Buyers Guide & Information

Best Elliptical Machines For Low Impact Exercise

Are you finding that running on a treadmill is too hard on your joints? Find the best elliptical machine for your body’s needs with this detailed review!


Buyers Guide & Information

Best Elliptical Machines For Low Impact Exercise

Are you finding that running on a treadmill is too hard on your joints? Find the best elliptical machine for your body’s needs with this detailed review!

by PITeam

by PITeam

Are you a fitness seeker? Looking for the cardio exerciser? Here you can check the best elliptical machines that will work as cardio and helps you in doing exercise. The elliptical machine will give you the low impact exercise. The elliptical trainer comes with the handlebars also that will make your body toned and strong.

Workout on the Elliptical machine is quite fantastic and helps in losing your weight. It also tones your entire body by just doing the workout for few minutes daily. Mainly the elliptical trainers come with moving handlebars that will help in toning your complete body.

Here you can check the Best Elliptical Machine Reviews which will help you in shortlisting the most suitable one. You can compare their features, design, body, and prices. You need to find the best model that will fulfill all your needs and suitable for your body type.

Before purchasing the Elliptical trainer you must read the complete post and try to make the right decision.

Elliptical Machine Comparison Table




Check Price

Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

Sole Fitness E35


Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer Elliptical Machine Glider w/ LCD Monitor

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902


Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

Schwinn 430


ProForm PFEL55916 Endurance 520 E Elliptical

ProForm 520 E


Plasma Fit Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer 2 in 1 Exercise Bike Cardio Fitness Home Gym Equipment

Plasma Fit


Precor EFX 222 Energy Series Elliptical Crosstrainer

Precor EFX 222


EFITMENT Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer w/LCD Monitor and Pulse Rate Grips - E006 (E006)

Efitment Magnetic


Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Strider

Stamina In-Motion


Nautilus E614 Elliptical Trainer

Nautilus E614


Exerpeutic Bike

Exerpeutic Aero Air


NordicTrack C 7.5 Elliptical

NordicTrack C 7.5

325 lbs

Bowflex Max Trainer M7


Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer System

Sole E55


Considerations before buying an Elliptical Machines

Technology Used

 Workout on these elliptical machines is very easy. You can use its various programs depending on your workout intensity that will help you in doing your workout.

You will find various elliptical machines powered by an impressive technology, Bluetooth connectivity, and few of them have wireless connectivity. To transfer the data, many of them use the USB port.


For safety, you will find various machines come with child lock feature. The machine must be powered by an electronic programming ability that will tell you as to how to make automatic adjustments. The stride length also plays an important role.

To make your pedal and arm safe, the elliptical machine comes with the safety pin and has software for the lockout.


The console features are the advanced features which are preferred by the trainers most of the time. Few of the machines are compatible with the smartphones, few of them has audio connections, inbuilt speakers, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The machine comes with an advanced console features that come with amazing displays.


Check whether the machine is highly ergonomics or comfortable or not. Check the correct posture and handles along with the wrist position. The correct position or ergonomics will make you feel comfortable to use this device.


Machine that is rear driven must have the flywheel which is located on the back side of the machine. The center driven has side located flywheel that has similar compatibility as the rear driven trainer has.


You need to pay attention to the programs that are installed on the machine. You must also check whether you can add programs also to the machine. The more is the program the more interesting and motivating is your workout.


The machine comes in big size and has ample space that you can use as the gym. While purchasing an elliptical machine you need to make sure about the size of the device.


You must look for the machines that have different customization features including inclining, stride, and pair of pivoting pedals. You can adjust these features according to your preference. You will find some more advanced features that make your workout easier and smoother.


The elliptical machines also comes with accessories including the water bottle holder, phone holder, cooling fan, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Multiple users

You will find many elliptical machines that can be used by various users. In the machine, you will find the profiles of the multiple users. They have their own settings which you can save for different users.

Price & Budget

Whenever you are going to buy any machine then you must decide the budget of the machine. According to your budget, you must look for the machine that lies in your budget range.

How does an elliptical Machine Work?

Best elliptical Review

With the elliptical machine, you will get an incredible cardio that strengthens your muscles and body parts.

The higher is the incline and stride length, the more it will target to your hamstrings and gluts.

If the focus is on the lower incline, then it will target on the quads and calves to get the full body workout.

The upright handles of the machine will target your upper body muscles including pecs, arms, shoulders, and back portion.

The elliptical machines will offer you an excellent full body workout. With the elliptical machine, you can work on your legs, abs, gluts, and back portion.

On its on board computer display, you can track the progress.

basic configuration Types for Elliptical machines

There are 3 types of configurations available for elliptical machines. These are:

  • Center-Drive
    In this type of elliptical machine, the flywheels are placed in the center position. The pedals are placed in such a way that you can ride on the rollers and crankshaft.
  • Front-Drive 
    In this type of elliptical machine, the flywheel will be placed on the front side. The design of this type of machine has the pedals supported to its wheels.
  • Rear-Drive
    The machine has the design where its flywheels are placed on the sides.

13 Best Elliptical Trainer Machines Reviewed 

1. SOLE Fitness E35 

The Sole Fitness E35 is one of the highly preferred elliptical machines that let you perform the cardio workout. Along with cardio, it also supports blue and back lit LCD display on which you will be going to track all your essential data.

The product includes the inbuilt cooling fan, speakers to listen to music and a water bottle holder. Speakers of this product directly plug into the MP3 player and let you listen to your favorite track while doing your workout.

The machine is featured by the fluid natural motion that will offer you the whisper quiet drive system. The system will work in both the directions including the forward and backward.

It has the flywheel and a high gear ration as well that will offer you the challenging workout. It has over sized foot pedals that reduce your ankle and knee stress.

