eliminated. This product causes no harm to the environment as it is toxic free and it only aims for an opportunity to kill the ants from any corner of the house.
  • Effective and Efficient:This product is considered to have a great effect on ant and other insects as well, it has an ability to give an efficient work performance with only one time use. This product might need a few repetitions in your house depending upon the type of Ant infestation, that is forming in the area of your house. This product is Highly Effective and efficient energy usage and performance. It will never give you a bad experience as a brand offers the customer ultimate satisfaction.

Usage and Precaution

Usage: This product can be used in the areas, which are indoor and outdoor as well. You can apply this gel on the cracks and spots in the area where ants reside. This treatment is done in residential, commercial and industrial buildings with an easy comfort to the user.

The gel can be used in other areas such as houses, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, offices, restaurant, it also includes equipment like aircraft, trains, buses, which are basically used by the people for transportation from one place to the other.

It is a blessing, to use it, in areas which are most commonly used by people to ensure that there is public safety and hygiene is maintained. This gel completely eliminates the formation of any kind of further ant manifestation. To maintain more safety you must avoid putting this gel on the surface that are recently being treated by this insecticide and residential spray.

This product has been made to help the customers and attain a powerful quality product that assures immediate relief.

To have complete control over the entire infestation, this product allows the Ants to intake more bait over a given period of time and extends the time for consumption. This helps to result in immediate relief from ants and their chaos.To apply this product, the first thing that you need to do is to remove the cap from the nozzle and put the tip of the tube on the surface that needs to be treated.

Further, slowly depress plunger till the time it is sufficient and the gel is dispensed. Make sure you recap the tube immediately right after the treatment is completed. You need to keep doing this on a repeat till the time you actually see some kind of relief from the ant infestation. This product offers effective control over ant related issues and has the capacity to bring in a comfort to the consumers, who have been facing this issue over a period of time.

This product is environmentally friendly and therefore, can be used at home without having any kind of doubt. This product periodically and methodically be consumed as per the need and requirement. It can be re-applied in the areas where the ants reside.

The best part about this gel is that it has a natural behaviour to kill ants. For ages now, these ants are attracted to sweet edible food, therefore, this gel has a formula of bait, that helps to attract the ants towards it and consume it.

After the ants of consumed is bait, the Ants tend to go back to their nest and share it with the rest of the colony including the Queen's. Once this gel is digested in the body, as ant intake this, it becomes toxic and disturbs the nervous system of the ant and eliminates a complete end to it.

Product Usage details

Indoor Usage

These areas where the ant infestation is happening examine an Inspector to make sure the overall level of infestation. This helps to determine the exact condition of ant infestation, so that proper and important precautions can be taken forward.

To examine you must have a proper investigation of the location and the nesting area. Make sure you understand all the most appropriate points or spots that are required to be treated. If you have any kind of doubt you can also try and appoint a proper specialist, who can help you determine what exactly needs to be done for this kind of situation.

This product can be used in the areas such as walls and floors. Even the areas around the furniture or the cabinet can also be treated pretty well if you apply this gel. You must not avoid putting this gel behind or under the appliances and sink, making sure that it doesn't get into anything that is being cooked or food material.

This product is not only recommended in the areas, where the outdoor areas, but also in the areas where you feel that any kind of ant infestation can happen. It helps you to maintain the precaution and allows you to eliminate the complete problem in a matter of a few days.

This product was launched to simply help the consumers who have been having issues related to ants and sweet feeding insects. This product mostly and specifically focuses on ants, this also includes not just household ants, but other types of Ants that are moving in and around that area.

You may find ants near the garbage collection appliances or even under the table do not hesitate to put this gel even in these areas as well. The placements should be inspected periodically for consumption and must be re-applied as and when it is needed.

Outdoor usage

Detailed examination and Thorough inspection helps us to know the exact structure of the areas, where and some going to access to the particular place, the presence items should be made to eliminate such areas that are being accessed by the Ants.

Advion gel can be applied as a spot on thin area to test entry sites which includes Windows doors between the construction element adjacent tree, between the brickwork, along the garbage holding areas etc.Advion gel should be applied to make sure the reduction of the potential of subsequent human or animal contact to such areas.

Precaution and Protection

The most important precaution and protection that you need to take care is with the wildlife, fish and other environmental living creatures. Make sure by using this gel do not contaminate streams reverse waterways. Make sure you don't apply this product in the areas that are easily accessible to children or animal because this can be highly poisonous to children and animals as well.

Make sure you store and dispose this tube in a particular manner. Store this gel in a closed original container, in a cool environment where there is sufficient amount of ventilation. Make sure it is kept away from the reach of the children.

Do not by mistake also store this in direct sunlight and do not allow to keep this product in a temperature which is exceeding more than 35 degrees Celsius. To dispose this tube you must wrap it up in a proper paper, placing it in a bag and putting it in the garbage bag so that it is not leaked or spread around in the bag.

Make sure you wash your hands and face, right after you use this product as it has an ability of causing damage to your body or health. If in case of any poisoning that occurs, contact doctor immediately or a poison information center, make sure you don't delay it as this product is harmful for the use of human or any living beings.

The user must make sure that there is no kind of chemical that is being spread unnecessarily about this product and you are keeping it away from the children and animals.

Application in food handling areas

Crack and crevice treatment can be made in the establishment where the application of food is being done or handled. This gel must be directly put or be placed approximately 1 centimeter in the cracks, holes and similar openings where the Ants are residing or to be found or are entering by placing the bait dispenser tip on it.

To be precise, food and feed handling areas are those areas which include receiving, storing, unwrapping, boxing, preparing, etc of the edible food. These areas also include edible waste storage and includes processing system. When the food is exposed and the facility is an operation search area, these areas are also considered to be food and feed areas.

Insecticide resistance

This insecticide resistance management it’s a group 22a insecticide. Some insects bio types are resistant to advion and some are resistant to group 22a insecticides. This happens to a normal genetic variability in any insect population.

The resident individuals can eventually dominate the insect population if this gel or other group 22 insecticide are used and ample number of time or repeatedly. If you keep on using this insecticide there can be transferred where there could be a significantly resistance to this particular gel in ants.

In fact there can be times when the overall effect is being reduced due to its excessive usage. It becomes very difficult to actually did detect prior to the use of this product if a particular ant is resistant to it or not. This gel is considered to be a subject was specific resistance management strategies which is to be read properly by a DuPont representative.

While you use this gel you should be aware that extreme use of this might lead to the reduction of the overall effect on the Ants there for you must be very careful before you use it and maintain the precaution so that you get the maximum result in one go.

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