The elliptical machine comes with adjustable pedals and powerful console that comes with 20 to 22 inches in length. Along with this, you will get 6 standard programs, 2 heart rate count programs, and 2 customized programs.

Coming to the dimensions of the product, it has 27”W*58”H*83”D dimensions. The weight of this machine is 215 pounds and has the capacity of 375 pounds. The warranty of the product is of 2 years for the labor, 5 years for its electronics and its parts, and the frame has the lifetime warranty.

Along with this machine, you will get a user manual where you will find the detailed step-by-step instructions to install the machine.

Quiet Drive System

The machine has the heavy flywheel and high gear ratio that will give you amazing feel. The motion of the functions will be in both the directions including the forward and backward directions.

Over sized Foot Pedals

Its pedals have the 2-degree inward slope and is created by Sole engineers with collaboration with the physical therapist. These over sized pedal will reduces the stress present in your ankle and knees part. Its foot beds will also offer you the customized comfort.

Sensor system

It has handlebars that come with in-built pulse sensors which will monitor your heart rate. The strap will be used for monitoring its pulse rate as well as heart rate.

Power inclining

You can adjust the angle from 0 to 30 degrees. It mainly targets your lower body muscle. The resistance and its variable position will help you perform the challenging cardio using the one-touch button.

Rear Wheels

It has four wheels on its backside that comes with heavy duty rails. This will ensure you the smoother and stable foot pedal motion.

Other features

The machine comes with LCD console that has 7.5-inches display. The machine comes with inbuilt fan and has 15-inches pedals that also include the sound system and water bottle holder where you can keep your water bottle to keep your body hydrated.

What is the difference between its E35 and E95 model?

The E95 model comes with the heavier flywheel than that of the E35 model along with better resistance. The E35 model has the bigger screen and its foot pedals have 10 different adjustable positions.

Does the machine come with assembled?

Nope, the machine doesn’t come in the assembled way.

Is this machine programmable?

Yes, the elliptical machine is programmable.

Verdict on Product

If you want fluid natural motion then the Sole Fitness E35 is the best solution. It comes with various programs including 6 standard programs, 2 programs for heart rate count, and other 2 is for customized programs. It also has the holder for water bottle where you can put your water bottle for easier access.


  • Sound system for easy listening
  • Water bottle holder
  • Heart rate chest strap
  • Different programs
  • List Element


  • Weak resistance

2. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Air Walk 

The Sunny health and fitness elliptical machine will offer you aerobic workout along with stretching, running, walking, aerobic dancing, and skiing without any damaging movements and jarring impact. Its striding motion will deliver twist in its midsection that is engaged for both the upper and lower parts.

Every time you start working out in this fitness machine, you will get a total body exercise. The product is space saving and it can be folded to half of its size to save the space. It comes with an abdominal pad that will provide extra comfort and support. The machine has in-built programs and challenging workout.

The machine comes with the large size anti-slip pedals. It has in-built computer display where you can check your daily workout data including elapsed time, heart rate count, total calories burned, total distance traveled, and speed of the bike. It comes with different 8 levels resistance that you can change depending on the intensity of your workout.

You can get the details about the time taken, total count, distance traveled and calories burned. This fitness machine has the capacity of holding the maximum weight of 220lbs user’s weight. The dimension of this product is 60”*26.6”*37.8” inches of dimensions. The weight of this machine is 68lbs.

It also gives you an aerobic training and increases your cardiorespiratory system. This aerobic training is quite helpful to make you physically fit. You need to spend only 20 minutes on this air walker and it will help you losing, controlling, and maintain your weight


The machine comes with non-slippery footpads that will help in maintaining the balance and make you feel safer. The footpads of this model are over sized and accommodate all sizes of the foot. It has an amazing grip that ensures the demanding and vigorous workout.

Digital monitor

The SF-E902 has the digital monitor that will track your daily progress. If you perform exercise on this elliptical machine then it will showcase you the distance and time. It will help you in achieving your all personal fitness goals.


The machine comes with the high weight capacity of 220lbs. This high weight capacity will boost your confidence and make you feel confident. It has the heavy-duty steel frame that makes the machine sturdy and durable.

Stride Length

It has 30-inches of stride length that will allow you to make your legs move in forward and backward direction. This stride length is the distance between the two pedals that help in moving the pedal back and forth. The longer is the distance the longer leg movements it will target

How many calories do you burn with the machine in a day?

It depends on the intensity of your workout and the speed of your pedal. If you swing fast then you will find more calories get burned. So you cannot judge as how many calories will get burned in a day.

Does this elliptical machine require assembly?

Yes, the elliptical machine requires assembly.

Do you need any electricity to operate the machine?

No, the machine works manually. It doesn’t require any electricity to run the machine.

Verdict on Product

It your main focus is on stride length, then sunny health and fitness E902 is specially designed for you. It also comes with micro tension controller and upper side handle that helps in arm workout. Hence along with pedal motion, you can also perform its arm workout. Hence you will get a complete body workout


  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Micro-tension controller
  • Handle can be used for arm workout
  • Complete body workout


  • Foot pedals are quite small

3. Schwinn 430 

The Schwinn 430 is powered by amazing technologies like Bluetooth connectivity, compatible with fitness apps, LCD display, and other such displays. The elliptical machine is powered by 22 programs where 4 are of user profiles that can customize the programs.

Four different people can perform the workout as per their preferences. The product also comes with fans which are handy.

The product is powered by 22 programs and has 2 user settings with goal tracking that will boost your confidence and make you motivated. It is powered by 20 levels of resistance along with the high speed of high inertia and weighted flywheel. It has USB port charging that let you exchange data and information.

The Elliptical machine is powered by 20 different resistance levels that you can change according to your workout intensity. Along with this, it has 10-degree manual ramp and out of which you can choose 6 positions. This is the mid-range pricing model which has many functions and in-built programs.

The dimensions of the Schwinn 430 are 70”*28”*71” inches and the weight of the machine is 182 pounds. On this dual LCD window system, you can monitor approx 13 displays and functions.

You can also exchange your data via the app and be using the USB port. With such high weighted flywheel, you can make your workout smooth and quiet. This will keep you motivated and increase your enthusiasm.

Coming to its warranty, the product comes with 10 years warranty on the frame, 1-year warranty on its electrical parts, 90 days warranty on the labor part, and 2 years warranty on its mechanical parts.

Compatible with fitness apps

The machine is compatible with various fitness apps. The person can check the time, distance, and calories burned in a day. You can transfer these data via these fitness apps.

Backlit LCD window

The machine comes with 2 backlit LCD display that let you view 13 functions.


It has 22 programs where 12 programs are of workout profiles, 4 is for user-defined profiles, 9 is for heart rate controls, and 2 programs are for fitness tests, and 1 recovery test, as well as the other one, is for the quick start.

USB Port

It comes with USB charging port and has USB charger which is required to charge the device. All you have to plug in the charger into the port to charge the machine.

Different resistance levels

It has 20 resistance levels that are aligned in sequence along with the high-speed inertia. Now you can make your workout smooth and quiet.

Schwinn Connect

This is the goal tracking app and data export app the will keep you up to date and make you reach your fitness goals.

What is its stride length?

The stride length of this elliptical machine is 18 inches.

What is its capacity?

The product can hold the maximum weight of 300 pounds of any person.


6 feet

Verdict on Product

This is an excellent option for the runners who are suffering from joint problems. If you work out on this machine daily, then you will not have issues with your knees and ankles. This is the best option for you, if you are looking for best elliptical machines under $1000.


  • USB charger
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with fitness apps
  • Various resistance levels


  • Make some noise

4. ProForm 520 E 

The Proform 520E Elliptical will let you lose weight, increases your heart rate, and helps in toning your muscles. This elliptical machine uses the flywheel magnetic resistance so that you can perform your workout quietly.

It comes with 19-inches of stride length that increases your comfort level and helps in your arms workout. You can use this exercise for your full body.

You can adjust this machine up to 20 degrees in an inclining position. Also, you will get an inbuilt bottle holder where you can keep your water bottle to keep your body hydrated. It has LCD screen that comes with 18 different programs and it can be changed according to your workout intensity.

You can sync it with the iFit app that will help in making the sessions enjoyable.

The product is compatible with MP3 music players where he or she can listen to the music and enjoy. The Elliptical machine has rugged steel frame body that makes it more strong and durable. On this elliptical machine, you can do low-impact workouts.

It has an adjustable inclining feature that let you incline the machine according to your preferences.

Coming to its dimensions, the product has 69.3”L*34.4”W*68.2”H and has 207 pounds of weight. It has front drive design and has soft gripping workout arms that help in making your arm stronger. Along with this, it has an oversized adjustable pedal that increases your comfort level.

It has lifetime frame warranty and has the 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

Solid steel constructed body

The machine comes with the commercial-gauge solid steel constructed body that increases the durability of the device.

Weight Capacity

The machine comes with 300lbs capacity and it can hold the 300lbs weight of the user. Along with this, it has EKG heart rate monitor that will show you readings.

Fitness apps

It has an iFit ready device that comes with 18 workout apps which are compatible with the machine. Along with this, it has 5-inches of the backlit display and has 18 different resistance levels.

Inertia-enhanced flywheel

The device has 15lbs effective inertia-enhanced flywheel that comes with integrated tablet holder and has iPod compatible audio.


The product comes with 5-year warranty assigned on frames and 90-days warranty assigned to its parts.

Other features

It comes with water bottle holder where you can put your water bottle and has front mounted transport wheels. It also has an adjustable and oversized leveling foot that makes the exercise easier.

What is the capacity of this elliptical machine?

The capacity range of this elliptical machine is 300lbs to 325lbs.

What is its charging medium? Does it require electricity or battery to charge the device?

The machine comes with plugin system and does not require the battery to charge the device.

Verdict on Product

If you have this machine with you, then you can choose it as a cardio recumbent bike or total toning elliptical machine. It has over-sized adjustable pedals that make you easy to use the pedals and protect your feet against any slippage. If you are looking for mid-range pricing model then this will be the best one for you.


  • Sturdy and durable product
  • Multi-functional
  • Transport wheels
  • Water bottle holder


  • Does not have the cooling fan

5. Plasma Fit Cross Trainer

This is the 2-in-1 cardio machine that will transform your home fitness routine and let you engage into the exercise of your core, upper body, and lower body parts. This is the high-quality and an affordable machine that let you enjoy the low-impact workout. It provides you all muscle building benefits and provides you less strain on your joints.

It comes with an adjustable resistance level that creates the customized workouts depending on the fitness levels. The machine comes with various features including the LCD display screen which tracks the speed, distance traveled, the time taken, calories burned, and heart rate count.

The dimensions of this elliptical machine are 21.5”W*35.5”D*58.25”H. It has the capacity of 250lbs of user’s weight. Along with the machine, you will get LCD screen, 2 AA batteries, and assembly tools. You will also find the complete user manual that you can read to install the machine.

Its hybrid design comes with compact size and you can fit this in your bedroom, offices, and small space. It is featured with rollaway wheels that make the movability and storage easier. You can burn calories and tone your muscles as well as you can improve your overall health by exercising daily on this elliptical machine.

Space saving design

The machine will save your valuable space as it has the compact design and is highly efficient exercise machine. It provides you the complete range workout that comes with 11” inches foot stride and 21” inches arm extension.

LCD display

It comes with LCD monitoring technology that will help in monitoring your fitness as well as it has in-built pulse rate sensors that will show you the elapsed speed and time. You can also check the total distance traveled, calories burned and note down your heart rate.

Adjustable resistance

Using an adjustable tension knob, you can change the level of your resistance according to your workout intensity. This is an ideal product for your progressive improvement as well as you can use for the household purpose. Its seat and handles are height adjustable that will give you amazing workout experience.

Effective and full-body fitness

It helps in burning calories, tone your muscles, and improve your complete health. This is one of the ideals yet high cardio fitness solution which works for all your muscles including your arms, legs, buttocks, and abdominals.


The machine is made up of tubular steel body that makes the exerciser strong. It has the wide base that makes the machine secure and increases its stability. It has soft gripping that comes with extra-large textured foot pedals that offers amazing support.

How much weight does the machine hold?

The maximum weight that the machine holds is 250lbs.

What is the stride length?

The length of the stride is 14-inches.

Does the bike have resistance changing option?

You will find a tension knob which is associated with the flywheel. You can either tighten and loosened the knob to change the resistance of the bike.

Verdict on Product

Enjoy exercising the low-impact workout on this Plasma Fit machine. The machine offers the calorie-torchingand muscle building benefits and offers the less strain on the joints. This hybrid design machine will fit in the small space, bedroom, and office. 

It is featured with the rollaway wheels that make the device easy to move and you can store when needed along with the simple tilt and roll motion.


  • Space saving design
  • Full body fitness
  • LCD monitor technology
  • Stable, Durable, and long lasting


  • Standard Quality

6. Precor EFX 222 Energy Series Cross Trainer

The Precor EFX 222 offers you the smooth and low-impact workout that will help you in getting instant result. All you have to select the 3 ramp angles along with 3 stride lengths and with the help of moving handlebars, you can do exercise on your arms and feet that is full body workout.

The Precor EFX 222 is powered by the CrossRamp technology that helps in selecting the right incline level among the three inclines. The product has some preset programs that you can use for interval training, cross-country training, weight loss training, and other types of workouts.

This is the first Precor engineered elliptical machine which comes with the patented design and supports the natural motion. The company Precor introduced its first elliptical machine in the year of 1995. The patented design of this machine offers you smooth and natural feel which helps in getting the comfortable and right posture position.

With Precor, you can focus on your workouts to get the toned muscles while doing cardio. It offers you the smooth and low-impact workouts which help you get the right result. You can select the best and convenient ramp angle among these three angles as well as suitable stride length among these three stride lengths.

The product comes with the 5-year of warranty assigned to its parts and wear items, 3-year warranty on the console, 1-year warranty assigned to the labor, as well as the lifetime warranty for frame and welds. The dimensions of this model are 75”L*29”W*65”H and have the capacity of holding the 500lbs weight of the user.

Preset Workouts

The EFX 222 is featured with 10 preset workouts that will help you in your exercise to achieve your fitness goals.

Digital Touch Sensor

This digital touch sensor will help you monitor your heart rate and let you listen to your favorite track. It works with Polar wireless heart rate monitor and to listen to music you can plug your musical device to the EFX 222 console. With the help of console headphone jack and volume control, you can enjoy listening music.

Incline Levels

The elliptical machine will support you three incline levels including 15 degrees, 20 and 25 degrees.

CrossRamp Technology

This technology will let you adjust your feet and to achieve your fitness goals in time.

Create Profiles

In this model, two users can create and save their profiles in the EFX222 console. They can make adjustments according to their feasibility and comfort level.

Digital display

In its digital display, you can get feedback of 12 different categories including Time remaining, distance traveled, heart rate count, Smart Rate Zone, Elapsed time, calories burned per minute, strides per minute, average strides per minute, and resistance. After every workout session, you will find this summary.

What is its weight capacity?

It has 400 pounds of capacity.

For whom the Precor EFX 222 is suitable?

The person whose priorities are effective workouts, low maintenance design, and has comfortable motion can use this elliptical machine at home or at their workplace

What Kind Of Handlebars Does The Precor EFX 222 Have?

The handlebars of Precor EFX 222 are moving not stationary.

Verdict on Product

With Precor EFX 222 you can listen to music via system and speakers. You can keep your body hydrated by accessing water bottle from its water bottle holder and can customize its pedal according to your feet. The product is powered by the CrossRamp technology that let you make an adjustment so that you can adjust your feet and let achieve your fitness goals.


  • Manually adjustable CrossRamp
  • Three ramp angles and stride lengths
  • Moving handlebars
  • Full body workout engaging your core and arms


  • Expensive as it is powered by upgraded features

7. EFITMENT Magnetic Trainer

This belt drive magnetic elliptical machine offers you no impact, smooth functioning, and complete workout for your upper body parts and lower body parts. This is the perfect machine for the users who want to have all kind of benefits and want to make their knees safe as well as incorporate the total body workout.

It has the belt driven flywheel that ensures smooth functioning and maintenance free workout. It has hand pulse sensors that will monitor your heart rate count and gives you the steady heart rate graph. This is quite useful for those who want to enjoy the ultimate cardio experience and wants to burn unwanted fat.

If you are looking for the arm exerciser and foot exerciser then instead of purchasing the two you can buy this elliptical machine which offers you full body workout.

It incorporates the transportation wheels that make the machine ready to move and let you store the machine in small space. The machine has the capacity of holding 220lbs user’s weight whereas the weight of the product is 80.5lbs. The dimensions of the product are 50”L*23.5”W*62”H whereas the length of the stride is 13” inches.

Complete body workout

It has 13-inches of stride length that will give you the smooth workout flow for your upper and lower body parts with no impact.

Quiet and Smooth functioning

The machine comes with the belt driven flywheel which ensures you smooth functioning and maintenance free workout. The transportation wheels that the machine has been easy to move.

Adjustable Magnetic Resistance

The machine has 8 levels of different magnetic resistance that you can change according to your workout as well as help you meet all your fitness goals as well as set various difficulty levels.

Display monitor

The monitor that the machine has will display the values for time, speed, total calories burned, pulse rate, and distance traveled. You will find a slot to connect to smartphone or tablet.

Compact Design

The elliptical trainer comes in the compact design that saves lots of space and is an ideal product for small size rooms and apartments.

Leg stabilizers

The machine has leg stabilizer that will prevent you from tipping, swaying, and rocking on uneven surfaces like carpets and hardwood floors. All you have to simply turn the end caps to get the required level.

Non-slippery foot pads

The footpads which the machine offers are non-slippery and can be accommodated into all sizes. The remaining grip will ensure you the safe footing and helps in vigorous workouts.


The machine is quite portable, you need to tilt and roll back the machine when not in use. Now there is no need for lifting the heavyweight and to get muscle strain.

Phone and Tablet holder

Now you can watch movies and shows from your portable device on to the digital monitor.

How can you change the settings of its tension?

The machine comes with a knob that displays the ranges from 1 to 8 and you can set your resistance according to your workout intensity.

How the machine does runs?

This is not an electrical machine. The LCD monitor requires batteries to run and they are included in the machine.

How can you assemble the machine?

The machine is quite handy. If you follow the instructions written in the manual then you can assemble it.


  • Ultimate Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Transportation wheels let you move easily
  • Smooth workout
  • Quiet and maintenance free workout


  • Not suitable for the taller person

8. Stamina In-Motion E1000

The Stamina InMotion can be used for exercising the arm and legs. It can be used via sitting, standing, or you can perform pedaling in the reverse direction. Now with this machine, it is very easy to get the versatile and convenient workout.

You can use this machine while watching television, working at the office, and reading a novel or book. You can use this elliptical trainer wherever you go. With the multi-functional monitor you can track your progress, workout time, strides per minute, total calories burned and the total number of strides.

The machine is available in different color options including Black, Green, and Orange colors.

You can use the Stamina In-motion elliptical trainer while standing on it or sitting on it. It comes with an adjustable tension knob that controls your workout intensity. It comes with the reverse motion of foot pedals and it can be worked in both the directions including forward and reverse direction.

 It will target you to your lower body and strengthen your lower body parts.

The monitor displays the number of strides/minute; the total number of strides, total calories burned, and exercise time, scan through stats. It has textured pedals, non-slippery endcaps, and strong steel construction body. It has reverse motion foot pedals that will work in both the direction and targets your lower body part in various ways.

It has compact, portable, and an affordable device that let you work conveniently with healthy sweat at anywhere and at any time. The machine will help you in getting back into your shape. The elliptical trainer workouts will burn your calories, increase your stamina, and make you energized.

This will tone your hips, thighs, legs, and buttocks. The elliptical machine will help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

Sitting and Standing

If you are in standing position, then you need to engage the core as you balanced on the elliptical machine. This will burn more and more calories. If the person is in sitting position, then you will only be going to target your lower body.

Fitness Monitor

This multi-functional fitness tracker will help you track the progress and will motivate you to start pedaling. The tracker comes with the scan function that will help you see your daily workout stats.

Adjustable Tension knob

By simply adjusting its tension knob, you can control your workout intensity. Its resistance feature is quiet that will let you do other things also.

Textured pedals

It has textured pedal surface that will make your feet secure. This will help in making your pedal movement hard as well as fast.

Forward and reverse motion

The varied motion of the pedaling will target your different body muscles. With varying the pedaling direction, it will target your leg and glutes muscles.

Different color options

The machine is available in different color options including the lime green and bright orange. With this color contrast, you can express your vibrant personality.

Does your mini-elliptical machine quiet for such an office environment?

Yes, it is very quiet and convenient that you can use in your office environment.

What is its weight limit?

It has 250lbs capacity.

Is its handle removable?

No, you cannot remove its handle.


  • Different color options
  • Can be used while sitting or standing
  • Sturdy body
  • Non-slippery end caps


  • Create noise

9. Nautilus E614 

The Nautilus E614 comes with DualTrack LCD console that displays multiple functions along with goal tracking functionality. It enables the user to set and keep track the exercise goals and let you check the workout time, total distance traveled, and total calories burned.

The dimensions of Nautilus E614 Elliptical trainer are 50”*34”*22” inches whereas it has 183 pounds of weight. The Nautilus E614 will offer you media shelf, USB media charging, and an adjustable fan to make you feel cool. It has in-console speakers which you can connect with the MP3 input port and let you listen to the music.

It has the Goal track capability that let the user set his or her individual exercise goals. You will find different levels of resistance that you can change according to your workout intensity. Along with this machine, you will get a media shelf, USB media charging, as well as an adjustable fan.

The product is powered by the 30-pound front drive and serves all your ability levels. It has 29 training programs, wireless heart rate monitoring, and Bluetooth connectivity. With its Bluetooth connection, you can share seamless data. If you are looking for Nautilus product, then you can also check Nautilus E618 online.

The E618 console will hold 29 training programs that help in controlling the resistance, the total duration of training, and incline. Using Bluetooth connection, you can export your data to the third party apps including Google Fit and Apple health.

Comfort and Usability

It has the length of 20” inches precision path stride that comes with 6 position manual ramp adjustment and large size footplates that comes with cushioning.

In-Console Speakers

The product comes with in-console speakers that come with MP3 input port, USB media charging, media shelf, and has an adjustable fan.

High Inertia Drive system

The machine comes with high speed and high inertia drive system that has perimeter weighted flywheel that let you start the machine easily and smoothly.

Levels of resistance

It comes with 20 different resistance levels that you can change according to your workout intensity options.


It is powered by Goal track capability that enables users to achieve their exercise goals. It has 22 programs where 9 programs are for the profile, 8 programs are for calculating the heart rate control, 2 programs is for customized one, 2 for the fitness test, and 1 for the quick test.

What is the weight limit of this elliptical machine?


How the machine does runs?

It doesn’t run via batteries. It only runs with an adapter.

How many personal profiles you can create in this elliptical machine?

You can create 2 user profiles. Every user will require his or her own app that you can synchronize accordingly.


  • In-console speakers along with MP3 input port
  • Goal track capability
  • High inertia drive system
  • Cooling fan


  • Dull and Scratches surface

10. Exerpeutic Aero Air 

The Exerpeutic machines have the compact design and are an affordable machine that uses the strap resistance and the challenging workout. The machine includes the highly effective cardio workout which will not offer you any stress on your joints as well as it allows you to work on your upper and lower body.

The dimensions of this Exerpeutic Elliptical machine are 33”L*19”W*46”H inches whereas the weight of the body is 55 pounds. The device comes with 1-year warranty and is said to be the most comfort and affordable trainer that comes with the strap resistance.

The elliptical machine is the budget-friendly machine that will give you the complete body workout at your home. The stride will go in the backward motion that will change the session and will improve your muscles. It has the magnetic resistance that you can adjust with the simple dial.

It has the computer display that is easy to read and will show you all your data and let you track your progress.

This is the compact elliptical trainer which comes with an adjustable strap and workout computer on which you can see the total distance traveled, elapsed time, calories burned, and speed. It comes with the 1-year warranty which is assigned to the machine parts.

It will help you work on the machine, toning up your body, losing your weight, and will draw the minimal impact on your knees, joints, and ankles. It has different magnetic resistance levels that you can change according to the intensity.

This elliptical machine comes with the mat which is of waterproof PVC folding and has the dimensions of 79”L*35.4”W*.24”H) that protects the floor and helps in reducing the noise while doing exercising. The machine is powered with Bluetooth smart technology that comes with the flywheel of 44lbs and has turbo drive momentum.

It has different preset workout programs that you can change according to your workout intensity level.

Dial Tension Adjustment

The elliptical machine comes with easy dial tension adjustment that will help you in your challenging workout.

Pedal with Ridges

It comes with large size pedal and ridge design that helps in preventing from foot slippage while doing exercising.

Dual Action Arms

This dual workout action arms will provide you the amazing workout in your upper body.

Compact Design

The machine has the compact design that you can use in apartments or in the limited space.


The machine comes with transportation wheels that will help you for easy relocating.

Elliptical Motion

The natural elliptical motion will eliminate the pain and stress that you have in your joints.

LCD display

The machine comes with LCD display that let you read various information including total calories burned, the speed of the machine, elapsed time, total distance traveled.

What is the maximum weight limit?

250 pounds

What is the stride length?

The length of the stride is 10” to 15” inches.

Does the machine helpful for your calf?

Yes, the machine is similar to the air ride elliptical. But, it does not help you in your calves. You can use this machine for strengthening the muscles of your butt and legs.

What is the warranty on this machine?

The frame of this machine is the 1-year whereas the parts of the machine come with 90 days warranty.

Verdict on Product

This compact design elliptical machine has the ability to strengthen all your body parts. It has the compact design and you can easily transport the machine for storage.

If you have small space and has small size apartment then this machine is for you. With the weight of 50lbs and transport wheels, you can easily move the machine using its transport wheels.


  • Compact design
  • Space saving and lightweight machine
  • Smooth functioning
  • Nice fluid movement


  • Create noise

11. NordicTrack C 7.5 

With NordicTrack elliptical machine, you will get a total body workout. The machine offers the less impact on your knees and lets you burn more calories using the adjustable incline ramp.

The elliptical trainer is featured with an adjustable incline ramp that will help in toning and targeting your quads, glutes, and calves whenever you modify your ramp position.

You can change the shape and the length of the stride by targeting to your different muscle groups and according to your workout intensity. You can make all these changes using the simple touch button. The trainer is engineered to give an incredible and smooth performance and delivers the natural ride.

The certified personal trainer has designed the 26 preloaded workout programs. In order to reach your fitness goals, the apps will adjust to your machine resistance using apps. The inertia-enhanced flywheel will deliver you the natural and smooth ride. It comes with the weight capacity of 325 pounds.

It comes with one-touch controls that are quick and responsive controls that let you adjust the resistance and you can incline within seconds with the simple touch button. It comes with front drive elliptical.

You need to place the drive mechanism on the front side of the machine that will accommodate the adjustable stride and incline with the simple touch button.

You can customize your fitness programs and resistance using the OneTouch controls that will allow you in making the adjustment to your stride length, resistance with simple touch button.

iFit Compatible

With iFit, you can take your training anywhere you want. You need to create a route chart on the Google map and the iFit device will display you all your street view. On this display, you can access your workout and let you record your progress.

Backlit Display

Now you can watch your progress on its 5-inches backlit display which will show you the speed, time, distance, calories burned, and your heart rate count.

Adjustable stride

The machine comes with an adjustable stride that let you adjust the stride so that you will best fit in the machine. You can control the stride length using its console buttons.

Adjustable Incline

Now you can take your workout up to the 20-degree inclination that let you burn calories. The incline ramp lets you shift using its five positions via its simple touch button.

Acoustic Sound system

If you really like listening to the music while doing work out on the machine then this elliptical machine is for you. It comes with an integrated sound system that let you listen to the high-quality sound via its dual 2-inches speakers. The user can connect the sound system with the standard headphone jack.

Workout Apps

The machine comes with various preloaded workout apps that are 26 apps which are designed by the certified personal trainer that help you to accomplish your fitness goals.

Resistance levels

It comes with 22 different resistance levels that you can adjust using its touch button. With this, you can burn more calories. And using its 20-pound flywheel, you will get a smooth and quiet stride.

Heart rate training

It offers you the targeted heart rate count and you need to stay in that zone. You need to hold on the CardioGrip sensors that let you see the heart rate count on its console displays.

Tablet Shelf

To enjoy your favorite shows, movies, and songs you can reset the tablet on your console shelf.


The machine comes with lifetime frame warranty that also has the 2-year warranty on its parts and 1-year warranty on labor.

Does the machine come with the heart chest strap?

No, the machine does not come with the heart chest strap.

Is its stride length adjustable?

Yes, the stride length is adjustable whereas the incline power is not adjustable.

Does the machine need a battery or you need to plug in?

You need to plug in the machine to run further.

Verdict on Product

The NordicTrack C7.5 is one of the valuable machines. It comes with wonderful built machine that has an excellent warranty and has lots of options and features that makes the product quite competitive. It has the ability to track your heart rate count via hand-grip sensors.


  • Smooth and natural motion
  • High capacity
  • Link with 26 workout apps
  • Acoustic sound system


  • Need to pay for Bluetooth

12. Bowflex Max Trainer M7 

The Bowflex has launched various versions of elliptical machines. The M7 is one of the upgraded versions and is much better than its M5 model as it has new accessories.

You can use the machine for high intensity workouts. You will get sweating within 5 minutes of time period. The Bowflex M7 is the best elliptical machine when we talk about the intensity and resistance.

You can create 4 user profiles on this machine according to their convenience. You need to be adaptive with every user’s settings and according to your fitness levels. The machine is powered with 11 different in-built programs and storage compartment.

The working of this machine is quiet and has the silent operation. People who are looking for the high-intensity programs can buy this machine as it is very useful for them.

This patented joint-friendly design comes with different resistance selection levels and has sports performance pedal made up of stainless steel. The machine comes with 3 years of warranty. The device will measure the heart rate count and has the ability to sync the data using the fitness app.

The dimensions of this elliptical trainer are 46”L*29.5”W*65”H and have the capacity of 300lbs.

The Max Trainer M7 is a unique fitness machine that stands out and offers the super-effective as well as smooth pedal motion. The machine is featured with an enhanced dual-mode that has LCD and LED displays, grade handles, and the aerobar grips. It has resistance level adjustments and offers you high-performance racing pedals.

The Bowflex M7 trainer offers the super-effective and low impact workout to your whole body. This will stand out to other Max trainers as well and offers extra training programs, wireless heart rate monitoring, as well as other upgrades.

Bluetooth Enabled

The product has the Bluetooth enabling feature that let you transfer data and information to one system to another.

Backlit LCD/LED display

The trainer comes with the dual backlit display that has high contrast and oversized screen.

Learn programming

The performance of the M7 targeted the programming learn and adapts to each user’s fitness level and set new targets.

Resistance Controller

The machine comes with the 11 programs and has 20 different levels of computer controlled resistance that you can change according to your workout intensity.

User profiles

You can create 4 user profiles on this machine with preferred customization.


This is the perfect machine that offers the high-intensity interval training. On this machine, you can do the workout with high intensity.

Fitness Apps

You can synchronize the machine with the app. On the fitness app, you can read the details about your daily workout, heart rate counts, and other details.

Water bottle holder

The machine comes with the water bottle holder where you can keep your water bottle so that you can access it easily and make your body hydrated.

Premium Grips and Pedals

The machine comes with the high-quality grip and pedals that helps in smooth pedaling and motion.

What is the distance between 2 pedals and steps?

The gaps between the pedals are 1.5” inches as well as the distance between the pedals are 8.5” inches wide.

What is its maximum weight capacity?

The maximum weight that the machine holds is 300lbs

Verdict on Product

The Bowflex Trainer M7 offers you the full-body workout with no impact on your joints. This is the best alternative when we talk about its effectiveness and comfort level. In fact, you can save 4 user profiles.

It will deliver you the customized programming for every user. The best thing about M7 is that it has wider resistance levels and preset workouts.


  • Compact design
  • Supports 4 user profiles
  • Premium grip and pedals
  • Zero impact on your joints


  • High price and short warranty

13. SOLE E55 

The stationary handlebar of Sole E55 comes with the pulse sensors and wireless heart monitoring. It comes with the chest strap that makes the movement of the machine easy and smooth. It comes with an automated inclination which offers an additional resistance and offers 20 varied elliptical path workouts.

It comes with the slightly inward slope that will reduce the stress from its ankle and knees which is quite common with every front drive elliptical machines.

You can adjust the angles of the pedals with its dialer. The E55 has the heaviest elliptical flywheels which are of 27 pounds and gives the smoother ride. The upper body training has the movable arm bars that come with the molded hand grip.

The dimensions of the Sole E55 are 58”H*32”W*83”L. The weight of this product is 215lbs and has the capacity of 400lbs. It has the wide range of maximum stride length that comes between 20” inches to 22” inches. It has the power adjustable incline that varies from level 1 to 40 degrees.

The pedals used in this machine are oversized, cushioned pedals and has 2 degrees inward tilt. It has the heavy-duty steel frame that makes the body of this machine durable and strong.

The Sole E55 Elliptical machine comes with the water bottle holder, cooling fan, inbuilt speakers that can be plugged into the MP3 player. It comes with large footpads that have the comfortable cushion made up of foam gives the amazing ergonomic design and is recommended by many physical therapists.

The stride of this product has an adjustable stride that comes with 20” to 22” strides and has 30-pound flywheels. The Sole E55 comes with the lifetime warranty assigned to the frame, 5 years warranty for its body parts and electronic items, and 2 years for in-home labor.

Heavy flywheel

The Sole E55 comes with 34lbs featured flywheel that offers wonderful stability and increases its comfort level.

Silent Drive System

The drive system gives you dual elliptical motion in both the direction including forward and reverse direction.

LCD monitor

It comes with onboard computer LCD monitor which shows the data related to heart rate, calories, total distance traveled, pace, workout time, and resistance level.

Heart rate sensors

The sensors of this stationary handlebar positioned in the middle of this machine and you can check the progress on its sensor. It also comes with the heart rate chest strap that helps in hands-free pulse monitoring.

Ergonomic design

The design of this elliptical machine is ergonomic that has large size footpads and cushion support.

Custom designed grip

The grip of this elliptical machine is custom designed that offers you amazing comfort and enhances its stability. You can control its incline levels and resistance from the handles.


The machine comes with various programs where 8 programs are of standard, 2 custom programs, and 2 are of heart programs.


It has oversized and cushioned pedals that comes with 2 degrees inward tilt and comes with 15” inches in size.

Ergonomic vertical bars

The product comes with ergonomic vertical bars that help in relaxing your legs and will work on your upper body part. The trainer is the sturdy, smooth and is the highly customizable product that will help you in your full body workout.

Others Features

Apart from these features, it has front drive system, inbuilt speakers, cooling fan, water bottle holder, wireless chest strap, and has pulse monitoring system.

Verdict On Product

The Sole E55 Elliptical machine is the top class and valued machine that offers the remarkable comfort. This is an ideal machine that will display all skill levels and supports entertainment with its MP3 player compatibility and tablet holder.


  • Bluetooth for data sharing
  • Heart rate strap
  • Transport wheels
  • MP3 compatible


  • High price because of top-notch features

Elliptical Machine Benefits

The elliptical machine is also known as the cross trainer and X-Trainer. This is a motionless machine that can perform various functions including running, walking, and hill climbing. The elliptical machine is much lighter on your joints and allows you for good workout.

Full-body Workout

With an elliptical machine, you can perform full body workout that is upper and lower body workout. The elliptical machine works closely with all your muscles that will improve your bone strength and formation of the bones.

Mimic different types of exercises

At multiple levels of resistance and intensity, it allows you to jog, running, walking, and climbing. With the help of heart rate monitor, you can also monitor the speed and progress of the machine. Depending on your heart rate and level of your exercise, you can make an adjustment to the resistance.

Balance and Mobility

The machine will help in improving the mobility and balancing the motion of your body parts. You can adjust the intensity of your exercise according to the level of injuries you have.


You can set your daily routine as per your preferences. Along with doing exercising on the elliptical machine, you can read novels and watch the latest TV shows. The high-quality elliptical comes with the speaker which allows you to play music.

Form of weight-bearing exercise

This is a form of weight-bearing exercise that let you do workout against gravity on your knees, hips, and ankles. It will strengthen your bones and helps you against osteoporosis.

Aerobic Exercise

The machine will provide you the heart-healthy exercise that will burn the high amount of calories in short duration and is one of the good options for those who want to lose weight and get rid of from your belly fat.

Body toning

The machine will allow you to perform the upper and lower body. Move to the forward and backward direction as well as making an adjustment with the speed.

Cardio Capacity is increased

If you perform 25 minutes of exercise on the elliptical machine in a day, then not only your cardio capacity will increase but also your stamina will get increase.

Elliptical workout

The elliptical workout helps in achieving the abdominal workout and let the calorie burn. You need to monitor the posture and make your backside straight at the time of doing exercise.

Easy maintenance

With minimal movements and moving parts, you must choose the machine that ensures the long lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an elliptical machine?

The elliptical machine is the machine that acts like a trainer and gives you an amazing running experience. You can use this machine for arms and back workout and you have to use both your feet and arms for doing the workout. Using its handles, you can perform your upper body exercise and be using pedals you can perform the lower body exercise.

Is elliptical machine better than running?

With this elliptical machine, you can perform full body workout which is quite better than the running. The upper part of the body will get an intense workout using its handles. Using the pedal you can perform the lower body exercise.

On which muscles do the elliptical machine works?

The elliptical machine will work on these below-listed muscles:

  • Deep core body muscles
  • Triceps and chest
  • Heart
  • Biceps and Back
  • Hamstrings
  • Quadriceps
Does the elliptical machine help in reducing fat?

Similarly like the treadmill, the elliptical machine is a cardio focused. Both the treadmill and the elliptical machine uses the different form of workout. Along with this workout, if you take correct diet and do exercise daily then you will get a healthy body.

On what factors do the warranty of the machine depends on?

The warranty of the elliptical machines will depend on various factors. More is the price of the machine more is the warranty. You must check the warranty of the frames that include brake system also. It should be the lifetime.

The labor warranty is another warranty factor that you must consider and it should have at least 1 year warranty. The other warranty factor that you must consider is of parts. The parts of the machine must have at least minimum of 3 years warranty and maximum of 7 years warranty.

Final Verdict on Elliptical Machines

The Elliptical machines are quite popular. It is the best form of cardiovascular exercise that will help in making your muscles firm, losing your weight, and building your muscles. The best thing about the elliptical machines is when you try this at the gym.

Here we have shortlisted few most purchased and most searched elliptical trainers with complete description and information that will help you in making the right buying decision. If you have any query related to any of the Elliptical exercisers then you can be mentioned it in the comment box.

Our officials will get back with the right solution.

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